Jenn's Open Letter to Parents Bringing Babies to Music Festivals

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shall we call them opened letters and it is our way of venting and hopefully somebody listening. At least here's what we're saying goes I am meet him yeah. Identities passive aggressive way. Opinion out there. Have been actually tap on the presidential and tell them. My today is CEO Pete who bring babies to music festivals. Recently. I babies or toddlers or any thing. And I remind us nothing makes me. Mark mad and does it have anything to write an open letter about mad about it right out of this sounds like art got so fired up writing it. In octaves out in about three seconds like so many can't. There may implement ads and in panic now com's news flash you are now parents. That means you have for widespread panic. And in all giant dance at that take a backseat to your child. And your passion for live music farm outs exceeds your abilities seeping clearly. So let me point out a few things too and I think. Isn't stuff dragging your sweet baby to each and every live show all summer long why. It's really hot. Maybe it's wearing a full diaper made of synthetic disposed materials and all that it's. Ash from Al. As huge dance with your husband. Maybe aren't that hiking backpacks. Are great here for the entire day in new. Sleeping bag and then told it's else's ID. And dancing and from its. Well and then expect to be happy. And yours are not made. Four options. Shows options are really any outs you baby has to have those eardrums forever. So you may want to consider that before your next drum circle. Okay you're pull our innocent child is exhausted by you know in your insatiable need to stay relevant in cool. Besides she just needs and clear evidenced by your babies dangling it in subsequent rule following all over your shoulder. But you don't notice because you're passing your body huge. Are. Maybe sends greens streaks on her cheeks from crying in a bright red spot in the crown of his head from the all being forced to listen to your favorite. So here's to you rocker nine and god if you Ford does Easter he says or American stocks. The cost of the concert tickets. You can also afford a baby sitter. Thank you very. I. Nothing left to say here except I hope that huge Dave Matthews video they gave everybody a hug. It is around you. And I just. One. Appreciate shall.