Jenns Empowering Letter To Friend

Tuesday, August 30th


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And she I'll star. James found herself I'm the author side of some inspiration. To get a friend in need and she put pen to paper and wrote in notes your friend and then realized I. We get pretty well wearing our run through a wall for myself right now. And I can tell you exactly the situation but I have a friend who is going through a rough patch in a relationship just go. And it. He's breaks for your friend and deserves an awesome person and sometimes I think when you're out of an relationship and you're going to add your gaining. The one who's getting treated portly. You can't see how awesome you because you're so with that person needs to happen it aegis. It down on yourself and there's nothing makes me more mad an awesome person who doesn't have self confidence. Because of line. Can I ask you a question and then we'll go back letter bitches they have the leaders say there asked to be times. Four or is this a woman. There have to be times when you have a friend comes the Columbia and now my heart's broken in and I can't get over this and blah blah blah. In your head you're like well you know. Right about you and we are that we outs on a leader on publicly and that's why Jack I don't know why Britain like you just say it. Whenever somebody's going to break out your heart rate form because they're announced purse. Is that a woman thing like is everybody who's getting broken up wave. One in an awesome person he's an artist being broken or do women ever in their mind. Critical of that France and it depends on the situation. In and it depends on the person and I have had friends where I've been like thank goodness that breaking up that you have to like sympathize with a jar popped it out loud. The evoked the good loud part of the vocal part of is. Sorry. A privately with a bottle line in your best other friends like. Thank ha horse broke up there of course he broke out there she is not. Known typically because if I think she's nuts she's calling on my conference. You know I mean yeah I did it must act now. They they get down tonight or. Well out there if my friend an I'm close enough to be right there in the break up and I think they're awesome person all right. Accelerated the ground I know or is different mines has gone through tough time and I am that I sent her this text message and it was one of the long ones to exit polls. It's a very very big box on the iPhone but I just thought. This is something that I should share because. It could apply seats if you're going through tough. And you might need to hear it. And I can say the stronger word for him. HE double. EMs. And going hey economic. And our rights. And here's my sentiment that thinking of you so much today suite and a few things you should know and never forget. Number one you catch beautiful Smart giving the couple funny Indy. Number two you're not an I don't know ever you are hell yeah acts. Number three you deserve and 100% partner. Number four UR decision maker an action taker don't waits in the wings for your life. Number of fact you always have my shoulder I hate all the tears I want for you more smiles and more laughter than you know what to do. That this needs music. Number six. This important one lady's number six. Men don't tell you how they feel they show you. Number seven I love you number eight god loves you a number nine your family loves you. And final number ten now you love year. It's. Stuck back I'm back on. It's true it's like. How is it that all your friends can recognize an awesome you aren't now. Important and special and deserving of love you wire by. The person that your relationship with doesn't. Make any sense to me and it's so clear when you're on the outside looking in. Have a relationship that's part. As a wise old woman now. Can I get how women love to be cobbled as banks and that's why is all the medicine woman on the mound that spelling them. The and one. Is their biggest problem that women have in relationship. Is it loss of identity. Thanks that may become. Associated. It to its very identity become. The couple. Question I'm guessing it would be for some people I don't think so I think it's just. Putting someone else's needs before your own for too long. And not. Demeaning your own needs are self respect and son relationship it's a country do you think your friend received messages. Hope so. And I hope. As I love her and let growth that Atlantic. It's it's hard for anybody in the midst of a break it to receive that make yourself tangled up in your own emotions and you're care for the other person you can see it clearly I wanted to make it in a list but I think one of the most important ones on that list is that. You. Our Knox. And I don't know you're not I don't know yeah hell yes. Everything's at we have. Then again there there again the that you're around and and a right yeah not. Last night. With. Another I don't know you are a hell yes. Maybe. In June we go around. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.