Jenn's Gift: Part 3

Friday, February 17th

Jenn knows how long it takes you to get ready. She just needs your pet's name and what shoes you're wearing!


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Shall star. True story we Arad trying to move on from this weekend but they want to sound we had to take a few more calls. For. In her I had this special talent. That if you tell her. The name of your pet do you. And support shoes are on your feet. And I can hear your voice as she will tell you how long it takes for you to get ready to go yep Chloe welcomed this year it's weird Chloe sorry. I think Mario. I'm we will it is that I'm fascinated actually is that even reared its fascinating. Khloe you enjoy and do not know each other. You know you've never got ready at the same time been in the same room. No unfortunately. Okay. And Chloe. Do you have any pets. I do Erekat who really a cat named Lily. Hello we have a cat named Lily okay. And Chloe what shoes on your feet right now. I'm wearing big platform combat potential. Boobs. Big a platform combat boots say it says a lot and I feeling Khloe has a really interesting tone of voice daylight. Can you tell us something else like just talked to Jeff for a second about something like. Real where you earn your way to this morning getting. Paranoid or create error tank we're pretty Tammy and edit just you know. Kennedy that 75 south thing. Unfortunately I do that that well we like accused of forcing you to listen. So how far. I Lolita is a bit of an enigma to me. But with V platform. Boots. And what's that more time. Lilly Lilly Lilly a cat named Lily. Lily. It's I it's got to be at least over an hour. Yeah very. Serious. I was a shot in the dark I assure you are missing their curry. Well you know what I'm glad to have some debate case got a great. And salty. I had Kelly she's great she's McKay issues and you hear some more of an advantage there because their workers Kelly every day. OK go at them and she clearly hasn't been a lot of time and again I don't have on make up today he. So different when we're getting ready for this job verses like normally going out of the house on the weekend sort of go with the weekend getting ready to go out right Gurria mrs. attack alone mantown at three off moment. I need to figure out ways to lower your tongue Kelly yeah. OK so I am wearing our my cat's name is shadow. And I am Wayne oak high is and there are a whole line in. Dorian that she I Indiana city I think your cat's name is the B word because that's all you call her social media as and that's exactly as she can't. Periods APEC is the only plus is she shadow and oak I don't know what guys are holed up yet Carol. Alma school levies is it all down and act like this oh yeah enormously on but this is your daytime getting ready. Yup with the oh guys. And music and I don't plan like. Thigh high boots early nude heels right surgical and hybrids and nude heels and times and I've seen you go out before a girl it's yeah I'll racks at. All around in this program for the treat threat there hello. I'm I would say. It's an hour yah exactly she nailed it but then for work in the morning I'm gone fifteen minutes. Like that on May have via our I don't economic Libya fifteen minutes. Am exactly. I have a set a rabid fan assemblies OK it is you Alabama and it's hill last I'll try all right there's critics and some voiced deep shaft. Yeah are you good greatly what part of time given him. And they are right he should any pats. I actually cool air bag and yours okay give us some names are quick. Little bit. Or you know Katie. And then ran and and what's on your groove right now. Well a lot flip flops are. Yeah I key and you. Our. I guess I think I did and yet you can I get this when you've got four patents. And you weren't flip flops right now and it's like forty degrees out a DC ten minutes tops. You know. I'm going and I'm going a little bit more I'm going like fifteen. Oh my gadget and you suck you are so terrible thing to ask us. Finally I don't know Enron got your terrible winery and you guys joy in blue ridge. Major I. Wear great let's you. And pats. And her name not all now and I and and we got strapped on your nerves. And I can. Oh you are so low maintenance joy I'm going in a twelve to fifteen minutes tops. He out port Jimenez. Got that job. Jessica and Carter's though what he got on your street. The data to get issued. Okay and Jessica how would Yemeni patents. Several okay what are their names. Mean Aaron scarlet and bandit. Those are great excuse I was I am stuck on jobs. Jeff. I'm Glenn. Thirty minutes trio. Started out its reckless. Kelly in Gainsville. His round fires in his head and he talks I take Kelly figured ten at eight Kelly do you think it's. God. It. Russia how to bosh to get is his or her name. Agreement Russian stranger. Okay. Sasha and viola is that. OK and let's choose earning the right now. Yeah I. And where you going right now I just attending to hear her talk a little bit. It worked out in L. I egg is in my mind he's awesome season and issues here's thirty minutes. And they spam that's for making this wedge to the Jesse James one star not before one and it.