Jenn's Take on the Latest Ghosthunt

Wednesday, July 19th

Jenn's back in-studio, so we had to ask what she thought about everything that went down yesterday.


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So are in 941. Janet got all sorts of awkward when you weren't here yesterday and Kelly and I had to handle goes sending out our. Okay so what was the first call about on Monday my. It was easy OK we talked to Melanie Mallon called typical situation three afford to aides say things and then she brought him. Fred if any this is Ron Kelly because in my memory is it bad. But I it was she went on three or four days for them and one of the last states. Why is but at a friend's house where her ex boyfriend was presents a cash and then he disappear and then the guy's name is James and then James disappear. So she. Called us out CU tracked down James. And find out if the reason he vanishes because the ex boyfriend is there an Emmy and feel weird and she wanted to be like say about that I still wanna hang out. I pretty straightforward tundra yeah. So too though this thought listening to explain from weird and out. A clue or that I'm eliminating them or something like that and that's why disappeared yeah not rides and then Tuesday we made the phone call. To. James. OK on behalf. Of Melanie. Okay okay I'm gonna play just a few little clips a tenth of a James talking. And I want you to verbalize. Any observation you might okay. I James Perrier and oh yeah and it's. I'm would be inappropriate to ask how old you Marcus. Well I'm old enough to drink. SF playing a woman right. Well I hear is another clip of our conversation which aims. Well it really went there. Anything complicated like Edison is like saying is that it's you know we're at at eight where we were meaning friend and I realize it so I actually am not wanting to best. I mean that's it definitely sounds like a woman named James and that's possible. I go there no way we asked. We asked for Sherwood Melanie you're like. We wrecked we went back to mount in he's AG said it James is a man with a feminine looks well and when I originally alone when I originally took the call and and James any concern. I kind of thought maybe it was a girlfriend are grown used dating. Oh I'm exited I have definitely Janes and he said yes and assets and Europe guy. And he said yes and then we'll check back on Melanie and she said yep and just a faces a match whenever you see him in person. And metal weaker anywhere so Sarnoff I was. Really picture someone else this nation hot chick I thought. I there was a hot that was the thing that we're to marry is the is James had a similar take a woman. Well I mean you called me I'm not actually trying to have a congress he touts it. If you're having a nighttime we I have to be at. That's Jane that's for sure and then. Great game so I we had the whole conversation. At some point in the conversation I asked James. Thinking that it. Anything is impossible right precise and James were you born a man. Apparently that's an offensive question so I apologize to anyone who's offended by that question that they got I got Reynolds for asking that. Because I thought maybe it could be. Somebody who. Now identifies is a different gender OK but may do us all iron with lady parts that are. And any version of that identifies elsewhere outside but I I'd I was just. Caught up in the moment I can see how that could win it could be a rude questions I apologize anyways offended but James. Said. Did not answer that actually that we found out from Elliot now James is. James I. She uses the guy is the same gender James the same gender that he was born as. And he would advises heterosexual. Do you mind that Bologna is a straight man with a feminine voice. Yeah I mean. Honestly he just understanding that I'm a carry her friends and all that I realized I'm not actually. But here are looking for are actually a relationship and it is certainly at an actor accents though it carries that. That's cool well. I was just trying to pictures of me look like you or JP saying that it's very difficult time for eight have that. Visualization of a man while hearing apple that voice and maybe it bearded. Secret monster. I mean you called me I never actually trying to have it come shelves if you're having a nighttime we have to. It blew up on social media there are people who analyze voices for a living yeah. One or two people who said that is definitely a woman and there's a big group of of Jeff and judge your listeners who think that we got played. Think that somebody was jacking with safety net it was to win mean. And that was the quote okay Doug we got to OK don't sold honestly say yes they're pulled an Okie get Indiana's whatever that means that prank. People pretty other radio stations are to an end but as it stands right now. So let us to hand is Jane Serena and a new world record holder for the most bizarre goes tanning. That we have done and I'm sorry she adds her service are you should be able. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.