Jenn's Whole 30 Update

Wednesday, March 7th

Jenn has finished her whole 30 challenge and she is feeling better than ever! But is it possible to continue living such a healthy lifestyle?

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Star in 941. That you guys trying to held hold Mediaone. Pizza. Cookie batter. Girls out good gay is a kind of forgot we don't hold girl scout troop command here and warm tips treat us. What did you guys parade in front of my face every walk tall how close on our it's our anniversary. Track. That act as a snowman collier selves my family. I'm Dan hit it really is. Jane a month ago embarked on her whole food at her both thirty hours adultery and her hold thirty. Lifestyle. Change her whole thirty diet and for whatever reason. During that 38 issue is on it we hand it random food brought in more. Offering through this exact speeds and we get out all. And there is of great up. Yeah I can't Albania where plant half animal Panera Bread chapel looked at a mainly on account pizza company. What's sad people sell. No load below the yellow. Well so amazing it felt like handmade hand wildlife. You guys were throwing some serious food in my base was not nervous but she did it Jan was found her. It does it make you feel stronger. Does that make you feel. Like like a warrior. All hole thirty warrior for one hole mind you wait nothing but sadness. On the other side of this is. Himself a judge and a OK. Okay and. This guy's crazy. NA into Craig you gotta basically make all your own truth is there's nothing processed all that. All of us Susie did all kinds is that no dairy no show earned no gluten no beans. No -- additional sugar strongly believes. There lagoons are hard to digest it that reset button for your body that day so that's the whole point of. And when I read all about it yet ingredient in Asia get to prepare for this giving man it just takes a couple of weeks to prepare. And has read about it all these people who had successfully done it this just around for years and years he's just. I just learned about it they're like new to the game. They all report I'm being oddly happy. At the end of I was like well I'd ever this is a bunch of Heidi how long is it gonna take you for your happiness at ten it's now. Well I do feel oddly happy. When do you share that with that can fit so well just I'm not around you and I'm fat fat pat yeah. So I don't know what it is about it but. I do I I get what they were saying it because you. So weird you've got the endorphins and whatnot and you've got. The dead still for mean and Tom. EPA expert here tried to lateral loans because whenever it is still die than ever in your brains and why has he succeeded and you don't have any bike around. Juggled your race condemning it up. Maybe that's it I don't know I didn't learn every single celebration in America starts with bad food. First share Valentine's Day it was a little hostile and my birthday was a criminal this hate my parents bought a birthday cake. That they put candles and and my kids blew it out and day all aid it. And grant and I had like. Hairs and arm and so what did I don't ever say we made you hall thirty does you guys did those where those are really the best part and I birthday they onerous and Aaron that is insane and the Atlantic. I I yeah I'll tell you the question. A Shaq and I that everybody wants to denial I'm and so from media is. Did it change your life gives you been talking over the last week yeah you think it's going to. I think it absolutely has changed my life how here's my question for anybody that's ever successfully done it. And you could call to show what you can also just reach out to me on social media whatever is. How do you sustain that this diet and lifestyle going forward and still function in a normal American. Family life. You can you reach out and social media or you can just go up to the people who are crying in the year. Tail section of total offense trying to find yet another recipe that involves catch. All a couple of upscale lots of Brussels slots by avocado. Qaeda and the constitutes. Costello. I just wondered sustainable million kids like there are some places where I've been where I'm like I can't eat anything here. I literally nothing on the menu nothing in a drive through oh. Or any of that kind of stuff so I'm just wondering if it's sustainable I feel like. Has been higher gonna lean on paley a diet now because we don't wanna go back and it feels so much better. Inside my own skin I feel like I have more sustainable energy all day long on oddly happy I'm not cranky with my kids by the end of the day. I don't wanna go back to that so as much as pizza is awesome the way I feel is awesome bar. I just don't know if it's possible to continue if you think Haley I'm fallen myself using maybe are so happy with your kids is if you're taking and announced. Saturday's happy I. Even as I you jealous are you shave get this sold thirty challenged easier jealousy. You just ask me if I was jealous of your past four weeks of eating salads. With brute like shooter raster Ambac Anita very special dressing it's caught want to affect you literally put an ice Q yeah. Well I'm bending carried his camp had dozens of Alexander and everything in our goals adds other reading it book isn't a real eye opener congratulations. Did you have a glass of wine a year event last night there's that was going to me. The celebratory. Final like I did eight. Coming in my line Jimmy vasser Ryan last year I did I have leg happened on the line he's I was afraid it. What it would do to me. The right decision to haven't had any out on thirty days and you've lost some weight so yes so I have half a dozen is great. I could keep you on hold or if I could just had wine yeah I think that's like the best diet and behind the obvious idea. Congratulations and Abby thank you very imagine it's for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. Yeah OnStar and not before one is it actually possible to keep going with a whole thirty and changed my life forever calls are coming and that with some bits of advice I'm excited to hear these. Michelle and flowery branch in the little hole thirty continuation. Of motivation. Jan. I there. I am caliakra. Both lucky that I may know oh we're never able and that can you remark at the peak says. Like all the big hit but you can't let there's a million being that there are even her old girl. Yes so you've been awesome that's okay here you've never. Giving your kids Mac and cheese or nuggets. I didn't think of a little bit of luck except among black everything they eat Albuquerque. And we are different at the vegetable or tell. Currently being direct and why are we barely know me. Michelle is there any way I can reverse the bad habits and my kids. You can't guarantee. That I am and eat what their. I'd keep it there. Analysts see it it worked well bitter that he took a look at. Preheat yet okay this is dead. Who's out of love Mac and cheese and should we have a love he habit then it's like our oldest is in as bad habits once they have on that's all they want and they won't eat anything else I'm at and it's being vacated. McCain CNN Atlanta. And if my god can you out there having a liver cancer scare then you drink your heat. How delivered candid there and had surgery all of that and can even begin. And he then again for a fix lunch and it's changed so blanched and you can't find something he. Everywhere. Like we go to talk of well you can find them but he. And even may yet. That's awesome. Oh that's so good to hear McKenzie and did your dad I love that because. And it really does change your perspective when you realize. How much you're putting into your body and when you take that thirty days where you're not putting Steffan and near watching everybody else around you realized your own. It just shines light on your own bad habits that you don't want to practice out are awesome. JP cut her off before that this last part on the air but when she does tackle don't find eager and be inception star when napkins. I saw that it fills our budget that's hot sauce and I napkins and that's like that that's what. He sits beat him. Star in 941.