Jenn's Got Jokes

Monday, November 20th

Jeff's not the only funny one anymore! 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Jeff and Jeff shell ol' ball Thanksgiving is just a couple days away. He should be on your Turkey by now. And it Gere Jane. You are preparing your Thanksgiving. Jokes. Everything's good check with a funny line. And it's pretty funny but I got jokes to OK okay are you ready today's I am strapped gaming and ready for her. Jane is that banks giving generous feel free to steal keys for your Thanksgiving festivities. As sustained in the kitchen. All right. You heard the rumor going around about but air. Never my passions ran it. Romantic that's not amused looking and wearing a branded the jokes that. Jeff did you hear I got hit in the head with a candidate go today you got hit in the head with a can of Diet Coke don't worry I'm not heard it was a soft drink. Javy. Agreed I was going to be running. Hey Jeff what do you college big noodle. I don't know jam. And when pilots. You don't even know how this. Woody Allen and Reagan should do it again and geocities but still it's a way that sag or any. They just woody I'll take noodle I don't know Zhang what do you college big communal and empire stuff. AGF did you know the first French Fries weren't actually cooked in France. If they weren't Jan. Quiver they couldn't they were cooked in Greece. Agenda don't they ever be steal monies I got the arm doesn't I think every reading did these come from Lauren aren't these come from your for your own yet. As I. What do you call a lonely cheese and what do you call a lonely cheese. I don't know January column only cheese probe alone. Look. Throw this December it rove. Alone. There's an ascendant you Randy. I wouldn't angry at Purdue. I don't know Jane. What does an angry pad Purdue gets hot genial face. I am yeah I mean that is he's so proud of them. Yeah it. I can this time I feel like I should give your Dan Jansen he can music for Thanksgiving Riggans this year grand finale when that we really need. How Pena was but you didn't laugh at that time I go one more OK because my jets run deep. I got a deep bench. But JP please lap please elaborate. I've been addicted to cold Turkey for two years. Keeps on people on trying to quit cold Turkey but companies take. You're welcome. Thanksgiving dinner you're welcome congratulations. Star in 941. Jay and his main hard at work. Kim higher laying good ol' family entertainment the you can steal from her ladies and gentlemen strapped in. Because. James got jokes. Everything's just is that funny mind. Romanian new I can't jokes. And you can steal these. Time out on your dad did penetrate Jaffe ready bring it is a great say when it steps on. I don't know Jane which is a grave saying when it is step dine left and it just lets out a little line. Hey Jeff. Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed state. And I mean is nine years stage today and see red meat on law and. Lol yeah. What happens when he talent saying joked. What happens when you tell right now that yeah. Tony Elena Kagan show. Jan what happens and you tell I think a joke it drags out. Okay have a whole as they guys I didn't I tell you a technical issue. AJ peaking here okay and yeah I need your perfect dog legged just may get her through her it was a lot of reactions there you. Make sure your room is working inside Iraq Iran and Medvedev I fear for the calendar. You beer for a calendar it's days are numbered. He's old now and again. Itself got Lawson a cornfield today. It was a main thing. Eight. There's so proud of yourself that's the greatest part of it the joy that you have there mushroom logs in Lamar. Bartender says hey you can't drink here. Motion says why not I'm a fun guy. See like Alan. Husband Abraham have finally gotten the help. Bloody chicken coops have two doors. Use laugh without me and I know that's. Why didn't get troops have to door and in tonight this is doesn't get. Did very erratic and so ready and I gen YD chicken coops have few doors because if they had four they beat chicken today and use. We laughed a lot we've college. How do you make an apple turnover. I don't know and how do you make an apple turnover rolling downhill course. Are there many more of these and. Why did the tomato blush. I don't know lighted the tomato glad because I saw this salad dressing. A. All right we've been here. Element last Assad promised gonna get and so that can't get any use this you're gonna steal this and you're gonna use it. Outs and you you know I am I being in my senior high I am paying any news this I am in remembrance day count. What soy milk is just regular milk but it's introducing itself in Spanish. Did he didn't feel that I am. We're all. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse.