Jenn's Open Letter

Tuesday, June 14th


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Are making this wedge to the Japanese yen shall. Currently program. Open letters are the new way to express. Yourself the non confrontational way too. Ask for change. I think they came out of social media and status updates and you know people can write whatever they want status update meant. That gives them power satisfaction that they said something. Well we last week started open letter week and it's overflowed snow today. Open letters to people who drive past slow in the far left lane open letters to people use. Expendable as retractable dog leash is openly and frequently their own stuff on social media open letter to people who say in the passenger seat and drive. Today news James. And stepped up to the plate. And white segment of the population are you gonna take down with your open letter. It's. High. End of the year in goals. Actually latter eighties. This letter to you from your feet. I've written I'd. Honor I it's your feet here. We've got an issue we need to we need to. It's the fact that you five inch heels on every where you'd go. We feel we sacrificial. Tee you're need to beat we all on the sort of passion ever every day for you. We actually don't even mind for special occasions. Club nights charity event even OK we get back but here's where woody you're if we feel we are getting school. The airports. Let's talk about Wong TSA lines and terminal he trains. Escalators. Long slow lines for aborting all. Why are some of the thing taking. Rates pox do you know how many steers their art and navigate. Steers decline and I don't. I'm very. You should know what all the other feet. We look like we are trying to cart we look desperate and we do not want to wobble into the tailgate. And last but not least here's to use it from we are your feet we helped you carry that child so. Why you're at 88 air carrying that heavy bucket seats. Is there. And get into the office and Donny and get started. Park. You do not when fashion points with toddlers. UC swelling they don't care and you are killing us we've endured the onions are those are granting art is wracked for law. As he hoped I'd answer for sure thing as these. Toenails and don't even make me bring this up to neighbors your ankles. We are incredibly jealous of all the other feet and sandals that look how happy they are. You are those can be. As Greek around our. Haven't slowing thanks to eastern slip on mule would ever. They get to walk on clouds. Are crib had. So spares the ice and Ibuprofen and how about we compromise this summer with little image. Love your feet. Well that. And at all. Are there really women who Wear high heels to a playground. Yeah it. Playgrounds. One he's thinking and thinking my point that I'd I'd feel you've seen it and the point of your feet. The the open letter from Jana hobbies feet too high heel wearers everywhere. Are making this wedge to the Jesse shell shell during April and.