Jenn's Act of Kindness Fail

Tuesday, October 3rd

Sometimes doing something kind can leave you in a very awkward position. 


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NHL all star. It's. Possible for a random. Just to no problem for me it's possible. Really offers so I attempt or random act of kindness and a completely failed. Let me give you a little back story. So I was talking with new friend in Mary Beth a couple of weeks back maybe a month ago when she says to me when she and her husband. Moved here it's because he was serving at dobbins air base camp and when he come and set but he completed his service. But they decided to stay in May fifth here because they love the south she's like I have never experienced hospitality like we experienced here when we were first married and first moved here. He never paid for a meal. If he was wearing his uniform he never patron and click all of this so cool. So she's this is talking about how much they love Marietta and that's why they decided to stay even though when he was finished the service threaten some fat stories in the back nine. Fast forward to a month later when I'm meeting up with one of my radio buddies a buddy Jeff and I and wig gonna meet for lunch and organize sit down and just talk radio stuff trailer so we need over at the battery at Walt Burger's. And we sit down. And what I remember is that our radio buddy is and former service members so as we sit down I want burgers to get our our birther I notice. A guy in a military uniform sitting by himself to the table to behind us. I'm like. This my jeans he's. Really cool so I asked my body I'm like hey what's you form as that and he set up as air force I was like OK because my body was in the navy. So he knew he knew he would know what was okay air force and I said hey what do you think about us can't touch. He's a that's some conflict doesn't. I myself. Kind of cool. Greens led. You know what is his famous Kennedy. And tighter and I had whenever my buddy and anybody and I we split we feel good about ourselves in the arms we tell the server where now a whole lot of minutes. And that led just is big guy you have much should wasn't in the military not only are you not paying for his mail. Which are making him cough up half the money to save her somebody else's meal. Just wait. Just. Oh I knew he would know and so he says air force great and it's like who we pick it was. It doesn't yeah so we tell the server really don't tell. The service member. Schoolyard but we would like to take care of that man stamp track and she's like some kind okay thanks. So. He's sitting there by himself orders says you know Coke whatever. And then walks in his body. There's also an air force. You farm sits down with him. And this table is behind my friend so I think my friend and like oh now there's two of them. Okay thank. You. 510 minutes later and marks another buddy. And Mansour seemed far sits down another three of them at the table and now they're all ordering food might. We sent back it's fine I'll I'll do I was told him I was like I'll take care of it but now he's already said yes he's immature with me. Literally five minutes later. I don't want you. It's what it's like there's any captain's meeting from dobbins and their life well let's go to murdered a damper on the net. I am sitting there and they start order number it is the time is the money they don't want guys burger and. Noted he's exiting their by themselves turn into taking care of the tab Florida. The entirety. And then when the Bill King I can't tell my body like no this is my head I Donny don't worry about I got it but then I think until she. So we ended spinning no look. Yeah man he meaning each paralyzed than he ever plant. Very well intentioned and I'll read like you've got to see outlet in live action. This thing where if you hammered on this today. Coffee plays they like they did pay for the order for the person behind me in the right all of that is still kind. It's 36 hour. Yet again this guy who ordered for the whole along. A look at the bag and it you have Italians clearly an intern in the you've got to see a play out in real time. It wasn't it. We were cracking of the entire list of every time we turned towards the divorce has been in a guy like Hudson and to sound like you're opening became could change next. King had been staging introduce sir I'm changing your menu like I do you know what I. Resist an approach which single water. A salad and thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.