Jenn's Conference Call Confession

Wednesday, June 21st

Jenn signed Jeff up for something without him knowing, and she's REALLY hoping he won't be mad.

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I have a confession to make. Did you ask. Happened just on the conference call with our big bosses thought. Box and I think he's going to be. Maybe real map. Joey masters UCI. I'm gonna be real man or. Abbas last month. No I think you're gonna be really nice if they signed you up for something that you don't know about yet and now I have to tell you because. It's about the way the show is running. How apple can use sign me up for something. Good I don't know about a phone called that we are anti well let me remind you. And let's dig explain to everyone. Classes. What was happening Jennings at an hour in nervous or not. It's call so Jeff I have a conference call with the being boxed his title is resident. Gary guy president of programming. And during that call it started with a few come. If errors yeah of course because it's a conference call in anybody's participate in a conference call knows that these things never go well it always comes. We call the president of programming we keep your hands. Came here so we spent the first six seasons. And yeah I OK let me on hello. Any area. And thanks. It is up. They taste is nobody ever use hand held office phones anymore right so I switched over I grabbed my iPhone. And I think that rate in the middle of the basket and I plug your name and no sooner than we are up and running with the call then. You have 10% battery life. Ten RE EM I did charged with bombed big big we have to use it the call with the president of come we have been preparing for this phone call per week. Getting ready. And it's 10% in the middle of it not even in the middle of it this is in the first 57. I'm an island okay young men that worked Jiang gave me the bad luck when the little thing popped out and say you have 10% battery and unlike. Hi my arms Sunni Arab keynote at. So I already started bad if yes I scrambled and I got us the charger and like when. Well that's where the problems start. Because you didn't have a charger in your office right. So let me just a big explain what he's talking not so he's telling us about the show giving us feedback in this point hers. Things to do and things not to do that kind of stuff and he starts going down a list of strengths. So you've heard that tired yeah. Land the 10% Waller Peter King he's going through telling Jessica. Yourself funny. And yet you one of the funniest guys in this and that's he's going journalists just strengths and. Where he should rely on the strength he said there is physically very attractive figure EMS now. I started again you have the united supervisor I'm sure there's rules against Fabrice he's funny he's very funny there. He's going I'm never complement my good looks man engaging personality so I just can't leave to go to the charger at that time or go look for one down here in the studio. So he's there for that part of so then he starts going to analysts of my strengths. And he's talking about how my experience in radio and having different it's just a whole engine and I don't wanna make sure every listening knows how nervous you are when you get nervous. You hold the microphone. Well it's because during the time that it took you got. To run down here dance studio and run back to the office with a charger and get it plugged in yet. He was talking about on my strengths like you know you've done a mid day shift you talked of music you've done. So those are your strengths so that's all we thought he was gonna cover when Jeff's friends on the back we'll in no time. He made a few suggestions. That you don't know about. And I didn't wanna tell him you want in the arena. So I just agree Joseph a couple of things as you look in your voice says. You did that. 'cause panic keen sense and I hear you I just yeah. Right let's hear what you think I sound that when you re basically said you know. You know Jan how do you feel about opening the brakes and what that means in radio is talking first aids and that means opening them breaks. I mean first line talent everybody what we're doing. And I'm like yeah that sounds really good and he's like. Just would you have any problem with back. Just not is you're. Seeing at some night. Oh prayer. You can't try my best jab in the shortest. Life syllables possible. Look tired. And I just I try to be is deepest fossils those night. Okay. Annie's like so. And I'm gonna play the role that our president and I want you to react exactly how that is a cat I Jen you're really strong at opening racing getting in the contents so. From this point or what do you think about you opening the majority of the breaks. Hey Jeff any objections to gen opening the majority of the breaks. You know. It's a look tired. Okay. The. Don't. All prayers I'm going to be mad at ad that's funny all of that and he says there's. Well ban in all many is this just say things they pick things about. Saying Europe or and in the second thing was. And he said something about and I know that's not always going deadbeat possible because sometimes Jeff will be delivering new. The content two year old right. So he will need Jeff you'll need to open some of the breaks unlike. On Hong yeah. I just said give it. Back unless on there like maybe he didn't know who was saying yet on the comedy could have been neither one does Cher I tried to go low and then he said. So I would like to suggest that if just opening the break. And Jen you actually write it down four can't you tell me what to say so basically I would tell you had to say and I was like. More on how that would work out in these like Chad's. Unlike. RA. Yeah yeah. Yeah our guys showed that it was like Larry our prayers are gore. Eight. I really really good stewards and zero but now I feeling on the windshield few days later he's any less a night. You know like if I screw up the opening of a break he's gonna be sure how did you look at. It. Then my plan is units because screw up the opening of every single break and he might listened. Oh kronor. Okay religion. Is a friend is gonna emulate real mad. Men out reasons and I seek revenge. I'm gonna call people out as you get. Okay first of all it's your fault for not having your phone charts IA. IPO euros slow going down the hall and back again and choices. I'm an Emmy nominee wasn't her room. Thank you Kelly how this gem that's float this idea how about the truth I can. How I panicked and in my should be embarrassed. Go to London unlike past and binary Newman's been there and doing and feeling is that NASCAR passion we got a film changing her impersonation attitude as she gets all unarmed. Local mom is like trying to for as low as part of my voice aha. OK you on G. You have an impersonation of any man in your life Kelly heard it I mean yeah I think consulate lengthening has. He sounds Eric LA. Yeah I do an impression of the loans I'm not. Did you mayor what what's your Jeff. I was planning may have to physically see him and Jeff gets excited he does this vital way removed from system stands and he says the sellers inning you might get his hands together and I hate. Playing zanger more than dinner right now and minivans saying when he it's really nervous our work that he's guises and disguises an amendment and then they. And Italy and his hair color in a place I said people out on why this couldn't do an in depth. JPD did you ask is do you like one or two words I don't rye. Yep that's it yeah hey I sit on the yeah. Our new. Dude did you know you have no no. Any problem with that thank you. Know. Star in 941.