Jenn's Spousal Performance Review

Monday, July 18th


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They Jessie Shen shell sell off and here jedi fewer performance. Spousal for a fool. Oh mine. Uh oh weird ended the game yeah I've got out please note. I like a governor and of Ogilvy sixty all right six years so this the spouse of performance review. Spouse is Jen reviewer is grain can. Pods and I will tell you this there are a lot of notes on the bottom and continue through the back. I will tell you that thorough fell I will tell you could mean many of your categories. Received an X. I'm just gonna read quickly the ones that got an excellent day honesty productivity work quality. Work consistency enthusiasm cooperation. Initiative. Overall qualities for relations. It's. Cree yeah. Okay. Creativity. Meals. Dependability in communications skills OK okay now their two things of note here. The first is the meals in parentheses says when she has. So obviously that's that's. We use our wilted cookie with an out. Right when I was home momentum and make up. A game that this is interesting under attitude he had originally checked excellent. Scribbled out. And moved it to good okay. With an asterisk that aids Ebola the only other dude you got its technical skills which I agree if we can do about users use the equipment. You've got cornered into it a fair answer to yank. Entertainment choices an OK there. And then punctuated. Now. It. Guy inane under there he gave view and three stars. In the excellent column for rule model for our girls off. The Yankees. And also wrote party planner. Clash at at oh. And kind. Of guy. You got an excellent. And effort on the comments under the improvement suggestions. That's right. Opportunity to improve performance through the following attitude it's a this is fantastic. Wind. Attire for flights. Is OK to look like a person is going to the beach when they get on an airplane. Yeah I'm super. Critical about what you Wear on planes when we travel. One honey that's so it seems so so all's well it is old school but it's one of those things like. I'm not down with sweat pants and flip flops and it. Boxer shorts and gym where in that whole thing. Larry Richards is very here for out. Saturday I know I think jeans if I. Ever buy. He likes to dress down and dressed up most days and weeks identity on blacks and weakened by. On the flight I feel like he should be dressed like. Easley. What are those old school things that when I and it went depths with they're made of it that long stakes in the cigarette when in the end of amendment all the women used in the 1920s think your elders that what do Latin act with him. The older we got ourselves and any. Elaine. I think there's a happy medium. Oh no no rants uh oh god I'm adjusting their relationship with him. Loses its okay this year toothbrushes when necessary. Now the battle Campbell and I didn't. He managed. Not he is now you can punch him rate in the manly parts might. That is terrific and if his excuse you know it gets. Yeah well that's why you know what yeah wells are in love birds tag but that's that it needs. As beacons of light and nothing you name now the so badly analogy made no sense. I've tried. Well. Laundry it's acceptable to complain about how I do it when you're doing it to four months immediately. You can Lehman. Well I've always been particular about how I want my laundry done. It's a battle we've gone back and forth on that he wants to be really helpful for the day's ruined a lot of things of my in the past so I said. You can do all the laundry just don't do nine but for some reason he keeps doing he wants to be so helpful it's like Superman on laundry and wants to do at all. It drives me nuts so I'm critical about it don't do mine but he has been doing all. Laundry sentiment back to work slowdown some sort of personal. Achievement for him breakfast. Stop putting dictated chip bags in the side of the door. And cited in the car out. He that's my goatee guilty pleasure snack is chips. I'm like he has ouija folic have halfback and stuff in the car he likes to keep cars really super neat and I'm pretty neat but I you know Havel trash I'll. I addressing our children in my college colors to daycare multiple times for a week makes them look educated. That's the car is not going to roll anywhere while part in the garage pleased that using the I got to have ladies and parking brake because. School where Britain and the playing at an older. Skewing the Greek and the board. Let's roll. Around again. And I damaged the neighbors are and throw in the sky out. No idea what accidents and grows the love my toenails of that man. Complain about speed and like those. It pains him badly click clack am. Like your dog it had an agreement on. Democrat and he's going to do our country and you've got it right. I. Three this is what marriage after. Sixty months looks like compared to being vehemently letting. Them. Welcome to your future and it's Jesse James shell sell are far.