Jenns Last Minute Costume Crisis

Monday, October 31st


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And estrogen sounds and around. Let go DSL refill. About the extra calories in no way a police things. I so here's the irony is that very word part of a coincidence maybe answers that are. Of the past twenty minutes. Three years wrote down. Every Friday to find out what last minute castings people as a slap together in yeah we got some great ones that is of great calls great suggestions. And then there. As soon as we've we that we turn the microphones we think it's welcome Susie to my movement James phone range. And it's her husband's. Grants. And they are having. A crisis. Yet world of three have to. Hash tag parenting for real moment. Because at our oldest daughter daughter's little school. Of course they're having Halloween parties and Halloween parade and everything today and so. We went to law school emails last night trying to figure out like this does is dress up during the day or is this is me in the afternoon down nothing was real specific about it and she's changed for ballet today and she's got to change later for the how cost him and I think that Casey used send her. With her regular clothes and her ballet close and then I will bring the howling cost in the second in Hubbard it dress for her Halloween party and her howling for it and it'll all be fine. Makes girls her husband Watson to drop off this morning and there's another little girl dressed in a princess costume which is the same princess that she's in and beat North Carolina Pavel or. And that's and she person it's here's where she'd as he doesn't have a cost him mommy has it in my car work is I'm bringing it later if your parents. The can nineteen Kelly she's do the rest of the shows so I can drive that cost him to her little school right now. No I think this is a lesson for our Lauren I think that Lauren is it's time for Lauren this crisis I just so I thought we're doing the right paying you. You shifted. Now in helping out she's the second princess she's there you know is going to be with the other little girl was there and you know it drop off a little bit earlier than her anyway but I hated that she cried a lesson we had this whole conversation on her costume and I was gonna be bringing it. She is mommy I'm afraid I'm not economic cost him like you're gonna have cost him I'm gonna bring it so we don't lose all the parts well what are you going horrible parent I feel so bad right now. You are and you should but boy they here's the question that we need to rate is now that we need to rally around Lauren. You to make this right so not only do you have to get that passed in two lower ninth we need to make him. I think you need to buy her real. Fifth I think I think unity Eric Tierra day of real diamonds. Guy and he did you do it it's just pick those up somewhere between here and her. Life. I just so packed it's awfully nice into the timing I. I wanted to feels I don't feel like you like it doesn't cost him on so did she did you stay at school or did she go home. Of course is he's at work a lot of work and it's about then. Which you do them. They won't trade him if you're gonna go to work every cynic in had a meltdown nobody would work I don't know how this works no one which show up at their jobs every. I'd NAND and learning from you. And theft. I think they might lead us in hazard and today and take it to what what we could do is panic as we talked about. We start of our teams counts and yeah Geneen dressed as her own Starbucks lower witches in Q so she is wearing. Like a white shirt that looks like disarmament opinion they put the cardboard thing around it. She is like cardboard around from Mittal. It's almost like that they call the circuit woman with a mermaid on the France again but what's that when they call earlier in the word like that warmer. Now little and a woman oh corset and a corset ha but it's got that Starbucks logo and then it's got all the boxes in the backward in his own order. And I said we need if he spoke I've heard going to this are about in just pointing it herself. And seeing Amy her. Our order a totally the whining you combine the two. Give her today I asked him and Everett literate yet to. Meet you feel better. No why does not come I want somebody else doing that my job it's my job to do it for you Marty failed. Think I think they don't usually gonna make me like leave the show early. I don't think Warren probably you. Is he someone that I keep revenues mock not a here dollar. Ash ash state penitentiary. And vanity. 8 o'clock o'clock and collar when an injury means. Jet engines you can really is making my 94 and a half off a in case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing discovery of the Japanese game show and star Nady for a one.