Jenn Was on HLN Yesterday

Friday, May 5th

How did it go being on TV, Jenn?

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And shall star. I before we get into the HI when story is that it really personal dramas on H on the entry for something. Really personal and closer heart it's the first time outside of our show on the radio that I've talked publicly. About Greece's. Cancer bright and on television because I have been able to do it without tearing up and here. I'm at home is Jeff and angelic churning for a line it's our squad it's our feeling is listening so you know viewed here have some is gonna make fun if you bring Jiri practice. I can track with you guys. You know when you're in an on camera live television situation I haven't. Been able to do that 'cause I just thought I would do who threw it until yesterday because it was about re having a preexisting condition and being concerned about health care so Telemar. Series senate. We typically are but but I was excited to go represent the general. I will talk about that here once I guy just got to see something out loud and get it out of my system okay and deceive aim a can back me up. But I I don't know what happened on the lower lobby of the building that we're embeds GRC the renovations happening. In the hallway where the bathrooms in the vending machine in the jam yeah engines is I haven't seen it looks like oh there's a water leak of some circus they get those big blower fans. Ground in the the wall gesture it was all stripped. Of of molding and in our building was trying to be like Roswell roads US OK. Well whatever they did over the past 24 hours. I is the minute the door open a smaller 4:30 in the morning door opens I walk and I smell it. And I can smell it in the comment hallway to hallway rape behind virgin piece it's. Up here and he noticed smells like Timmy well. When my mom used to get a perm in the kitchen and you know what smelled they as I put at its people are not saying Tony is not being. It's. Eight smells like mark lean mr. rich use six tomorrow ever. And give my mom to mar lean in Ghana would give each other terms indicating they can't chain. And I just have these very vivid memories. But an abdominal little plastic clip these things that are Aaron David rinse it out it should have the towel around her neck so that. Perm stepped in Ripken says some of the chemicals used in earlier mom's hair also used in. Clean it may water main breaks this smell is adjusted data call and I wanted to say that led to see if anybody was with me and the fact that people are nodding and smiling and Hatfield. Good yeah out so now I'll remember our moms get in terms in the kitchen okay that there and I just not those like about broke his community you know who like. Did is there a home middle class cells grown I've is that those again. And now but. And it's a matter Madonna thing yeah and that that that's a mom thing on I remember that I feel like your views them Arlene in your life he has to give you a permanent into effect. I'm that but. Yes and Bonnie Bonnie always also came over to Ronnie woods Merling mr. rich and it's on a dollar Bonnie Arlene and down it would give each other firms. In our kitchen it smells just like it has for what it smells from me. Take him it was late eighties version of book club now okay the fifth. And they're probably drinking I don't remember that this is if it's just dunk so granite seed so far. I thank you for allowing me that right Jen tells a story if you yesterday being a national TV stock. Load not not even close. Well I was really excited because our friends HL and reached out and said hey we're talking about health care today because this is where. You don't pay the bill was still in the house and they were. Covering it as they do UNH on covering breaking news stories as they develop. And he's awhile or waiting for the decision in the votes had happened would you come on and talk about. Your concerns and health care having a daughter who now for ever has a preexisting condition and so they had. Followed the story of Reese all through last year and all through her cancer battle. And I'm just invited me to come sit in the seat and talk to Erica hill this show on the stories on the air from one street. And I think if their re wind just a second because. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel Jen have posted a picture shared a picture. The other day of res cute little picture every is does that kick and not take. A bad picture so cute little picture of breeze and you just caption with. Heads up as he as you participate in this a new health care process calling your senator whatever it is you may wanna do. Just running beauty keep in mind this is what a preexisting condition might look like it was a picture of Reese and I thought that was a really. Powerful. I don't wanna say subtle. But I thought it was. I thought it was a nine invasive. