Jenn's Skin Cancer Tweet

Thursday, June 30th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Got a very cool forty cents a Jenn hobby the other day. Face and something she talked about on the show what was it two weeks ago first came out it it has been two weeks ago today that I had skin cancer surgery. And not the kind that you just goes to that regular dermatologist orbit more serious kind I had. School Amos cell carcinoma on my nose that still recovering and I covered with makeup you can still seats are pretty big rates I can't you can't. Local yet have we ate at some point and we are united view along great about it. It well I'm a girl eyeing him girl's attention their appearance whole lot which you actually in the world that we live and in what we do for a living so I get nervous about that salvage you have a special. Actually. You're gonna make me defensive right now. But I did talk about the skin cancer surgery and talked about and you are freaked out by it. Because I wrote it you couldn't really see it before I got the surgery done it wasn't something that was a big mole or something changing color it was like to arrest bottoming notes. Then I was feeling like. Just wasn't going way and so are we got to check out these idiots is serious so. Point is is that it got a message yesterday. From some closer to this who says Jenny inspired me to stop ignoring me skin cancer spot. Biopsy came back they cells removed one point five weeks thank you so I'm really glad that she was Ellison's challenge. Was like you know the spotlight and hasn't wind got it checked out now she's. In removed Johnson and row and a. Plain and saving lives effects were for a heavyweight in Ireland for wind hit it well then let document yeah media. I'm about four meters mean for. Four meters Ceres in Robert Gates. Thanks for being bombarded it. Now.