Jenn's Nanny's Wedding Dumpster Fire

Wednesday, May 10th

She had to replace her wedding dress the morning of! And even worse, it was because of her own mother. 

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NHL all star. I here's thing here's the a couple weeks ago we get a phone call from a woman who says hey. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and a guy one of the grooms men is gonna to grab the mind at the reception. And propose. To his date really known out Cambridge kids at a wedding and she's I know that's I'm gonna tell you about this. Don't serve trying to. Right okay. So we hear about her dumpster fire that we hear about an intervention. Dumpster fire and a wedding literally I elected TV show like they gathered in the corner of exception. It was her new husband's cousin who apparently need to stop drinking and her wedding reception was the perfect place for the family to corner him and tell him that. And I know you can't do that the worst wedding day ever. Oh and then friend a man and heard them. Jen goes home that day she Texan mean she is. You're not I she went home to did you get. C a perfect average debuted their kids and her nanny before she left for the day said. Jay and I heard your show this morning and those wedding related dumpster fires. I can top that story the story was so good can texted me that afternoon said this has to be on the air and it just so happens the nanny came out to the radio station yesterday. She came by yesterday except for patents in the combat Reese with our. And so we got a little baby visits and I said sit down right now and tell these guys what happened on your wedding. So my and I am kind of complicated relationship our entire lives again. American assailed the things about her let's just imply that. Is she is there some reason when I was planning my wedding was getting like really emotional and upset because like I loved my husband and she and think Carolina and all this kind of stuff. So I went. To like a bridesmaid slumber party and my mom was a spring my wedding dress the morning of the lat and a gang says Saturday night I got this summer party. And Sunday morning I wake up. And you get you're getting married and Sunday near insanity. All right so your mom is bringing the wedding dress to use the night before your way out of the morning the morning of your wedding yank. So are like getting ready with my bridesmaids and I make up filed out and everything. And my mom comes up the stairs and like. Somebody is well red line call that airline wedding house. And that she showed it to me in Atlanta tied at tied up and I cabernet tag I'd. And. My pounding came out to me afterwards and said. No actually your mom was wearing your wedding dress why and rearranging line installed at all at. And my dad does that. Make up stories like so. Oh okay this is only very well. Yeah and. She's. Our kids and I'm like your mom put on you our own wedding and why would she why why wish Bonnie like I. I don't now and I and so I still going to therapy poured it has I don't. It sounds like a lifetime movie where they're crazy mama and Saturday amounts idea that Alan insult there. But when they get over the crazy mom could send their daughter's wedding dress cute she's like jealous and drinks red line reads from the auto. We have a winner. Real. Jazz like mad that I had found my true and she thought it was gonna be like her and Blake. So I don't know she intentionally spilled it or is touted on like how her friends and a man like on the couch where they all wore wedding dresses and nobody knew. Well I think she is wearing it my dad taking downstairs she's a ballot red tide go buy new wedding dress the day of your wedding day of my where. Dubai and my son yeah we're do you violating drug. I'm getting married you. How smiled as he ended up having to be looking to us so working just my wedding day we should just through the red running Steen won in the washer and by the time the wind what are you went through would have been think actually just like kind of what it dismantled their money at I think the. Putting and I wedding dress into a washer is like putting on a down feather bowling get into the washing machine is exactly our kind. So. God I just feel so bad for use that your leg ready to want tell me I tell you I mean how long it take you to pick out your original dress. It's like my C and iron and you have it Taylor owner and he's. So. I want it like a phone call that you made to the wedding boutiques and writes do you call these places bridal. Dressed I don't their car right yeah bridal boutiques like a guy out and you like to allow. I need a wedding dress at 4 PM. Like to. And I think Ian has a frat house in my eyes and I have to Wear it out of this and they kind of right got so I finally did fine. And it was pain it was. Resent match. Honestly this is just another runner down the Madonna. Says. That's not a notch that's a definite match shape you know when you're writing a three downs that a lot of nods I don't like this is kind of like. So like on my friends are for my wedding as the rat lab and half my mom. I. Adding. How to game our friends acting it. And your leg I would have loved somebody to throw an intervention and I know I would've been like I. Let alone that's kind of holiday and it. About me and address. Against that looked pretty it was fine I'm pretty much boys and so like. Me of slate clean my husband had re in a way definitely would have not recovered. But it. But your mom pouring red wine down the front of your wedding dress just twelve hours before you have to put it on why all. While wearing it while IRA while genuine right. I said it was gonna be tough to top a story about an intervention at a winning kudos to you could I can't. Ed and I guess Julianna and more importantly Julianne as mom thank you calm seas North Carolina that's the issue here. Yeah. Third time I've heard it's. Unreal more unreal everytime I huge shaking my head. Why it's gonna post this time I'm lying today in your job is to share it with anyone you know. It has a crazy amount. Because that will make them feel so much better about it. I don't wanna spend this until what did your mom relents. It's because I think images and the whole thing so sad and that's that should terrible topic for mothers to. Obama for making this wedge indigestion just got one star not before one and.