Jenn's Got Jokes

Monday, December 4th

#SorryNotSorry Auburn


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. About fans are waking up that power. And today it felt excited SEC champions and headed to the Rose Bowl means. I am a life if you are a Georgia Bulldogs fan. And I ain't gonna have to be honest with you I only follows sporting events for like the last 40% of the seas and we joke about it but it's true. So I've watched this game. Nine keepers and excited. For all of the Georgia fans and all of the people who didn't go to Georgia to consider themselves hardcore Georgia and it's still act like they went there. I'm so excited for all of am also excited that we get to do another round of college football jams ketchup. Jokes to everybody thinks that's just dollars the funny one here who tends got jokes. Excited because this is where. Everybody will start to understand. Janice just trying to you are. She's not that funny so ladies and gentlemen. Georgia Bulldog edition. James got chips. In advance I'm really sorry to the Auburn fans and if you'd like to make fun of me I'm Florida State Seminoles and we had a terrible season so how about it. They jet Heidi keep an Auburn team out of your yard. Energy and how do you keep in Auburn team out of your yard put above all posts. It's. An. Us what's the difference between the Auburn Tigers and a dollar bill. Why it is the difference between the Auburn Tigers and of one dollar bail you can still get four quarters out of the dollar bad. It's the fourth quarter when game. We're ego in Auburn and Jason tornado just. I don't know Jen where do you go in Auburn in case of returning to the football field and never get a touchdown. I'd have this is more of storytelling jerk are you ready because he says strap in kids here's what I had. Tough tough tough. A guy does in a bar and asked them synergy wants your good governed Joseph the bartender says. Before you tell you should know that I'm 62 way to 25 phenomenon and Teaneck by the end of the mark he's 64 always 250 his commentary and tendency that other guy at the end of the bar. He's 66 in ways to eighty in Vietnam in Cincinnati is still wanna tell you Robert joked. Guy says. Nath. To which the bartender smiles and says what's the matter you check guy says Nash I just don't have to explain it three times. I am. Yeah. Things gadgets. And Auburn tapes edition upgrade. Out can I give you know and the only memory at any time we are you just. Jeff how many tigers hesitate to change a flat tire. How many Auburn Tigers does it take Jan to change a flat tire just want to lessen the blow out and also obvious that that. The offensive. His iron. Seven and AJ again and he says joblessness and years so. Are you ready. How many Auburn freshman does it take to change a lightbulb. I don't know Jana how many Auburn freshman hesitate to gingerly. Zero things off work. You them. I think my DVR is broken bone. Jan what's wrong with the DVR I keep senate to record the biggest closer but it keeps according and that's our. James gadgets you at all. Actually found those before any of the previous rounds you've done I think because I am on the Georgia Bulldogs are you crying or laughing. Out. And. Feel free to steal those at work today can't field. Plug Oklahoman Jim as well as all that. Surely you have another home. We can do our comments and jokes when we get closer to your old. Any idea chatter and thank you for the platform to prove. You're not the only fun I want to show you got your job all thanks for making this wedge. It's just congestion out on star not before one.