Jenn's Update on Reese

Thursday, August 18th


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It feels like forever since I have said the jet engine show and head of both chaff here and here are rare hit. Or actually recording this right now at Chela Eggleston in the Seacrest studios. This is sound nice and we do Russia from your average I would rather have view in the studio and home. Died doing it like we always is can we make that happen can you talk to each yes we gonna talk to mark that okay if this is the building. Where reuse. Jane's daughter is currently. On the road to kick all the cancer out of her body and you Janet Pierre. And I. Really cool and here I really touched by Seacrest or something yeah at the like we should have better hair Wrangler and here's the thing this is a really needs studio right inside children's healthcare of Atlanta and they have been gracious enough to. Give us access to it and modesty use it while wild rhesus upstairs in the hospital. So I Jane that so many questions. It's around the room take your time okay yet nowhere to be I know I told Jeff was like you're gonna just have to ask me questions because I don't know where my head as a where my thoughts are so I was like interview me like he got my guest on the show rabbit and posted a seven against me. Did it well I mean they giving hourly updates and everybody and Einstein for one has been giving hourly updates Sam's. Monday mornings since we made the announcement that. Reese. Had a cancer diagnosis Saturday morning the start with this how is Rees doing. She's doing grace actually she is already started chemotherapy she got through the first round of bed last night. It's by the time this place you'll have to have had two rounds of came out right. And because she's a baby she doesn't know what's going on. And she's pretty sleepy but she's hasn't had a tennis side effects yet from it. And the doctors are we're learning a lot and the doctors are explaining to us that you'll probably feel worse ten days from now than she does right. So as I understand it she's had several rounds of this and it's just. Climbing a mountain. And down into the valley and in crime and narrative in that after a few rounds they'll see if it's small enough to take it out surgically. Yes that is the plan and yeah it. Started as a tennis ball size tumor is at the right size. I think to be a little bit big problem Marla aplomb but you just have to remember what size of a person she is she's only eleven months old today. And I've yeah heavy earth Aries yes say how happy eleven months. And so it's about the size of a plumber tangerine. An and her abdomen so it's a germ cell tumor is that easiest way to explain it is I think even the clinical term. I would pronounce it wrong and nobody remembered anyway it's their version of a germ cell tumor we're learning a lot about it. We still awaiting results of a biopsy to see exactly what is inside of it but that's what we're fighting. And it's so we'll start with chemotherapy and hit it really hard and then whats left of it will be removed in a surgery. Several months from now and we don't know exactly when LB. And ends we've talked on the show for the past couple weeks because I'm Reese who is. Not feeling well and your back and forth between doctors and even I think an emergency room visit couples in a couldn't. Diagnose any there are a lot of hypotheses. Or whatever when he couldn't diagnose anything and cancer. You said was brought up in this Smith and but you knew. Viewers you had a feeling. A new thing. I knew we had not figured it out yet and that's the mom instinct. You know the dad instinct is that correct I think parental instinct when you know your child. And you know your child better than anybody else they came from me. And here with them more than anyone else's you know their behavior. And we just knew I knew was more than what they've thought that it lies she had just had. Stopped urinating really was the big sign that something was wrong so there are a lot of different capacities as it. Constipation or was it urinary tract infection and we were in the hospital for that and trying to. Eliminate those reasons why and and and then it just. Further and further down the road where we were two weeks and she still wasn't going like this is not a urinary tract infection. And this this is something there something else am and. I really you knew it and and some of a brand new ask. And woman who helps you guys watch Reese for these guys are both the workers and owners and she's was tiny new BR nanny knew and sales that made you just. For shared actor to do the MRI. Well I Steffi you know I just had reached my breaking point with and I was it was last Friday Xenia and doctor's office and they want it instantly. Another four or five days and I was like no that's not good enough and time. Thankful I've felt confident enough to abdicate for Reese when I did and I mated. Uncomfortable and you know I mean I hate confrontation. I hate arguing it confrontation and I just try to be diplomat worked through it but. To fit and I cried and I yelled at somebody and I yelled at somebody with an MD after their name and that's not easy to do but I did because I needed. Her I needed and look closer something else going I just knew and so. So. He said okay and did his best and goddess and for an MRI so we felt really lucky that that. Process and take as long as we thought at night and and churn out. Became an MRI and sat down with us you know need in me and hospital waiting room moments. She has cancer and the words. I think I just had tunnel vision at that time we know we're like everything kind. Coming goes like Fuzzy around. That it's almost like your peripheral vision policy think it's kind of Fuzzy and. You knew when he walked in the room the way is carrying him zone new wave them. The nurse who is there it was wonderful law. You can they were not going to deliver it's well we knew they found something because when they went and they initially were look looking at her spine at a tether cord that was what they thought it might have been. And they finish the tethered Cortez and came back to ask for permission for contrasts which means they found something and she said you believe you're with an answer