Jenn's Gift: Part 1

Friday, February 17th

Jenn knows how long it takes you to get ready. She just needs your pet's name and what shoes you're wearing!


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and how long it takes a woman to get ready to leave the house is his name names. The subject of a joke in a ridicules since the beginning of time. And some people take so really really long time I was safe. Getting ready it's ready for a regular day is different than going out on a Friday night right but they're all proportionate. Wouldn't you say so if you're the type of person who can be out of beta showered and out of the house in 20 minutes in the morning. It probably doesn't take you three hours to get ready for a Saturday night date right yeah I I think that you attack on an additional fifteen minutes I that I entertain. So in this is like. This starts back with the promise we've all seen together at the joke is like bids they've hidden a tuxedo with a course I edges and pacing at the bottom of the stairs were dead. Waiting. For his prom date to come downstairs she's still getting ready and from then on it just goes on in China and right so jam and then. Is convinced. That she has a gift. That that think she discovered randomly are trying to make friends or something where do you know what here's a few clues. That are all. That I can use and I can get a banking guess how long it takes everyone of you get ready she nails everybody that and. Nailed it it does now become my special talent and it's. Pretty telling all I need is a couple of things and I can mail it to the minute I think okay. So I need to know if you have a pet and what that pet's name. It's okay do you need to know if it's a dollar Americana parent or anything just the pet name. So you just even have a name a name is on me. Meaning you could say if it's a dog or cat or whatever but I'd bet that's not the telling part of it okay. Let's not be indicators is the name of the pat the name of the threat. And the shoes you are wearing right now. Okay and the town of your voice. Can't and I can host. Its. Really Iowa and if we're gonna start with lure he met mig on a cat I Lauren yeah. Hank slugger just to show. I'm. I I'm let's get rating this I'd do you have a pet or do you have pets. Yes I haven't had a diet what is what is your pet's name. And are there. Hot you know Sammy baca Sammy gets a tank and white tie broad shoes on your feet right now. Elaine Clark quality. Where are those. Clark's. Our I know exactly what she's talking I don't know what a wallaby is. The kind. Clark's wallabies and earlier your dog's name is tacos Sammy. She didn't say it was apparent act out yet at our dot org attacking. Then Mara I'm going with it takes you. Twenty minutes it. Is that if talk is nannies like it yeah. Busy or not is you know it's about like maintenance is valid whether or not your you know why can't give away my special talent but. It's I'm thinking tell whether somebody is timing answer low maintenance I'm thinking it's probably more. The tone of the book again and tone of tells a lot of I'd pack your child is with your friends at work today telling him we can do it bath in Lawrenceville OK hey that's. The morning you I do and. And you on your show thank you thank you even when it's really arrive late this isn't it now. Especially wouldn't really IK so best do you have a I had to okay what are your pet's names. He was a long time it's the first time. It. Fruit and veggie mama has funny that that is really are you okay and why are the shoes on your feet right now. Our new addition. Heads ten issues. Fruit and pension written NGR. Gergen a couple past heads tentative. That. Take somebody. On a hunt. To find like they'll legit real kids that degree heat you know we had growing up and morrow like super awesome and yeah about fourth and fifth grade. This is a great save their cover it like sparkly spread local. And yes it does. Curtis shot myself right now tell you do it it. Think that's that's how yeah. Roswell Susan in Roswell high. I can and Ernie since then that by now everybody understands my game and they're going to be playing along as every inning guessing alongside me in their car now how long it takes you to get ready so. All whiny Susan is. If you have a pet and what that pet name is. I have a dog named Jeremy. Jovi John I'm getting. Okay acute and what she is he wearing right now. Today why do you like the others is all about comfort. And damp. Jovi is somebody had a really great sense of humor. And somebody who likes really big hair so I'm gonna guess a full power there's an we Aqua net. I'm going in. Fourteen minutes. Yeah man yeah. Yeah orgy. Serious yeah I can actually do it I actually April 15 it was fourteen. Does. That I can tell I'm Paul last minute zoos and do you swear on your dog Joseph Levy you do not know Jan. We know each other isn't like always dog's name and our eggs it's the thugs that was a dead giveaway. I had that his comfort quick slide mine get out of the house girl you never Wear them without socks DO. You know I never did Newsday got the they get out damp yet it is the right. Are you telling TI if you're wearing boots as he asked if you have Sox are not because that would be an indication. I I genuinely do some more of these. It's a gags outlets I don't see you guys can try and succeed I'm better Mickelson meg gonna this go well.