Jenn's Gift: Part 2

Friday, February 17th

Jenn knows how long it takes you to get ready. She just needs your pet's name and what shoes you're wearing!


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And she I'll star for our. My favorite thing to say off the air it is our jobs are so we years. Because the phone lines are currently live up. And you can now call an MB of part of this if you wanna call 4042630941. Half cup I've been out and I'm like. Have two kids eat great coveted 30 in the morning he got a life. I guess it did when I Google Earth since Oakmont jams that drinking wine with girlfriends. And stuff. You can just say is that brings up to them that she's always been able to tell how long. It takes a woman to get ready to go out. Facetime. The name of their pat if they have a patent limit imitate her shoes they have on their feet and she goes around the table. All of our friends and nails every one of our. Sheikh incident tells us again and it's just a weird thing I can do. And so we've been. With the we've literally phone call after a phone call after a phone call of people saying. Somewhere thugs in my commando seems skippy in terms at about thirty minutes. Well you can just yeah it's about determining whether some is plumbing answer high maintenance behalf together tone of voice TO. We can do with my friends going out and having RY night I haven't advanced as I can also see them. But it even works when I can't see I while you can't see Carly because I she's in Marietta I assume in her own house or car. Entirely. And and we are not in the car with you correct currently. You have never met Jen hobby before correct. I have not and where are already from her voice uncertainty of calculate the regulation priority now even just I'm a couple awards okay. Kylie deal that's. Did god incarnate. Carlos. OK Lou. Sometimes on last followed about the pets OK and and I think you can because if if part of this is coming from the town of ways. You can you can make enough conversation. Yeah that's true car car Lee and Carlos says a lot. Is. It. Disease. DC and I'm dude do you pick are you picking up what I'm pick it up not even a little bag. I hope that let's just pause and talk about how ridiculous is that chance like. I don't want people to question my scale if I had if Carlos has a Beagle like why it's back and I was. But what follows kill it's a skill okay. I do have 7 am I'm deceiving and do this with out asking what kind of dog Carlos as a case we have Carolina Carlos that you while. And what type of shoes are you wearing right now Carly. I'm wearing brown they're. Brown booties. How big is Gil on the ground booties. Mediums as is a wedge. Out its its ties like at all like appointee he'll. They're great but see that's has lots OK you Carlos. Our eight Carly I'm going on a good day when you're hustle and I'm forty minutes on a bad day it's an hour. Or I'd that I really. I. According yeah okay. So. The good getting ready days where your hair's just right into the state at lunchtime early get eyeliner on the first run and you don't have to go back over it again. And then there's days where. Dozens Clegg on your voice it takes longer I Janet. I thank you Carla currently Carlos pretty highly of Carlos our last I get. My agenda is picking ever read you went into wealth. Between one and twelve and going and I can't. Serafina. In Dallas welcomed the show. Hi I serafina. Hey you have a beautiful name do you have a pet and what's the pet's name. I like I mean mr. Garrett C. That's. And then. I'm very little and then she. Hand ankle boots can you describe a little bit more. There like bridge that they only go to my ankle and they have a shield about. I'm an inch. OK to me it sounds like the same exact boot that are that Carly was wearing no telling different now. OK and although why he's mister Darcy mister Darcy. And when I got when I had. You get jet I didn't I didn't and it did Eric did make it great character and dining out and. Pride and prejudice. Ankle birdie. I'm going in. I'm Colleen. Where it's like eighteen minutes. And I actually did do it colonel. Anyway yeah. Right now they want you to pick a memory of no saying okay that is excellent yeah. Isn't something to annoy your yes. You're gonna surgery until you're not houses again and it is good since the great and kids who have a tally well your wife will do that you guys go out to dinner this weekend at some point go to dinner tonight with a group of people perfect just ask those people now. Apple what their pet's names are in Cali can look at their feet and she'll be able and now that she and this is he and I are very similar to even make sense we are. Are like sisters. Is big curry and. Crane met a welcome did you win. Eight. OK do you intend downtown uniting and allowed. You'll hear it as ambassador to Russia grand do you have any pets. Yeah okay what are the names and let. Avatar hit me yet Jerry B germs the so you see your Jersey Jersey he okay. I can't figure out when your little dog named jurors see I hasten to get Redick can hear them and then marry Quinn. And what type of shoes are on your feet right now. I have had a pair of me I eat I get Turbo. Oh I can tell her bits I don't say anything else queens silence. And you know little bit more about issues. Fur boots but they're ninety I never even heard of such creatures. Okay. So you're about comforts and fashion she's kind of perplexing. But it's all dog's name again is to. Jerry you like to have apartheid. Jersey like a football Jersey okay Jersey. Nike. Here at tops 21 me two minutes. Anyway Amanda. And they. I. Mike Kelly trade does is again I was busy yes time. Oh yeah oh yeah. I have let's do that let's come back a tank of gas Kelly's OK and then we'll see if we can do some rapid fire spheres BM went to people animal. Charities from rapid fire on.