Jenn's Life-Changing Advice

Wednesday, July 5th

Jenn said something a year ago that's changed Callie's outlook ever since, and she could help you too. 


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Last year James said something on the radio. That impacted my way so much it changes the way she carries herself every single day C. Yes and I guarantee you. I remember what in the world I said a year ago and is NSA spleen as I would love anyone who. I was also impacted the same way to reach out to Jan and tell her because this is one of those things that I think you just mentioned and the kind of casually yeah. Anne's. Just thought hey this is meat or wherever. Ever really change people's lives by use said a year ago. There are certain words that women in particular. Need to remove from their vocabulary. Writes I do remember this conversation. And you remember what to those words were. Q what prompted the conversation but I remember. It's removing. The word just yet from your vocabulary. So when you're going to qualifier that is unnecessary. So when you're going into a meeting with someone. Instead of saying. I would like to discuss. Our budgets for our next month or I would like to discuss. Getting a raise. You insert the word just I would just like treated this guy's getting a raise which kind of minimizes. The impact of the statement. And I facing did you -- we often use that word too soft and things because. We're always concerned about people's feelings were concerned about how we come off. But it really minimizes. Well you're sending there's no need for eliminate or just we talked about stopping apologizing. For seeing ads don't have to apologize yeah because often if you get an email and let's say. You're really busy and it takes you a data response that's not and unheard of time response time. But a lot of times women will immediately say I'm sorry I just know I'm getting back CEO and then get into the media and I just eliminate that. Plus it's really necessary wasn't accused some months to get back to somebody or six weeks or something like that six months maybe you. You can throw in and I'm sorry yeah. But if it's just the next day why is sorry the first things that we go to our we always apologizing for our behavior when we don't need Obama. That's for a while when you had this conversation last. Year and the air we had this conversation. Valium minute immediately eliminated the word chest. See dead and it's so hard to do once you recognize that you use it out you do you find yourself typing it you find yourself texting and you'll just it'll be one of those where as a popped out at you and you go I use that all the time and. And Latin just the other day a week or two ago she said. That she is now very mindful of her use of the word sorry and particularly when she calls people let's. Work related during work dollars to say sorry to bother you buy it and show ask. A question that view should use sorry to ask because everybody's working. All right guys saying. Right and the other one that you could eliminate is only. For instance like. I don't wanna ask commands or I only want if it's a qualifier teases the bonfire is similar to Jack. It's so put in the same category as those other four letter words if you just eliminate you eliminate that can you file was it based on an article there's something you read it is it's some you just heard near pass on. My memory is terrible I can't remember. I do know that it was one of the most memorable days of my internship last summer will. Yes one of the fails like one it is like the first week or so I was trying to get you from Tony's office is just so we had to be on an amenity is something so I'd run Romania like talking to Tony but the doors. Open so I just Alec. Walked in those like sorry apparently we need you and you cut me off and you're like. So and then you will walk my and you really don't say sorry that's your job you come get me don't say sorry from that moment not like it when I met a little journal but now I throw it and you have to. God and says don't say sorry. Think Jan is my hero I. Yes I pray that that was that might be one of my favorite moments of my intention. Yeah. Minus the prayer and oh yeah. And those rural. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.