Jenns Miracle Moment

Thursday, January 26th


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It's just shells. On us dollar and 941. I just a reminder that 11 o'clock this morning and a chance to win 1000 dollars with Heather branch. Four K today that an 112 and five. Means Levin a ambulances aren't you for one you give. Richard I want and where it's not meeting. I'm holly and text message about her. Samir yesterday seriously a mere and I'm still in shock by the whole thing and so excited to share the story with you because. I've experienced that our operator. We've gotten such good news but he knew and prayed Allah he yes. Arguing it's not who's gone through. A really. Long's health crisis and she's been battling cancer we just clear scans last week so. That's me was the snooze. And yesterday. We went and four I hit in check because she's had lost along the way. And we went in for. I checked it new hearing aids and the results we got which truly and miracle. Oh. I had. Well. Okay. They're. Our president mansion as a high school and there. Or is RM when you hang out of that when you receive Americo you'd get your own quiet. What does this surprise it's nothing about it. But we did it received a miracle that her hearing had improved. Think that was. Possible neither did the doctors when you told the story earlier you said. Every step of the exam the doctor got a bigger and bigger and bigger smile and her eyes got wider and wider and wider. And when she put all that data into her computer generated grass recent hearing has improved from where she was before. Almost to normal hearing wobbles off. I was so shocked because I didn't think that was possible I really thought. Her hearing loss was permanent there wasn't recovering we were gonna Lewis hearing aids and just and try to hope that it didn't get worse and distract along the way you know what speech therapy and go back and for. New hearing aids as she grows up and you know her body grows and changes just which testament. This is just like now this is what we know she got at a baby dolphins in a closet and this is just now. And she told us for the next month. She doesn't have to where he paints and ethnic we're gonna testing and a month from now gonna keep close and it can't leave an improved. Generic. The brilliance it's and it's. It's really remarkable given her entire view of where you're just three months ago. Like. Four months ago when you're like you do need to know from age eight when the results were gonna come back and true healing. And we in the and yeah I took about our prayer in your praying we you have a whole city. Thank you all so much for all all who recently Simba. I think you know aren't. Just praying for her good health. I just so so tremendously. Great time to remind you to venture over when your work today show when that or CH 08 dot org. Slash res in read the letter from Jan and her husband ran. About how they are saying thank you to the doctors who help save race I raising money so that nobody else that has to get sick like trees. Really so that everybody can get the phone call that we got which hurt there's no residual signs of now and and we want parents have good news says the H 08 dot org slash Reese paid a visit today. Of our social media would really appreciate who say the word miracle again they ought to send us out. Let's do it and Manchester high school acquire Rio. The championship and show us are ready for a one.