Jenn's New Bad Habit

Wednesday, June 7th

Jenn's got a new habit and she's blaming Jeff!


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Currently I am a bad influence on Jan how me. I asserted that some things so dangerous and it is all just fox. It's all all year falls I have only sniff glue around you twice I have. It is a terrible habit. As chair I can't I can't give it up and Amy stay up really late last night. So we are false Jen will you share that with all of us here in just a second I want to remind hero quit now ads and twenty minutes somebody is gonna get 500 bucks and it's money that we. Have to give away so might as well be you just be listening at seven when he gets it. I have not watched a lot of. Shows the guy and since I started having some certain briefly because I do appreciate you mean shares that aren't drawn. Right and Ernie enemy to write that aren't Disney produced at Disney are picks are pretty is. So. So I'm home sick and. I mean I seriously can just basically rented the script of most of seem at least right now we're on my want us out at the one that I can give you very Muni line by line Israel Ukrainian haight at its center and that part yeah. I load. Homeland just an aside you know they just that would be great left a shower to war. That plays this song every time you get out of the shower in the morning. Or you every had. Yasser did you how well she says it let's be let's remember this guy. Should I didn't. Readiness candor and I O areas I study day using what I started in its just all. House of com. Periods. I. Ansari and two fronts all. IA addiction. Yeah I mean there. You can send your sick day when you're out yesterday and yes so yeah I'm I was so you know China lock myself in my bedrooms that I can actually resting get well and get back to work him. You know how the data worker pay made a look email. Surging stressed out inserting worried about things and start working and like you would know from taking sick and you take six mile race. Kind of relaxed a Canadian remain nothing so they're Netflix is I had been watching last I don't watching the crown and there was one episode at all. Think it's it's an old man love that it's. Got it reminds me grandmother saw from Britain on I loved as I watched the last episode of the crown is finally a confident it's in on the act right and then. I was able to watch and turned to watch one more thing. So I watched season one episode. And I estimated 1030. And once you just snap. And anything you're still. Watching. I'm like yeah. And he didn't feel like I should get him to get addicted withdrawal so that we can have a as a bonding thing but I don't run away from catching. Here isn't it terrible. Here's the problem. Jan with house of cards and this is true because I don't know what Anderson to earth would season described as a driver I see how. I have a case of five just strapped here's what what I found it tally found. Yeah fan but. It is. Becoming more entertaining. To pay attention to real politics. Oh yeah and house of cards. So we haven't even started season I've yet because we're just trying to keep up with real life audience is what's the news writes not watched house of cards right so. Is all your fault though I mean forget about I'm not gonna get any work done until I caught a great chip those may have. So I can't believe that Robert Wright I just one of these current. Yeah she's yeah. And and she only gets more awesome as really as the seasons on I can tell their plantings and see yeah so anyway I'm. And now on the gains Washington's your fallout Jeff how's retired van right in Europe hall style welcome to team Underwood Pennsylvania. Just Mabel this summer so can't you just tell Lauren that she gets to be in charge of the TV. Distance and the sit next to my kids on the couch in my ear buds and then my left have a mind latching how well they're watching Nolan on your watch some cards. Whose throw wholesome family bonding isn't trying to excuse to play then I'm blanking thing dominated Samoan warrior it's. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.