Jenn's Restaurant Issue

Tuesday, June 28th


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I'm Michelle should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you it's. From world war seven. These 400 thanks for making crucial in 941. Surely welcome to the Japanese and show what is your role in the restaurant industry. Armor or are you an answer right and I. Let's them Courtney also Courtney what is your role in the restaurant industry. And he's because. Waitress and barking. All Arab. Excellence and we'll leave early and Courtney I'm. Yes tell us about you her restaurant. Incident here's the incidents so my husband and I went out to date nights so it was a nicer restaurants and we where we don't you think it's time and so. We were excited to have a really nice. It's your usual so. We had a couple of cotton suite to lead the appetizer. Ian and we ordered our entrees. And I decided to go from what I really wanted his. Supposed to check the prime candidate to check someday okay okay if we're so I I hesitated on ordering it was this gala. Okay heads in a hurry but really overseas ballots are now I'm not a huge seafood eaters lose ours is scout Moore and Dave. I don't typically the most expensive thing just yet but at this restaurant on this particular night it was the most expensive entree on the entire list of our. But I was liking now and I asked the server that olive fantastic everything them. OK so the most expensive thing she says it's her favorite thing on the menu and like just for it to. Sloan ordered users. You know just thinking about it and where great time great Danes are awesome so appetizers are greatly salad around salads were great. Entree shows. So excited outs he got this in his was. So happy. And mine list. It was so over assaulted. That I couldn't eat it and I insult me. And I just went on and on about thirty minutes ago about unfortunately waffle Fries are consulting mean. If I'm an it. Go like with a guilt sees snack pleasure. It's going to be potato chants of French Fries and I'm not a sweet girl I like salt but this is this was so all over salted it was. An apple and so here's Nightline Shirley and Courtney. Is that you wrote the plate in the floored me. Well the lion out. Proper way to see and addition back because. It. But I just out and I didn't do it and I never said a war earned at now whoa. Wait. Hold. Heartless callous. But I didn't eat it came just like obvious note and being in spinach or these greens or something and I was so excited and hold. And I just suffered through it say anything on. Now here's then eight decent. And be a pain in the ever by. Oh and I can use your terrible fairly awkward for Shirley in court because we need. Just. That means in Major League. And while figures as the news you hold the play like. Off the table. And your fingers. It. Yet the engineers server you just made that dries. Out. And you point. And marriage early. One. He's so yeah I thought about it all the next day we expect. It. And what she says it was you know what is it for couldn't. Like. An account yeah I mean there's different there's definitely preparing me. Why she holy. You are not happy with your meal usually Ali you're ever. Well definitely it's usually solved again and it's definitely make it felt like an election coming out don't you ever piper and actively. I mean are correct. Can have a version of this in the little less high blood pressure should I think important Courtney what are your thoughts. Exactly it's I easily picking just click on it you like that and we'll call on that latter I mean. Essentially different hey look this is not what I thought was going to be and it takes a look at. And now. And I feel like you know we Hewlett wrote in the whole experience and my husband Marty had his meal and he's like. Going through an Eaton and and loving it to them by the time ago re prepare me lion and it's like he will have Marty him ready for dessert I'll just he's still sitting you know and adding one yes there right for me and hit it in entree it's cold. All these different areas ranked in my head I'm just insane thing I told him but not until after he was basically hey Jesse what do you think. Well I any our agents write me at their reactions. And I Atlantic. And it hit. Me it's not typical. It apart from outside they that we would rather they sure it for you that you until and that in cookie. What if you just what if what if what about this when Jesse thinking out loud thanks to volunteers no bad ideas. What does she just finger quote accidentally. Now actively to the drop it now my yeah I can't believe that it build all that salt I mean Stalin and Hitler. Back then that he really felt comfortable out here every act. I mean it's you know and I pop will not be. Ear. And eye on all month. And are looking at here. And usually ends in my kids in the could take a hypocrite and. This right here Jen isn't just a situation of you being too much of people pleaser is that bad totally. Perceived diva who are particular about. Just I didn't say anything but meet the entire next day could not thinking that. We he sounds. Just look at. Mean. Would jump in here and yeah. And selling 94 law and.