today. So they go back they do the contrast he came back and he says there is a mask. And he said it looks like and told us that type of tumor it looked like at that time. You know subsequently we found out it was this different type of tumor in his terms all tumor but. At that time you're so I was so waiting to see her she was still so dated for them MRI and we just I you know we're just trying to process the information we ask a lot of questions like she's not gonna we're tech and you guys and hands. Were coming giving us some instruction and then shortly there after the nurse brought her back and mats land. It was like divorced then you know like just holding Aaron. Not knowing how long we were gonna happen this'll life where does and. Those it was truly the worst day. Of my life and the worst day of grant's life too like we. We're really emotional. And it's just devastated there's no other way to describe because at that place so I don't know there's so many. Questions and others you just don't know what's gonna happen so. From Merrick column my mom and dad. And I called my brother and I called you. And down and that's those the only conversations I could handle. Yes I remember and very vividly. Remember exactly where it was. My memory that time on the clock everybody tells the story about all the air rushing out of the room. And when you called me I got it and may I know exactly right I've pulled over but don't remember pulling over and. And don't wish that on anyone's ever have to experience it's. Oh. You know and then. The crazy part is I don't really remember what happened after that I just remember waking up the next today. And it totally different place that something happened between. My last conversation you on Saturday in my first conversation with the giants Sunday. I just got into a warrior mode it's a weird way to feel that wasn't intentional I never had this. Mama where with myself and Mir and flatness of across the face splash of cold liars they did it together like I never did that. I just woke up just in really have a fight function mode. Just trying to do our best learning a lot about what type of cancer she has. What we need to do to get through it. What we need you to function how can we take care of her three year old Heidi talked to her about it. I just went into full parent mode where you just put your own emotions aside and I'm sure they will come eventually and I'm sure that it will be a roller coaster of emotion through this whole journey about right now we're just in this very much. Keep it together fight for your child not. And I both did did aggregated snapped with grant to alerted that happened I sooner they happen a little sooner or for him because it's just who he is as a person again. You know. Back to but now it's just about pushing through and doing exactly what the doctors tell us we're in the best. Place in the world away truly children's healthcare of Atlanta is. Top ten in the entire country people are here in this hospital from other states. From places far away their families are living here because we have the best care right here right so if we lived states away I would becoming hair. And I'm fifteen minutes from my house you know and was so I feel like we're in the best hands possible. We've got a great team of doctors that are working on rhesus case we've got incredible nurses caring dress mean. I just I feel so overwhelmed by. Just all the right things in place to help us get through it and help other families get through to him down. It really is an amazing community yeah. I am I have been at the hospital. Since Sunday it would not living here but cap I've seen you every days since Sunday and every time I am out of the room here you work grants. A family member. Of another patient. Comes up and introduces themselves to the growth. Kind of tries to figure out who the parent is the one who's doing them I and then once they identify it. Offer help and assistance and again a prayer and it's really it's. It's remarkable. I want to stay thank you so much to everybody that outpouring of love and for air and good energy and good vibes have been sent our family and sent to reason. It's just an incredible overwhelming. I mean. Truly I've sat down a couple of nights after she's been asleep in the hospital on here myself and tried to read the FaceBook comments and I get through like. Three or four of them nicer crying all over again I have to take a break. And I can't pick back up every eight and I just wanna say thank you so much I mean. Are comedian listeners is an incredible list on 941 family has been phenomenal. It's just it's been this outpouring of love people are dead people again. And that's what that's. Take away that I realized the other day or I'm like overwhelmingly. People have kindness and want other people to be at peace yeah overwhelm more than negativity. And I think that only the families here can understand really what you're going through and and it really is a great community you know I have to be honest though. When we first got here on Saturday the nurse is showing me around donors to help in Manassas. You know walking SE. Family ram and here's Reid and get coffee and here's reading get water and I'm like. This is not a club I wanna be a member of course night. And I was having a real hard. Time like identifying. And our priests from our church came to visit us at two priests from our church. Sharon and then out came to visit as a menace that you know I think that's probably some self preservation. Because you don't wanna self identify yet. He's still in this defense mode you know maybe it's that maybe they got it wrong. He had any site you know don't beat yourself up and that's okay yeah Kazan I felt really bad for feeling way. But that's just. Honestly powers feeling in the moment and I think several days later now it really has become this team of people and everybody says do you need anything. And they have a kid fighting cancer like what are you talking about do you think something like what you know. Ever been so giving caring and really it is angry community Evers is a great community and although it took me a couple of days is too. Except that we are now part of that community we are. There's I'm young women care name's