Jenn is Worried about Kids Diseases

Monday, July 25th


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Thanks for making this way it's indigestion just on star not before one and life experience parents because. We got sick and who is about to start nursery school and I'm terrified all going to be getting as sick as they Wear the first time around. Is bracing myself for Haiti Jessica hat in kitten thinks are on the jet engine jet. Old. Are now we are deadly well yeah where healthy rate now now. I don't know it might warplanes going and you pre K she did it. RA war in mid. I. We're not worried about being advocated can be find anything I wanna know a couple. Businesses now this has become selfish. Is jail and gonna be bringing. Germs in here around. Around me. Probably. Work. I'd like yeah. I don't know I I've viewers and I'm sorry I'm not. Saying they they're all I doubt it all all the way down why 83 Jessica. And might I recommend movie that moms because I sneak preview of it last week and you will laugh hysterically alone. RR OR at. And recommend a movie to a woman I'm so excited and so it's the. The sixty babies all the time for her perfect I'd get in Sandy Springs today you answer talent. Cruelty who not only in Myanmar landlocked on medical professional like a couple collared again. It yeah I am asking you expected her manager Eric and I. I slick. This shock. You can be used spirit from the medical perspective it's like they're saying stranger. Than they. Kamal leaving early curtain is blocked or any in La La. You build a tolerate Syria says he's actually turnaround is not going to leave that in the. Terps weren't they at least it turned. He veto the war world and. Okay gag awesome Eric. So it's not going to be as bad and now the warning sent it on day in this awesome thank you Katrina. Hey Andy Ram line itself without any. Okay I got to work and it daycare and had three children he had the person I'll look pretty bad to search out pretty bad. The parents or any ticket. And so he and Brady had he got it then but now eating bad he's on guys that are out. And it's the that I can do you you can't. Yet it's and it's crazy how you can do your best to try to prevent them you can try to watch him as much as possible and I swear like Clorox wipe down whatever you want to I mean. It even got and our kids collect this all the machine behind all over the classroom and helped kill germs and it just nothing's out. How much because I can pay for this out of my own pocket if if it was a budget they put a plastic shields up legs and you try to keep it down. Though you're a prisoner if I. If I need to talk to pick up my own. What I'd just like I'm in space and one has asked. And don't. Both for the entire time to be near you know. The magic again I try to be salvage about it but I am. Does it sort of make it this way it's indigestion jokes on star not before one.