Jenn's Message About Cyberbullying

Wednesday, March 1st

Jenn got real with us today about her experiences and the very real dangers of cyberbullying. We hope this will help even just one person to hear. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf Jen how he's got to get real but she's doing it in the interest of maybe helping out somebody who's here in this race. It resurfaced again this week and remind you need to share my story that I've been of a victim of an online bully. This really one of the worst things that I have been through and win through his years and years of being intimidated and harassed by someone anonymously. And it doesn't happen just to people who are on the radio or. In. A public setting for their job and happens to people every day and I just wanted to you know if you're going through something like as you're not alone. And if you think your being bullied you probably are not not okay to just deal with it. I think it's important that that Jen tells a story here because. As someone. Who. I don't feel like I have ever really been bullied. I think you know I I in school I think emanate frank yeah and Amy and I don't feel like I was ever. The victim of a boy as a don't think I it was a ball like I think I went to us on a school that week we had one click. Yeah I mean it was just a so I think I guess I got lucky that way and then. I've had good jobs and embed jobs and jobs have like my coworkers mallet according pat Abbott I don't think I've ever been. The target of a bully the way Jen has been in I have the very unique position of of going from from now on how unique is anyone know I said that but I'm in the position of someone who has never experienced it. Getting to see the results. Of what a bully does. And exactly how harmful it is an in less you have been in that position or close to that position. You don't realize like listen to some of the things. It Jen head to do to protect herself from a person that she didn't know what's gonna turn out. Yeah I was really scary and really work cents scared me and that's what bullies do is they tried to intimidate you I don't know if it's a sick obsession with power or control. But this is not just a mean comment that is sent you this is not just somebody making fun of you one time this is not. You know someone being unkind or disagreeing with your opinion are posting about politics on FaceBook writing this is about somebody repeatedly. Doing things and saying things that. Will make you scared and near normal everyday life I was scared. This it was an anonymous person who created social media accounts for the purpose of intimidating and harassing me. And she did for sport we know who she is now the for many years I did not know who this person was I had no idea if this was a criminal all an ex convicts and I had no idea you know it was a Mallard FEMA no clue if it was male or female for for many many years and we're talking. It posting pictures of my home. Derogatory comments about my children I'm posting pictures of deformed children saying that's what my children look like and hopes that that's what they would come out like when I was pregnant. I thought someone was following me. Because of the information that she knew about my life where I had gone to dinner or where I live to where I worked I would change up my direction to go to work everyday and what. Parking space that I parked van. And that might keep people who are saying well this is just an anonymous person minding your on the radio. That you're overreacting or you're too sensitive or are you know I can't believe how scared you orbit there. How I felt at first though we're talking years and this we're talking. Twenty to thirty posts a day for years. And just a dedicated person right in dedicated to Haiti me. Right hander would do things. In in just to give this. Some. Contacts for anybody who's listening who's wondering. If the person who's just giving you a hard time. Or just teasing you or just joking with the U if you're wondering if that person is truly a bully or Nat and some of this stuff that they've they did too Jane that that I think took in over the line was. They would actively do things. To tried to affect her and her husband's livelihood. And her husband at that time was a principal write you have risen and demonstrators still in that schools and and he. And she would reach out to students and teachers and administrators and board members. Talking negatively about him and would tag. Jan in those posts in addition she would contact partners of the radio station. That generic at the same radio station at the time it would would contact part of the rays advertisers the radio station. They generally have endorsement relationships with and see terrible thing so she's actively trying. To affect jams livelihood then she would use stuff that Chen would share either on the radio or on social media to the point. Heard multiple times Jens like. I just I have to get out of this business. Because she would take a little bits of data Jen would casually mention. Grant and I went to a braves game last weekend and then she would take that island away in the like a month later our reference. Seeing Jane and a braves game and how whatever and at and that's him. Bad example but she would take little tiny. Pieces of data and save them mom and use them to create to make gen scared to live her entire life that's the difference