Jenn's Friend: Rebound or True Love

Monday, May 23rd


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Jeffrey didn't show you shell Vizio. To join the conversation I had 4047. He's four under par on sorry I need more law and. Follows soon after divorce. It's too soon to get really serious. That's red Jen needs to know for her friends. Who's dating a recently divorced guy will get you that here about twenty seconds. We want to let you know that tomorrow morning at this time you've got another ghost town and the woman we are talking with. Was kidnapped at age. Five. She was rescued and needs and and she wants is to find the only friend that she had during the five years that she was kidnapped at this time tomorrow on the championship. My friend told you about a while ago is dating a divorced dad and she's terrified of just being the rebounds. She is she hit his. So we can use your help for 047419400. If you've got some advice on and so I'm gonna play for her at the segment she's my friend Liz who ignore Ireland so. She's not here Elena listening to last but she's in Tony about this guy that she's been taking. He is divorced dad no drama with the ex wife that marriage fizzled he's got kids that are six and eight. And they seem to become a parenting very well also he is movement on. The only thing is that his divorce was only final final five months ago and he has explained to her emotionally. The marriage is over time. I don't know how long that is but it tickets are six and eight you know you'd begin in May be he mentally and emotionally moved on years before. Finalized. They are married ten years if I remember correctly he talked about this few museums about ten years I think so and they were married about ten years. That divorce isn't final five months ago and they sort of think he's really into her she's really into him they seem to have this incredible chemistry that's very. I'm comfortable feeling with another. Which I think is unique. Right off the bat with dating and you know how when you get serious to somebody sort you don't save beloved word we start talking around it. So. Over the weekend I talked to. This village means a lot to me he's taste testing BL OVE water out OK you don't have current and that that stage in the relationship no dropped albums yet but. He's saying things like he thinks that. He was you know separated and divorced from his wife because she was supposed to come in his life. That he feels like there's meaning behind all of it now because he's he has her. We've heard so he's been married for ten years and dated probably the same home for a year or two after that and now it's less than half a year later before. He needs your friends. East and what that's she's afraid of is one of the rebound ends. Hey Cynthia an ad court. My thing. So black and and I met about six weeks after he got divorced. I was that all of our relationship was the father of my. I decided that that was so far. It'll less than two months but husband and I started dating. We were married a year later it has been married 34 year. Thirty full hour how. That's incredible well I think eventually yeah she's in. Fact. That's a pretty long rebounds her a couple of 34 is now forever OK so here's the new wrinkle other than him talking around the word love. Oh OK woody out he's invited her to be is date for a wedding this summer. Okay why is it's coming up shinji and and she would meet if she goes and says yes you would meet most of his friends and his parents. If she gets this thing they actually into Cuba. Any look at I agree I don't think machinery around all my name it may turn three years. Met my now has been the very much after my divorce was final I actually were married six months later. I don't like we're happier happier than ever been he's happy. Yeah a little bit older and you'll you'll want it and you know we're happy. So how I don't think I love you been married. We are rare one. Seed and. Yeah. So you think that this really could be this really could be right now. I'm not out. I we will will keep the phone lines of games opposite advice that we got the last time this. She now.