Jenn's SunTrust Park Experience

Friday, May 6th


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Who else. Is. Jessie. Who has yet to record an interview. We've. And landed a guy that we know here in Atlanta who's in the Zach brown man. Then gently edit cut out early because I any of you figure VIP Hart had two of these centrist part. And then we went to Rio Bravo is filled with people who were all high activity time party with us first CO mileage site. Really cool. Ordinary as a lot might not so there's rain did not acted and one day it's really. It is one days. You know it's so cool you couldn't wait to tell us about centrist party game you relied I got introduced to her and he came back to all my parents hope I'm dated October it was so awesome it's just really cool to be live construction site and it just the massive amounts of engineering going in to centrist part. If you're still on the fence about movement Cobb I can assure you they are creating an incredible. Thing an experience for you. Some of my favorite things because I think about it as a man of space as the experience of the day going inexperience and my family or girlfriends. And they are cream and it just for me I ask. Where. Just outlets wanna go to baseball game and have a really great. I ask you this all the time and I've made for forgetting with the area in front of the opportunity it's called the battery battery yet. So the battery html is why it's called and it's going to be the fan experience that. Will work for you to no matter who you are so if you wanna go with your family even said yesterday. If your millennial they're gonna doing the doing things to target millennial. Seven charging stations music at. Pedestrian area of interest tax. And they're gonna make eggs and for the baseball fanatics if you aren't diehard Atlanta Braves man. And you love them on you like they're going to be things for YouTube there's going to be shopping all around their forty different retail shops and boutiques. The Roxy theatre. Atlantis payments Roxy theatre is coming back in and be at the battery. To bring back the omni hotel to have different continents in eight days there right there and walked Q apart game. Shaft driven restaurants there like SE Parikh is going to go into the battery going to be a lot of famous ships putting their shops and there. And I think there restaurants and there also. 550 different residences so children please you right so. Just because equal experience if you're going for the game. I'm just going for the game on for the whole experience all around on inside centrist park yesterday it was really equal to Steve and chop house. Three different levels of the house so few that's an infamous stories and I saw banner days and it's tough out there you come out with a sunburn. And it. Quite a hangover. Also I was really needs to meet mister show Holtz yesterday with the guy on the media tour. And he was explaining to us about the outfield wall right so in the corner of left field. Right field the sixty writes it means our outfielders are going to be able to reach. Well and bring back home. And create some pretty exciting moments in the back out while the over eight. Fee and to be convenience and to be convenient for I'm stupid drunk fans to interfere with game play does that always happen Marino in the Walter. Close Seattle just reach over grab ball and yet whatever happened that Chicago Cubs guy human of that story. Is that playoff game and he remembered a story he robbed a catch from a player. It happens I mean happening in New York to the Yankees have seen you know during playoff game to. Reached over grabbed the ball on that you know. Yes this is those the interference but it's. Not that many in the -- nothing anybody that I have every play now they could see. So that was meant there was James sixteen top three please tap three day. About suntrust. I'm if you wanna grab tickets for Tony seventeen they are gonna be available starting this coming Tuesday that may tenth. Do you or making the switch today Jesse gen shall all star got.