between bullying. And he's been it's the intimidation and the power. And and there are different laws for us who work in radio and who worked in the media had them there are four private citizens are sure private citizen you feel this way. It's against the law in Georgia I mean cyber bullying. Is a form of criminal stalking. So it is real. And if you have felt like I fell. You have to reach out and do something about it stand up for yourself and say it's not okay. I know I know people go through and piercing his sisters or adult. It's not about this earlier this morning I spoke right to teenagers because. At that agers so young and impressionable on all we wanna do is be cool and just wanna be lights and you just want. Everybody who embraced you so scared to reach out to. A teacher for a parent or something like that because you're so afraid of not being cool at that age. But right now I think it's a little bit later and concerned school by now. I'll talk to adults like it piercing hasn't Donald to say that CNET to say that. So was able to intimidate me and I am corona moment BI you know but. But the way that the tactics that she use. On on all forms of social media and everything else to be. Mean hateful intimidating I'm scared. I was really scared as special one I was pregnant with my first daughter I was so hormonal and in this momma bear instincts for kicking in I mean I have like. Really paranoid thoughts about her hurting me and they weren't paranoid her hurting my feeling hurting my unborn baby. Mean it changed my behavior for a really long time and there's. A long process that we had to go through we involve the authorities. We involved attorneys. And we're able to find her identity so it's not as scary to me now all. But shares went still freaks me out is that. There wasn't anything we can come up with as a motivation. I thought maybe I dated somebody that she dated back in my single days navy. I did some maniac on the job she wanted to get maybe I what did I do this person how why is I can see why isn't at all what did the right. Why she's so mean and hateful to me and there's no reason. There really was no reason that anybody so much smarter than me can come up with why she picked me. Well we all when we were aware because there are a few US. Who care about Jen and and grant in our family that tried to find out who this person was a matter of you if anybody ever watches homeland. But there were a few scenes and homeland where Kerry is out kind of losing her mind in she'd she decorate the entire wall. Yeah it's almost like the scene in a beautiful mind the Terrell Wallace filled with pictures and pieces of yarn from one to the other and charts and all this other step. They that this only was so intimidating that are so. Passionate about what she was doing it she was trying to. That we were convinced that she knew who you were and she was I think this is just trying to do. And so I choose somebody that was it it may mean distressed friends and Amy cut people off. And Mimi and follow and unlike so many different friends on FaceBook 'cause I thought this person might be connected to them really me paranoid in my life and I'm not sharing this story see you feel like hope for me because I'm over it at this point. We know who she is I don't think that she can do this to me anymore. I know how to contact authorities but I went through this ordeal privately and silently for so long that. I don't shipping twelve or Jan that's that's on the point sharing this story she resurfaced on line this week and it brought up all of these emotions and we just you know. We've got our own shown now we wanna put a lot of good in the world and maybe if this is hopes one person and feel less alone. And take some sort of action to defend themselves and stand up for themselves. And this story is worth sharing. So IE. Admire Jen for her country she saw the entire process through. And she did it with the support of a lot of friends that are very supportive husband whom I admire you for that in and it seems cheesy to say that your courageous. In the face in this but in order for you to see it all the way there are a lot of time for you wanted to give opulent. And is shutout social media and we believe radio not a beef that lets that person win. So. I say that I admire you and I appreciate your courage because if you're a person listening to this who's never experienced bullying. And you. Are witnessing somebody feeling like Jen feels. Then backed them up and my band and help them see that through the end because he said. That belief is that person can believe it is the victim and the person getting bullied is the doesn't shouldn't feel bad about asking for help or seeking support and if you're a parent advocated is like it's just our high school teasing is just part of baseball that. Newton have been at any yeah if you even think that there's a possibility. Of a child in your life whether that means that your church member are you are a coach are you are involved with kids in any way shape or form. Don't sit on the sidelines and get involved and make it stop because socialism then totaled. I cannot imagine as teenagers so anyway hopefully connected with just one person to stand up for themselves are free to see an African. So again so thank you for for legacy get real for a few minutes here on that and the deputy yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.