Jenn's Story Behind the Picture

Tuesday, March 21st

There's a story behind these pictures, a story full of excitement and drama. 

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Star in 941. That's. So I was thinking the other day social media is fantastic. Put it leaves a lot. Outs of the big picture. You mean you only get them. You get a snapshot snapshot of somebody's life that you don't know the back story behind it and as you and I are both moving Garrett James just moved to Marianne I'm moving. Over to the battery in a couple of weeks. We're packing opera houses were coming across pictures and stuff from the past old photo albums old trophies are kinda stuff. And you can you can summarize those pictures in two ways you can either say here's a picture of you know me mad at playing baseball when I was a kid. Or you can say oh my god here's a picture that this was this summer that my dad and I went camping for a whole month and this is probable but. Nobody gets that whole story anymore because everything has to be capitalized for social media right aegis have what. 140 care sure about yet you know reliving an 8080 world get rich get the message out there and scroll army and five cents is Max draw and the next picture really humid. May get to see what somebody had for breakfast this morning hope you're not yet anyways so I thought it might be interesting if we all on the show. Found a picture can be recent it can be old. But it has a story behind it that hasn't been told. And share the picture on our social media and tell this story. Around it. Make sense yeah. Definitely jammed volunteered to go first I'm the one digging through the most boxes of old photographs and old memories and stuff. I December really interesting by the way that's a conversation for another day. So I'm looking at a picture rain now and you can go to the Jeff and in show NC Graham. Page to see this. Emirates on just engines have faced had paged him. I get in so it's. Three women young women one of which is Jan. And you're wearing life jackets. I think yeah. And it looks like is that a wet suit. You wearing a wetsuit like I can tell with the girl on the left is. It's a kayak start. The psychiatrist. When you sit in a kayak when he sent a boat the skirt is what keeps the water out. And over the edge. And. I'd I got to learn to an idea I never kayaks to the point of needing a kayak skirt go yeah. So I think if I was kayaking I would just. And go with the fact that I'm gonna get soaked though I don't you start but I areas and you guys are clearly there's water behind junior in your in the words and one of pictures because there's two bridges side by side because they both. And come together till the story. By the way I am not proud of the end of this story now I'm okay never told the truth until today. Well I until right. Right so we not see her hits and I asked actually. I we Telus the edited version burst in and modified the ending so we can hear the false again. I think yeah well I think you get a long way in one of the pictures we are wearing number Ers got dibs on top of our life jackets. And then another picture and has three of us. There are about to compete this is from a year I graduated high school. And me and add a group of my friends that all WordPad or sky actors. At our summer camp for many years over the summer. Were reaching this. Pinnacle moment. A fire. Kayaking challenges. And so we I did Whitewater kayaking with us this group of women. Growing up and how we did all kinds of different rivers but we were never in a slalom competition. Until this summer so I am old enough and enough to do this. This has sent to you guys do know about me which is that I'm really competitive crazy about it. Really competitive now so we're really excited and there are you know some of us that worse you know tough competitors and the ones that were the toughest we're gonna get out there and do the song glories of course in the Whitewater pretty challenging to do we are all very excited about this right. So as the story goes I and we're all suited up we're excited that's where this picture is. From right before the race in this is it can't Floyd Mayweather. Well we oral elders that can't Mary led Maryland and we were competing at the name he'll outsourced. And which is not too far from and actually. So this is this pictures captured right before the racy CS rob happy were all excited ready down. So. You know there's all those nerves going that fierce competition happening we've run the course once just as a practice everything's good. And then or in the competition. And there's no do overs you're going down the river and Whitewater is do I. So there is one of the other. Women in my group. Young ladies and and I group was really really poorly the fiercest. Competitor. Or early three of us that were the most. Competitive spirit OK she was the most athletic all right and fierce OK so if there was anybody could be it was her got it. Soared in the both fierce that it is rate adjective to describe some. Yeah lead paint a picture okay. So. Is and she's got arms you know she's got her upper body strange solid days ago juicy. I probably and that of them Lance Armstrong's after trained highly utilized it. And I'm proud of this are OK so why do you have also know about a slalom course is that it's your your competing in time. You're not. All starting at the same time racing each other down the river right you're going through basically an obstacle course on the river bottom and you're trying to beat. Everyone else's time truth but you go one after the other. So everybody is on the course it is in a sit in this same time. But you're not trying to be first to cross the finish line correct you're just strip right okay and do a really good times it's like if you have Ryan like the peachtree road race. And there's fifty you know the previous 55000. People running yes you can still command first even if you. Your and a different fleet or whatever it yet even if you delete it leaves ten minutes after the start because they're timing everybody's individual everybody's individual. So is everything okay sore arm roads it's all the water stress Cheney intensity is fairly outgoing. And I'm going down the course are going or going online and other. Miss fierce competitor and fierce fierce apple called her so fierce is coming out of one gate and I'm coming down to catch the Eddie and get into the gate yet case I'm doing did you turn that she's coming out of it and she hits me. Hard. In the center of my chest. Her boat ads on am really really hard today knocks the wind out of me again scares me to death or okay yeah. So she keeps racing and goes down the river continues her song course does really well fishing know what she did. Well her boat the pointy end of her kayak hit me square in the chest now I have funnel vast. But hit me squarely just knocks me completely off the course I spin out of control and there's no way. I mean even competing categories. I'm out of the race and there's no deal rice. So I am so who rushed at this moment do you guys know my competitive strict. Game. So upset about this and though leaders of our group pulled me aside and they are terrified. And I'm injured. Here's and I never really confessed to ever before. Is that. When they were so concerned about my well being that they sent me to the hospital. To get checked out. I let him. Even though. I wasn't really that injured it was just my pride that is that injured I did so devastated on not. Mailed. I was so over Riordan got. His eighth team and I go in and it like just about deserved callers. I let it take me the hospital. Records by certain keep you owe me. Yeah I mean I know got knocked out of me I got knocked out of course but I was physically OK but I will take colleagues soccer a floppy UBU flopped. In a kayak race Jan Hart. (%expletive) and then she isn't a bad girl went to the hop really our half. How did Intel today and go right thing now this moment she depiction. Yes junior always the. I they're doing is good but all smiles because that's pre race this. Serves girls mouth I. I love the things that my injury was really really bad leg so big like all my parents and my parents are worried. And I just went with it. I went with it the whole way because you know I can't. He's not yet another case and I don't be attending a beyond me not out of Carolina. Jenn hobby does not lose. A horrible horrible first major horrible person back then your little bit pattern now. Admirable. Courageous I'm Janet ethic great way to kick off. This story behind the picture. Caller and apologized at. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.