Jenn's Church Friend

Friday, July 27th

We're all guilty of looing, but is this too far?

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Star in 941. As I feel for my friend Juan and Sergio. I did so out front line and just recently opened up to me and said hey. I think have got to change churches. While I was gone and she said it was an act services and I'm finding myself physically attracted to are passer. And I was like worrying or ANC say yeah just it's. It's we just one of those things like it's just been in my mind and I find myself dressing up more for services. And IA. Am not thinking about it while I'm supposed to evening and not all art in house like home really. You know how do you get through that better get over that we were just kind of talking about it and she's like I really think I'm gonna have to change. And just join a different congregation because I don't want to be doing this while I'm at church you know as a faithful person and she is married with two kids happily married with ticket she is. While she's sitting there. Specially during net sir and that is my name while I really should be thinking about what he sang right now and I'm not because he's so hot. And I'm breaking commandments. I had taken his name and all sorts of other things in baby pens so. Share this with the jet engines have friendly yesterday a little bit and then Alison at media can't tell anymore so I called yesterday and it's like hey. I'm not an eastern name on the radio but can I talk about this because he may not be the only one who's ever gone through it and maybe week they get some advice or are some guidance on. How to navigate this and she's like well you can hand. And she is listening right now she is giving up extra early to listen today and we'll hear any advice that you might have if you've been through it. But what she told me is too and new things. One is that she really wants to tell her family this weekend that she wants to find a new church. Two she doesn't know what to tell as the reason. Why she would like to change churches because her kids are happy there. Hasn't been happy there they know a lot of people there you know lender on the picnics and all that stuff they feel connected in this community. But she doesn't feel like it's something in her head she can get over so the change needs to happen. And she also told me that her husband is really involved in the church keys signed up for one and a leadership. Come I'll I'll call the committee that they think if I give the name to what it is then and I'll give up the denomination of their church. I was so he does like he he's kinda supervisor at the youth groups stuff that they go in do or third and a charity fund raiser that at turner I am just I'm just flood season very involved volunteer okay. So for them to change churches it's not just like nobody's gonna notice news. People in the congregation notice and ask for the reasons why an all that stuff so. It's a big deal leave the church. And started again yeah Africa Canada might give people leaving church and a major decision like there's a lot of politics run that. But she's involved how easy hi why you. The me gambling leave that church. Early states so luck I heard the devils got a hold. Well. I mean. And that's that's your question at this point is she feels that she knows the decision is to leave the church. But what reason does she give her husband and her face what she set. Darlington NN new testament world and I'm dreaming of old testament things they eat. I think she couldn't she have conversations like are around her as benign weather girlfriends and to start casually dropping. You know our Kris is so fun and Trixie and just like slowly. Put out there are so than in such as secretive and the may be wholesale way. Kelly and most relations. I know I know you're jacked up the way you date but in most relationships you don't casually mentioned around your significant other. How hot other people when you're when you're time manner priests at the Foreman bring your husband would probably be like. Woods is now and I wouldn't. I they cap and crime said to me in my really tell that to me I saw the hottest none the other dad I don't know bill valuable. You know oh I. That completely different state and this is like I've if you pass anonymous treaties you like and then managed by hang out of that had to. Like I I'll. That's one thing. But it it's like somebody it's he's going to see every week and then he doesn't say it to you you're saying I have information to other people all. How am as a than it is like to your offense and I'd say that was my terrible it buys with Jeff. So far this week you have ruined relationships and try to kill children and so bureau banner ads on I don't know because. She can't be honest that's we years she's considering you can't do that. She's considering being honest with her husband privately said that then they could count come up with a reason together. And she's in she said it's been a long time that she's been thinking about this decision but she really is ready to make the decision. And move on with it because she's like I have tried to not think about it. I have try so hard by. She keeps saying my pastor's son got. Right now transfers her channels. If she goes through different if you do when she joins it every congregation Michigan and judge may I please see photographs of all Europe this year and there's an animation out of them. You know she actually