Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Game: Part 1

Wednesday, March 8th

The Jeff & Jenn Show plays a couple rounds of Jimmy Fallon's fav new lip-reading game


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf ol' ball I pray and assist. Do these days traveling about them. This whole thing already happened and has ever had those moments what just happened we're about to play. Jerry Jones whispering game. You can watch July Emmys trying to throw on FaceBook page wanted what just happened which repeating. Just the whole situation a mile walking in the room and you say Indian music and I'm like yeah I'm ready and we're plugging and the phone and just where everybody was sitting. It happened as of her memory. Who we energies ever right yeah who's a glitch in May. The glitch in the matrix I think I could explain what you brings. Out god. You have to cut. Maybe it's like are. Dauman do the Jimmy downs with staying out and judge and you explain how this works. Jimmy sound to reduce stealing jury founds idea yes John does this my. Favorite one that he's done is with Blake Shelton. Where he and Blake sit across from each other. One of them has a card to read and whisper. While the other has on headphones they're playing loud music and the one with the headphones on has to guess what the other is saying. So if Kelley and I are playing together and Kelly would be wearing headphones with music playing and she tries to guess what I'm whispering tank. So it's basically that you're trying to read lips OK but very difficult to do when there's loud music playing here. So I should mean you be on a team engine Ninan JPB on a scene since our the next each other. Growth. Very deceit sunny if you command in. And rock the FaceBook alive. How FaceBook INN music they hear is coming from the heavens are any wearing us army planes and hunt. I'm trying to get it loud and on here. They can all be loud if you use the volume button and no but I mean like a rock and son that. Bavaria and peace but can hear okay. Who wants ago first JP ingenious and offer guests yeah I am who wants to given who has to receive. All right that I'll Wear the headphones and trying desolate. I mean saying I Jing give your headphones to JP these comments. And kind. Are where all spoken by terrain. On the bachelor. Hello you know you you're gonna wis burgeoning cash. The phrase and JP it's your job to guess which is whisper. OK yeah. Dramatic music when. Teenager I think yes JP JJ. Are you ready. Are you ready to and I smelly. And are ready gas yeah you're watching me here. Did he say this thing yes he's ready duties okay. BP. Are you. Now I would block. She east. So I'm just I'm such a PP. Cites the warrant issued a kind of cracked after. He how we got. She. She you. She isn't it. She used to. Being. You shut up Heath. I'm not really hurt. I'm trying so hard you can't she. CA's. She used she is. Just. Giants and being. He. Continued. Big moon. Mean. She's such a mean. She's. Just so big moon. She's such a big name. She is just a big. Mean swamp monster. She's just a big mean says caution. It's. It's one. Think he. Deserves a big mean it's a trap. It's soon. Old. Try out. And on mom's there. Sherry. Agonizing but yeah that pays chance wall. My loans terror yeah. I just as a big mean in my right so far she's such a big mean this one on some drama. Drama race and Reggie were gonna give you fifteen seconds on us. Drop drop my answer. Swamp. Cheri brought I'm. Some guy on the floor mom it's there the metal blade two last there was a polo. And tell what it is. She's just a big mean swamp monster monster learn I'm scared. And real word. And rearing Jimmie and train. Reread but then I thought I. I like Honda why are so funny how. I had. Team Kelly and team Jan who you're on west birdie one year your choice. None of the disarming him terrible decision. OK you whisper a tank and I'll listen to music and yes I think at that perk things. I this is I and our FaceBook live continued given of wired to go rate around there because the faces of the people who are giving the clues in the past. That's a really really contract. That it can't. Yet wait for Jen to turn the music up Jana are you ready. She's a better and I think that's again Jen. Jen are your eight gen and I'm ready. I am still chain smokers called like you really do. They're picked randomly. I had Sonny got Gerry Iran Kelly space and are there any. Sex. East aren't definitely definitely match. I may yeah. Cap. And but I aids. After terrible as her manage. My may see some. Six. Snags. Nice act. Billy had. My sex belly. He's got that hasn't and breaking it open. Her music acetylene is I didn't hear music my sex boat longing I still can't hit. Our abilities. And my aides. Are. Stop. Stopping. My sexson melodies and stop. Again. My sexson abilities are and now. Only now ensuring that huh. I are not. So much yeah. No I don't. That's her face. I will. Do one more rounds we have time JK we have time to be a time so we have time. I should. Really. OK I guess after Maroon 5. After pave. I think Jane in Jeannie and thereafter yes he did. And Jenny Jenny filing is due this. And she I'll still are.