Jenn's Got Jokes: 4th of July Edition

Monday, July 2nd

Jeff may be the comedian, but Jenn's got jokes! 

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Star in 941. Jeff tell you think you're the comedian that you know. I've got jokes aside think and the comedian I know I'm the comedian I mean paid for TV campaign. And these are just of course since a lot of us. Stratton and everybody here comes some blame. Now there's so good intimacy obesity OK now this and he's remembered him and he. What's the most patriotic type of donkey. I don't know Jen what's the most patriotic type of died. I Yankee poodles yeah. There's no knock knock jokes about America. I don't know Jan how come there's no it not bad jokes about America and because freedom reigns. You mean good. Around. I'm green yeah we can't. What protest did dogs hold and 1773. I don't know man was protested dug a hole and 1773. The Boston flea party that's how I. Don't know. But during that. Zero little big day and then get a deadly genie is having hard earned and because there's. You can only jealous I do it if you crust and vegetable with our first president what would you get. I mean. George Carey sings and I don't know Jane what Harris the Washington of course and I was when is it. Times Kelly they're jokes not riddles don't hurt yourself come on yeah. Is eighth they patriot. On Arabs and who isn't fake patriot uncle scam. Titles and understand you're hitting the and wow and I. Right haven't decided which colonists told the most jokes. I hate that I'm I'm the one where here people came round. You lose and I actually engine means people deep pennsylvanians. Most had. And I can name them please do I'm still don't know I'm gonna. What is Janet the most American type of cookie. I don't Jeff what is the most Americans take the cookie a flag and Newton. At all it's that no one even likes fig Newton scum on the senate okay just flagging the line as part of the joke and so congress actually. And tank well I will end and a deadline to okay high current. This one definitely stealing today we did pre Sweeney when everyone's just for the record I hate all of you. Happy birthday America. What did one flag say to the other flag now would you like to fly to Newton can say that can definitely not. Let's was like six the other flag and didn't like it went like and the other flat I think it's just waves. Yeah. Star in 941.