Jenn's Got Jedi Jokes

Friday, December 15th

The Last Jedi is out in theaters today, and Jenn's got the jokes you need to make all your fellow nerds laugh. 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now strapping kids. Jan scanned jokes. And guides that I jokes and tell us Jeff. You're not the only funny one on the show. And producer Geneva is a big Star Wars fan I know your excited about the last gen I'm right I really am that picks up where it's like to movies to go left off so that was just mean of them for one. But I'm still likes it appear brightest Star Wars. That lady if you look at the thing you got to watch the movies like 67819423. Wind watch it again watch or backwards. And then watched fast and furious rate. And then that'll get you all. Friday night right Ali yeah it feels like an okay so what's the name of the Soviets and then the return that the last two that won the last and high. Okay ready contends that jet I jokes on the jet engines now. What do you call of potatoes and discern the dark side. What he called potato that is turned to the dark side and Vator shots. Bode. A it is you're gonna and so steel today. What do you Collison who won't fight. What do you call a sale at a sit this thing and worry or something to say it's name the person. Can't what do you call us said that won't fight a city. That's thing. Okay what do you call a pirate Droid. I don't know Jane what do you colleague hiring cure rate irons you need to. Airmen and irons. Isn't so get ready. What is called the web site to divulge the secrets of the galactic empire. What because I don't know tennis trying to figure it can't what do you call website that gives up the secrets of the galactic empire. Wounds he leaks. I like look. What Wiki Wiki. Yen one man. Come on you even have a little giggle on that plan. Quite the jet lag cross the road Janine. And an ally eighth to get to the dark side. Heidi he wants communicate over long distances Jeff. How do you watch communicate over long distances. With. Kelly. I. Kentucky is what kind of car does a jet I drive. And OJ and what kind of car it is agenda drive until you know does this back. Tell you that. What is Java the huts middle name. I don't know Dan what is jab and hence middle name it's. Some of the hot. Jeff Tinny. This. But gonna get in that could be that I didn't. Did you hear about the Star Wars movie with an invisible droll latest. No I miss that when ten miss the Star Wars movie review invisible droids you know what they call it now. See through PO. How many more they have. How many Lee let me do hope that he made. What did Obi wan and say at the rodeo. What did over you lie and say at the rodeo. Use the horse Lou. Geneen. He leaves you out more. About it that the force. Use the horse fluke used the homeowners. They close there. I don't mind. Kweisi I was so giddy gardening. Why is used to getting gardening and because he had a green thumb. Half hour. It. Fans got ten digest jobs. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and.