Jenn's Update on Her Daughter Reese

Monday, August 8th


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As for making this way it's in the chest congestion. On star now before want to. The second and show is a great place to get in a really great names are gonna continue to today than my share with you you'll. Rough week it has been an RLs are well one our baby Reese. I've been pretty sick and we've been in and out of the hospital so I would like to instead of talking about. A typical it's been talked about how grateful I am. For everyone supports because it is then. An outpouring of love it and I just lines give gratitude we start Monday's with gratitude he friction free right at 7 o'clock and so. On this is my special edition. Well and it's not just about giving their gratitude to us you know our our show. From the start is always in place where. We can provide an escape the stuff that's going on in the world yet it generates you know horrible. Atrocities happening across the globe whether it's politics because politics free zone in and and do not discuss politics. In the loop. I'm news segments. And we ought to realize that. You have a tennis have gone on your personal life so our. We have to consider everybody listening family down and so I think Jane downplayed it a lot of views eight. That little 88. Pieces made multiple trips to the emergency room which is pretty notable for some birdies and missiles he had all in the past. Yes so. My first regretted CD is for children's healthcare of Atlanta we are so blessed to have this resource and our city and close to us here in Georgia. Children's healthcare of Atlanta is just amazing doctors and nurses. The ER at the staff everybody involved in that organization is a phenomenal human being because they show up every day. And they make your date better when you're facing. Really tough stuff when your facing the worst I mean there's not no more vulnerable feeling and when your baby is sick and you just want to. Fix your baby just want to fix your kid. And you don't you don't know how you do your best is apparent and you. You try to check off all the things off with a list and you know when you get to that place and hopefully never do with your children but if you get to that place where you need help immediately. Are there we are so lucky to have that resource I'm just so grateful. That that Cho was there for us and big they are just phenomenal people who meet you in a really dark place and they brighten your day and they are always asking is anything else we can do for is there anything else we can do for you and does that approach and they just embrace you with open arms are so helpful I just I think it's amazing that these it will wake up and do that every single day. Neighboring attitude and they bring that sunshine with them to work every single day. Just be so hard to deal but they did and we experiences in this last week we were. Well I think it's a QB said that anybody. Who is it in that tape of service that as a service profession. Nurses yes especially nurses eight children's house hospitals I think hurt if it. I don't think it's a choice words like Obama we have and I think I'm going to be manner. That it's almost all. Doctor and partners and an ace or a volunteer. Anybody who puts themselves in in the choate a situation as more calling. Of a special person. I went. Regions experienced at Weaver. I'm in an out of the emergency room and the hospital into overnight stays last week and more on this weekend and we are back to the ER yesterday morning so. It's definitely a rollercoaster for our family but our family and our friends have been wonderful support system you guys here at the show it gives me. So much support these guys the suggestions in July as food for our freezer they stocked fridge in front out there and we read every got a stockade but our priority is keeping new welfare welfare just. Could you know you've got to keep and that's in order to be there for your child and on your eyes and an awesome and classic this is a great place to come to just laugh I mean we were dealing with some heavy stuff at home but. To come to work and be able learn about hot dudes with Thomas. I I talked about friends of the disease and how is on the like I wasn't of everybody else lives and you work cracking me up and it was a. Great place to come and let go of all of that for awhile and come to work and just laugh and have at times. I'm so grateful to you guys for being getting your jobs and being witty and funny so taking Q so much it's awesome. That your saying that he is that is exactly what we want to. Deliver to those that list so T if you have. And so kind of welcome us in your home your car wherever you're listening to this rate now now that what yet. Jen just said about the championship is exactly what. We want to provide a place to escape and lap and the others were sharing this view because we do feel we are all friends that we are off family. And IG and just went you know. That what's going I'm right with her with her with the youngest who is going to be okay have more tests and and whatnot but why is it. It is she's home now she's recovering recuperating in the back to see more doctors figured all out this week. I just wanted to see. Thank you so much for the support and now it's on these but yesterday and shared what was going on and is outpouring of love and prayers some so. Asking for any anything I'd be to add this year or prayer list of whoever you pray to light I just think the power of prayer and power of positive energy it's really helped also. On the pray for her health and honest I would appreciate that and I think the other takeaways for us other than laughter and being the best medicine and is. Just kind you know it just it's a reminder to mean that you never know. Who'd you ran into on the street line because she Stiller whether you're pumping gas and a person that. Irritating you know more whatever you just don't know what they've gone or what they're privately struggling. So. Just be kind and just it was a good reminder to always be extra kind to strangers beak size. He just don't know when anybody's. That's that's lesson from for us and our fan and I just taking some action. You guys here on the show and our listeners that have reached on social and amazing so thanks a match it's for making this way it's in the chest congestion. OnStar not before one.