Jenn's Advice on Saying "Just" and "Sorry"

Friday, July 8th


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Jen genre goes. That's just on a girl strip girl's weekend and I learns something from one of my friends in the group has released success on business and really Smart. And hand while before you get into the girls' trip does that stuff how many elephants and content that has been out and said. Only 20. I so it's about ways that women and men are different in business and this mine was signed me. A couple of tips and a couple of different things remind me of the conversation I had with the women of the jet engines show crew. About language and posture when you're in meetings and making sure that your hands are on the table and not. Your body posture isn't meek and hands in your lap and that sort things that was something I had learned and doing some television. So it reminded me that conversation so I wanted to pass this along and mine by you guys NC viewed using things are producer Kelly she's in the studio. And producer Donna is in the studio. An intern Geneen isn't here to. Now recap the body language wind is iPad as super. And which one is that women are tots to sit with our legs crossed our hands up. But that is a a lesser than body positions. It just comes across as weaker arm meeker our rights are less confident less participatory. In the conversations or if you have your hands on desk. Our hands on the table. And you're leaning forward in your chair. And you are a little bit more commanding when you speak and more engaged in whatever conversations going on. And that's first on camera and in broadcast applies Ani meeting that you're going to be and it lets the guys in the room see your manic here. Which flat at bridges important which for everybody instruments great except for me yeah. So that the the next thing I learned from this friend of mine was so Smart and I realize I do it all the time. Is use the word just. Says she says she has deleted the word just out of every text message out of every game now ever request of every everything. Because it's a word that some foul makes you. Appeared asking for something you shouldn't be you when you absolutely should be I swear I just wanted to ask you a question about. While vulnerable. I just request. She's just remove it. And and once you have that word just in your mind today when you go to work or when you're texting your friends are when you're texting with. Colleagues you'll realize. How much use of words yes I just wondering about well no it wasn't just wondering about it and you were wondering when you're gonna be at work at night or hey I would like to have a meeting he just was wondering it's a filler words that all of a sudden makes you. Subordinate for summaries and and we do it. And is psychology behind at all I just know that I do a lot which I just. I know that I do a lot to really just your success running fifth and I delegates saw. Ends the statement when he IKI just wonder and is. Rather than Mary K I was wondering if we can do this it almost softens it like you're trying not to come across too nicely and I was like indirectly asking for what you really racists like I just wanted to now home. Like it feels like you should be asking like I feel it's just like and we just use something like you feel like it's. You know with user did you know I I did I. Certainly you're using it because you should ask anything that can I have that one thing. Don't feel confident enough to say like no I need that one thing from me because I deserve that one thing. Because that's my role I is that I just the asking you know one thing I have a right to ask you have you considered the option images and asking for anything well yeah now I. No it's about congress tries price of higher if you just have them one thing it sounds like you're making your soul sound like lower. And you don't sound secure in your question rightly ask the question and yet I think it is as part of it softens and the other thing that women do. And I recognize this years ago is say sorry. Pretty I was kinda. Why are we apologizing or even tell me on my. Just not they should tell them I'm sorry but in the end she might mimic what he's not gonna. These guys something matter of fact you may do that in your life and a guy compound college a long time a useful aren't here and he's an American women apologized for everything in. It would be this is about and him oh sorry are gonna grab them and hope sorry and he just would always look at me and say you have got she's not apologizing. So I'd try to catch myself I still do that all time I'll have started to catch myself and text messages or emails like if I have responded. With in the first five minutes of giving an email. Oh first four hours I feel the immediate need to apologize. First for not responding pastor and then respond. So excited deleting outline im sorry. I and just it and completely eliminating sorry and just. Sounds so much. Greeted back I'm like all. I shall I'm a bad ass woman. That's and they are Jeff yeah. Jen genre goes.