Jenn's Daughter Reese is Fighting Cancer

Monday, August 15th


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Are making this alleged. And Justin Jan shell currently current. Bear with me here for assigned an. I'm gonna do you kind of some halfway reading and half way talking through this. When Janet I started doing their share together back in March we made few promises to each other and promises to everybody who was kind enough to share their mornings with that. And what was most important was that. You're tying with a us felt like an escape from the real world. Our goal is to make a show fun and funny. We wanted it to radiate good energy we wanted to be positive. That's why we go to politic talk outside of late in the loop segments that's why we don't play. 911 calls that's why we cover news stories. In our in the loop segment and then we just leave it there. And that's also why we do this stupid cat songs. That's also why are we making this into our terrible rap skills. That's why we spend time every single week focusing on gratitude. Which is normally what we'd be doing right now. And the reason we made this promises to make sure that all of us walked away from our time together. Being a betterment. Right so Jen and I truly believe laughter positive energy all of that create a ripple effect that can transform the world. Our goal every single day was to put positive vibes in the world that can do just. Sundays is that a challenge waited the election with some of the tragic world events. I know every day we tried. And we area we succeeded. And I'm gonna have a hard time keeping that promise today. Because I'm here alone right now. So I am sorry in advance for them. As you may have heard on the show recently. Jane's youngest daughter has been sick. And the past couple weeks were filled with doctors' appointments. And even a couple of emergency room trips. And this is so frustrating and heartbreaking to Jan and her husband Graham. And every single one of us who have love and our heart for calories. Is part of there. You know detective process or whatever the investigation Reese had an MRI. On Saturday morning. She's trying solved solved the mystery. And at 1223. And Saturday afternoon. I was in my car and I was pulling out of this Starbucks. In their findings. And Jen called me. And she said that Rees. Has. Cancer. And I don't remember anything else about the call. I remember I pulled the car over and I remember feeling like I needed to find and to write down some of the stuff that she was saying there was only three or form in a phone call and nothing itchy. It was just she just found out herself. And so the only thing that I would have written down its release has cancer. I remembered the anguish that was engines voice and thinking that. All the air had just been sucked out of my car and I was having a hard time. Focusing really on anything other than the words recess cancer and I tried to imagine. With that outlet for her and ran just heard those words thirty minutes before from a guy wearing white coat. Other with a stethoscope around his head food around his neck. And I can even imagine. Or comprehend how that that felt her. So later on Saturday Reese who has admitted to children's healthcare of Atlanta. She's been undergoing tests to determine exactly what she's battling and how the doctors are gonna Hobart I did. And last night my fiance Cali and I went to visit her and despite that tiny little baby I v.s that are in our arms in the other tubes and wires and and being a strange place. She looks great. Susan looks. She's playing peek a boo with her dad and my fiance and shoes laughing and shoes waving hands. But she has cancer. And Jan who is understandably broken all band Saturday was now in this warrior mode. And I think she's feeling that with the chief test result and I'm every hour that passes they're getting closer to the treatment plan and Jan who it is a bit of a control freak. Is starting to feel a little more in control and James has been grant. These are again gathering mode he's gathering with knowledge and talking to people and researching and and he's arming himself with that stuff. Here is what we know about Reese right now I'm one. She is a solid mass tumor near hurt album that is starting to affect her spine. To. This afternoon. Even she's gonna have a biopsy to determine what type of humor this news. And during the biopsy they're gonna give her a quarter so she can receive chemotherapy. In three. Once the doctors review the biopsy and create a plan for treatment. Which is likely chemotherapy. Followed by surgery. A pass on any updates as soon as I get them. Ended wanted to mention how awesome and wise. And encouraging the entire staff at children's healthcare of Atlanta has and we are truly blessed to have such a great facility. Here. And while I hope that nobody. Listening to this right now ever has to see the inside of these now in great hands if you do. I'm regarding the Shah who. Which is seams and silly. Talk about the show in the shadow of this. Public Jan actually brought it out she said look I'm going to be out for a few days. And I want you tell everybody what's gone on and and I wanted to move on and get back to the fun stuff. Remember why we're doing this we want people who laughed when so. That's what we're gonna do there's actually a radio studio in angles and hospital called Seacrest studios it's I'm funded by Ryan Seacrest it's terrible and he says. And I've already talked to them they assured us that that's India's ours whenever we needed. And we are gonna get on with the laughter today now can align going to be a challenge tomorrow. I promised her and I promise you 100%. Due. And it's gonna start with the beginning the Monday morning ram panel topics from her if she's the reigning champion shouldn't have to yesterday so. With the great help of everybody on the starting for one team and the Jeff intention team will get to what an ass so. Thank you so much for listening I'm sorry that this. Bummer news is hitting you first thing on Monday morning. I'm I'm sorry or breaking a promise we made you when we started the show it thank you for listening and thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. Each and every day we'd love view. We feel the love the is underway in if you have a spare moment please send good energy attending the race. The case she's indeed all of that you can get. And if you are person that praise these aspirin Jenin grand to have calmness and clarity to make the best decisions for their little girl. And asked for the doctors have the wisdom to offer the best choices and asked for a speedy recovery for Reese back to a 100%. And if the opportunity presents itself in the near future. Please use some random act of kindness in honor of Reese and all of the other children were ready to cancer right now. I believe that energy moves across the world might ripples and the more that we put out there and the more welcome back to arts. So. You've got theirs can grant race. You're gonna win you're going to be that and I am so sorry this is happening to you. I know. That she will be cancer free. And as good as new as soon as possible. Reads. Every single person listening it's Friday and ray long side. Are making this wedge. To the Japanese yen shell currently current.