she says she's already been doing research on new places and she's making sure that that leader of the church is unattractive. That is and she's got into I think two options right. And then how do you explain how land now her church her friends are at that church I LE NC this Sunday night what's fun on the what's the game plan. Or 0426309. For a what I will I get I needed. A couple minutes that they don't buy it and I don't like having not having solutions that I think that's all of. Things I know that I came about it. And we need a jet engines have really helped sue for 14630941. What should she did it literally is do an ugly churches why don't look reason and Suzy you have to tell. Her husband that they need to change their churches. As they got a hot that's Farrakhan. And see nothing no malice. This evening and okay turn it up. Justin Jan shell hole now. Jen Connie and ramming it wants to get all serious about the problem. Your friend is having hey Connie. K and and settle in jerking her. Move. You if I don't play in late. You have our only intention extra bed in the church and speed and bad batch ready then he's getting in her nineteen. Can't hurt to get them all right from mayor to keep them from doing yet in the charged any brake pedal hard. Wow that's and Elaine de and okay. What Connie sudden about it is am I was just share with you guys my friend feels like she needs to change congregations because she is attracted to her pastor and she's not thinking about what you want to think about while she's. Service is. She's happily married with two kids there's nothing wrong in her live her life is going greatly she just feels like that time that she is spending there. Her mind is going elsewhere and she can't seem to control system on suggest changed churches I was asking for advice what reason should she youths or should she tell her husband the truth. Christine and Carrollton. I think it's pretty selfish I wouldn't take the church where my cat and my husband that actively involved. Just. Because I'm not I wouldn't put it up and out situations or expression you know and then my happens but I can she can get over it again I don't know where mom thank you thinking that earned him. Get over and say the church is here I. Get help say checking itself but I don't know the church and I loved that because the part I'm not. And I think it just stand up and heard you know in addition to attract. Well I ugly people can courageous as well as the good look and people right so that's when she's exaggeration Google. The appearance of the fishing and so the pastors or whatever other churches. So then let's as your other option so she's got less attractive option. Is saint at you have hit the base for the ugly stick. Parish. All right you can't because united had this problem just a color you are not to Ed brought out the words and it's nice thing about. About it at the spokesperson of the Florida. And Melissa and Conyers. Every year I can't. Don't think she need to be honest because that's what's ultimately. And they're kind of sinker with a husband that Cohen in the form like. Or lick this heat and the dream about her pastor the lackluster decision also the beast. Tracked it through amber she's had a dream about. There's a you just and I think she needs to be honest about lie about the literally you just say well so it's good verse the truth because it would be in a wake dream that she's having some. I hunt a person dying. Jerry hasn't been so it wasn't Malaga Spain and I see now have a dream. But a day. And exactly so no I. Have been dreaming about our past or that is so high your residence and I knew Elaine embed with the heat and Jenin not another man. And Manning right. Fresno and little burn. I I think my comment is I had only been married seven years. But I think about two men that I found attractive and in my husband on the coastline on the on the beat England when they found a Lakeland and even then taking. Conflict had told my husband Blake this weird because like this man is Blake. The first turn and I mean you know that I found in the tactically not weeks and laughed about it and I like that help you get over it. After after you told him about me did was he soco it's kind of ray. I did I had didn't dampen gender is not on a if that didn't work like yeah you can't really if someone from the gen. They're stupid people that you know that I can Crockett Jim we're at a conference and so. I told him and the constitution should consider telling her husband and maybe that will. Helped her get over it I don't know that. Well well this is the action. So I didn't really children might depend on the kind of currently in Bermuda really jumping is like. So what about it guide you like and I really and I do not union quality and. He you know you kind of rolled with that he wasn't threatened drinking and I'm in my opinion you can for a stranger. In habitat Allen. That's how that went so I think it's an option Donna. Honesty part and I. Well if you said your friends were saying UK yeah I'll learn listening to all of this and then if we wanna continue on FaceBook and happy believe common there of what you would do or that advice that you would offer our maybe you found yourself in the situation before. Maybe wouldn't admit counties that but whatever you wanna share on FaceBook. But it's I contender and then she can she meet the comments and thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion job on star not before one.