Jenn's Threatening Voicemails

Tuesday, January 30th

They might be spam, but then again they could be much, much worse. 

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Star in 941. Treasury freaking out because I'm hamstring came out. I don't overreact. And then the little voice that he's inside your head you know it goes. Well if you don't do something if you get a lot worse. And you start doubting yourself I mean get these for a while really what in my life. I didn't get really mysterious. And the threatening voicemails. There have been showing up on my phone and I don't let you guys but I don't answer any numbers I don't count me out if it does not save him my phone I'm basically not answering or if it doesn't look like it comes from children's healthcare of Alanna with. Because those gospels are priority calls right if it's 404785. Bombing answered it. But if it is nod and then I like it was male check it later. Anti back right. What does it come when it comes up says when the calls can mean. Are the numbers odd occasion gathered their due in this trickery. Where the numbers are close to your own phone number they're not okay you have to be generally go and everything on the for a far you have for a Fargo's the ACL out. So I know those all use 678 France I want you just get Joseph Salave'a android too. Fat it's. So I know though is because they come up with your first six and match. China gets you to answer a call that's recognizable to you pray GAAP and those those will come a long iPhone but they never leave a message okay. These are from other area code and they leave messages that are long and kind of threatening you keep saying kind of there's an actual threat back to threats and they keep coming in and so. I'm just wondering if anybody else has gotten any like these are both here and what you've done about it so if you can help me out that our members for a mainly. And maybe get people have a can't I can't help you out because they're all dead. Don't think it's. Totally freaking me out for a 426309401. OK so here's the first type of course now that comes sent. Peres toward issued under your name. So before we move forward with the law suit and illegal allegation. Contact us as soon as possible armed 7862179765. Thank you. And then I feel like I called back and number they're gonna take my identity and Beisel on my dad or my dad. This. Guy I don't know how can I trust Could tell us about. I'm just afraid that something's gonna happen because. Anyway I'll I'll tell you and how do you did how do we fear about dealer feel about seers dot com is an a trustworthy company. I needed new drill. Eric coupon here's other weird noise you know that is coming meant. From the headquarters which will get expired in next 24 working hour. And want to get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops. And there are forced serious allegation that crashed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us. So that we can discuss about this case. Before taking any legal action against you the number to reach out and 9496989171. Saint Q. Freaky right. Am keenly charges against you or are we saw. In English. And just I NN live my life and go where can be good mom and staff and then this is ending up. That I'm giving arrested by the cops. It's they it's and it's like it would be like it did the president give me a Medicare got a little voice disguised machine left his fifth. And his. And it's not it I have listened to over and over again it's not correct English I'm terrified to call our last big notre violations are you need eyebrow wax you have. You need eyebrow done mustache must he'd ever you up late friend. That's here violation is. The only jail for cubicles Iowa asked Kelly cheese about it and she said that if I called back they would record my book notes instead. How weird my pump fifty. We don't like yeah for sure and that's like you have four charges against you aren't our rescue and take your kids novels like what is. Yes I have four way they're buying any. OK well let's get the phone number 0404263094. Line. We have. A prosecutor. And at Gwinnett County he's come on whether as sweet and he knows that they're doing and we have a woman in Carrollton who actually called the numbers. Acts again. Are not no fear she still has a soul yes please don't write me. And it's. And she I'll star for our breakdown over some weird voicemails my. And one that I beginning like as soon. Orders which will get a expired in the next 24 working hour. And once you get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops look at air force serious allegations crashed on your name at this moment. Fool the the. I'm the only thing they're not use plain bad boys underneath asked her call continue to be scared to death for one minute lead in Atlanta say is a prosecutor. Let's Utley can solve this industry raid away. Unfortunately. We can't call them out without at all I think it's a scam. The police shall call you would personally if they wanna talk to yield. Ali don't use prerecorded Matt did you like bat and the fact that they're not tell you what Asian theaters AA is either or and I think you're big enough ought NetApp. Leg if they did this thing is if you have for serious allegations. That tops aren't leaving you are robo call I think they're actually putting Michael GPS thing on your car and they wait until your and that you know. And Ed yelled got a mouthful amongst into the dug in on it sparked a lot and I paid for your hands on the window. I'm not gonna go that fire because you know my on the radio obviously I think you're leaving reassert corporate VP yet there's. But I he had no we're not call you leave your ports. Of call and talk to you but they wound right meteor robo call or. OK so Lee what is this robocalls trying to deal. You know ha what happens I can't wrap up our library okay well he gave quest. Got a that you don't know what they'll do you if you call back and actually talk to them reaction that we actually are very Florida. Story I have had situations where. Our people will call up and say hey you're on good pertinent today. Are you need a wire money it's dramatic jail. Now tell you why are your kids locked operate now in Thailand and Macy's has of one day's sales and here's the exchange we're gonna have had a I won't give him he would think I delegate front and I'll give you can actually change you give me years clinic bonus cash. Think all. What Jay and I I'll. Jane I have kidnapped your daughter and Belk box is what I want. How on 12100 dollars and up bucks because I want a moment a lot of moments. All the moments. Hi Sandra and parents and actually called us and them. Say under IDs still have a soul no I was networking credit cards are issues you have a voice they still and all Jan. C is Stiller identity and her voice and her phone number they can't take it over herb I don't know why I log on at Aaron in Lawrenceville. Yeah I don't know I can't holy yeah am I get a lot of tight end up I don't look my bottom line and dirt. And so how do you get him to stop calling him. Yeah. They're. Or comes I would answer the founder and when they say you know and we may call me tell you about the allegations and I would tell them that there allegations back pan am yeah thank I would I would do a double reverse wedge revealing what's your name and an ego yeah. And ranked pro. We found scam and she passed. Who put your name your Henry ago dad still funny there's a list allegations and you know. You said I have forty you have five hits and I tried my own version ever found him. But I'll tell you what though here's what's gonna get out of it. CVS extra care points. I I'm not in her the only bad. I will totally see you view and sort of make it this way it's just congestion. One stone not before one.