Jenn's Note: Creepy or Sweet?

Wednesday, June 29th


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And she edged up. I have been nice note on my windshield yesterday. And I think it's sweet I think I'll in my day. But Jeff let's meet for reaching out and see things it's not tasted so creepy. I don't say anything about an act that set the stage I've time of day. Today. It's like when elected I leave here it's lynch OK so broad daylight. Daylight go to church just go to the guards and so grocery store parking lot yet. Crowded groceries are writing about and eager. Really busy so it's like one moderate. Moderate pass the note that cat Ricci. A well and here's to you is that I was in my car for a minute. I didn't do better know like texting and driving its satellite tags things when I got. She's our I sat behind the wheel full or it may be 510 minutes like responding to a couple of text messages instantly that and then look at over. The migration listen what I needed and that's nothing new and at. And in. My husband called. When I was get. Recycling bags you know and then at that usable Bangladesh bags out of the backs I said there distracted like talk to him so I was bite my car for. Couple minute char with endemic and she shopping came back out and you know loaded up got back in this is on its. Easily. The elite I read it out alive in the area and 100 points and Kelli arena in your in your your best guy voice. I'll house real. Yeah. He's. I just. They're pretty face in line. I saw you and you couldn't you know in times and I have a nice day. Here. I. Contact information. It calls and just. And his. I had. Eddie I made it girl it's littered mania out and argue that his nation or email address this agree. That. Reaper. And. Yeah they came from Aaron. Who's currently revenues and maybe I need. It is nice sweaty smile and pretending you have no idea here I. But but that's what their next smells like. I just recently that. Hated. That cast your vote I'm Eric and the earth I kinda feel like this is the equivalent of like the missed connections on Craigslist that's kind of creepy the kind of intriguing at the same time and the net 440474. And a third. 9400. That's the phone number creepy or sweet I'll read again. And on and on Warren audited and all have of her pretty face and it's my. Nothing to the hospital on. They act and let. And house call you when you went in. Wharton. But couldn't get over time. It. Should ingredient he has. Marino reap your sweet nice. And. Be easier killer we don't know yet and I think it's creepy honestly. Partly human like that you mean. That. In this time. So Marino Jeff David policy creepy Kelly and I. Think you only like the vulnerable girls knew who died. It nice and from a Mali. Back to me out does it create fear sweet. I think we like you know I mean and nice compliments and all. What can you look sort. Or a shirt like a week. And Greg you like you're my friend over eating and pressure on you fine. And that's history I can appreciate that there was no legal pressure. Thanks yeah well. Think that that violate that line. That you about it knives Bernie you know this way if. I've got. I alert. No I was working at mcdonalds. Never. And I am. Category and that body. I'm loving it. It. Oh. Josh saying gay element that Josh. Ordered. Oh. Your. I them. Yeah. We're. You know you're not creepy. I mean obviously you're doing your thing you know you look at. Tech pros email and probably over them like in those years. There aren't you looking at here it is. A great. Job. Particularly where our order. After her ought to outlaw all alive city streets are. I hope us Steward and record punishment role and I'm an. Drew on the late in my overalls. And put them. Borrow 47419433. Colors three lines are important and making this switch to this yes she certainly.