Jenn Will Be Your Ghostbuster

Thursday, March 31st


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For making this glitch. So let's just show shall certainly were. Jen has an outstanding. A brilliant. A amazing. Idea. That could change. Radio broadcasting for ever I intentionally ever assignments. I'd say in it in reality it's on its gonna be some good anthem for the radio because. Everybody. Has dealt with this it really is a public service program like those words that he can't so. Everybody who's been dating especially now in bed dating land of texting has had somebody just disappear. Somebody just stop writing you back stop calling you accept emailing stuff. You know interacting with you on FaceBook or whatever they just go away. And with out any explanation this can be semi that you're dying for a couple of weeks you feel like everything's gone great. Is somebody that may be even for a couple months and they just go away is a ghosting gently just goes to. We saw a survey yesterday. In one of our when it whenever. Radio prep services it's at 78%. Of people between eighteen and 33 it had someone dumped them I just disappearing. Happens all the time it's a fresh and easy just wanna know what in the world happened what changed is assume like oh they met somebody else they like better wreck. Because it happened to me a couple of times and I was dating and it was like. They just found yeah. Agents. Are maybe with some dignity surgeon because the way that I can I say I don't know who are we doing her hair sounded when a group. So. It showed jammed his decided that as a public service she is going to become. A ghost hunter that's right. I'm hunt down this person who has disappeared I you know I feel most comfortable hunting down and got down a girl of your guy and you need the service and right. And down just about anybody and even dating somebody for a couple of weeks maybe even a couple of months and they just recently disappeared and still wondering. And I'll go find them track them down even have to show up like maybe show that their work or whatever and get the answer for. And is it I am is it is there like a window of time like. It was just one day and they disappeared wiest of track and and then. Well it's to me it's. Could be yet it could be after one date but they is not reversed field coasted the only rule of ghost club is there and rules that are. You know ruled that goes club right but I would think that you want the answer. More if you can gain a little longer I got so. And I hear from him so the idea is that if you have been ghost did sandy Jane the now. Jan at star 94 when it landed outcome very competitive on her face that page or face against. And we will go through those. There will find a couple people in general put on her ghost on terror act. And if you I feel like I want to ghostbusters song I'll we'll make you aside human can I have a ghost hunter music yeah what you wanna make it. They really ghost hunt ghostbusters. Ghost hunters and still. We can make us on all right 00 superhero all right so also if you're a musician or as a singer took after. Ticker AM original design your height. All of owners unite all of those people media media and badgered him but I think this has like to think this is on that we can be fairly regularly at pet deposit. And it's time out people keep ghosting channel keep hunting jam at star 941 Atlanta dot com is the email address.