Monica. Who is now one of Reese's friends yet and I cut when she did pretty dances. Amazing she wrote as a welcome letter and told us that there says she's a patient share patient fighting leukemia and she's. About to turn two when he wine and she's in her 21 birthday and hospital tank so if you caller listening renowned wanna do something I want you to write a happy birthday letters to Monica. Some. She is a bright sweet special child and so. But she's she's in the hospital yet here for the third time yeah with leukemia yet. And she heard that there's a new patient on the floor. And rock and gifts to your room yet. She brought some bubbles and she about Reese a little like Howell. To hang on the crib and she drew her picture of Sofia the first which is actually really beautiful artwork I was like this is yeah. I as she's an incredible artists and that is all around us and was who did you job. So via the first you heard ever. Come on Jesse getting into when you're Disney princess. Each of which he and Destiny's Child that's a fact. Calero and open the I think it'd is that Mickey Mouse or dock expense and not and. Press doc weed doesn't get a cat it's pretty good. But yeah ivy it is a Maine I would say this and a happy birthday a letter to Monica she's great kid and she's so so Sweden. Every kid on the floor is there's kid that you know really well Austin Freeman. Who was Denver's big adventure kid who is here and and biting me. And we had to go on the trip a couple of years ago used in remission and handed eyes he's. Taken a turn and the cancer is back. And it's pretty aggressive and he's he's literally. Fighting for his life and he is here and there are family sought you out to welcome. And now there's no one of well. Author Monica can read and Reese can't read so send send a Dartmouth yeah I. And our case that's that's actually. A lot of people are asking. What is Jen needs. People wanna make you food people wanna bring you things people. Want to bring Reese things Loren. And what how is learned in and. She did you know at three she's understanding has a little she knows Reese is in the hospital and she knows doctors are helping her get better but that's about it okay and I think. And her three natural brain that's again I so what do you need from people. Truly if you wanna decent thing. Whether that's. Five dollars or your whole paycheck and why you make a donation I want you to make a donation to children's health care and a I like to make a donation to cure for childhood cancer and we Jimmy donation rally foundation. Who is funding cancer research for a childhood cancers. You know I want you reach out tea instant friends foundation and I want you to be able to do something that while. Will allow for another family not to have to go through this to say that right now. To prevent another family from having to have this experience is really MB raid. They had to close the flora and you're right. In view you feeling your heart that you want to do is coming and help us. Do that because. We have got great neighbors and family and friends around us we got enough casserole yet fill our freezer right now we're so I'm like all of love and attention and it's so kind. But we can't eat. We Kate. Let me tell you. About it and cannot be that you need to now. Yeah. About. Jen Jen the one of them is. I'd Jane has more friends. And groups of friends and networks of friends than anybody trying to build I've man. Fourteen different best friends again and every single one of them is out she's from camp. She's from my neighbor. She's from my mom's reading club he's like seriously so I know that as far as. Helping clean house are hoping cook food or helping. You know take care of whatever needs to be taken care of go in elegy junior aren't those tape things you're covered. Anything you needed now is Chan and passionately hates clutter. And passionate. Oh. Right so you're walking through target. And you see a little scuffed doc you know like you know it. Jane's daughter. No shoot. At at. Like a lot of families that aren't getting the agents and getting about like you do you view. And we've other families. The bed and and I'm joking but Oz. I I think it's very selfless of chances to. Put all these links to these charities will put him up on our website. And and there are some called a smile Graham demeanor her smile program with the cubs mile Graham a smile program and you can go on into the children's health care of website and you can send a note to any of these kids and it comes into the library and they. Put together like a really cute little package and delivered to the rooms and so. Kids acutely veterans get right message channel sunshine so whether that's you know sending them. A prayer or just you know a high five VE now he can do that any of them. And you know if you're having hard time maybe explaining this to your kids are. You want a chance to do something hand in hand with your can't. And maybe sit down and have them tied it would they wanna rent you know. Maybe it's a secret C and ready get a peek at two or the next level of mine craft or something that your kid could share to another K head so that as adults wouldn't think that you can think is cool you know. Call one hang in there and anticipated have you. Back in the proper studio yeah. Hopefully early next week if all goes well only if everything goes well. I'm being discharged and become next week and that's that'll I'll be back to work we count on and a come together yet though we appreciate you all and we feel the love we really do and and I I miss you I miss work and missed laughing now can we get back to doing something really fun. And after I yeah I would hope that we'll have something I'm wrapped all what do we do and we're gonna have some pretty fine on the radio at this time tomorrow. Okay the is I'll tell you who is rooting for Reese harder than anybody else that that's producer Kelly cheese. Who had to record her first where's this relationship going and was so uncomfortable. I and she yeah. I've ever gonna have that I'm here at this at this time to Mara says no that he. Along with everybody else and alana once recent event a 100% is AP. I love that utilities LB nice to iron out the we'll see you back here properly early next week perfect.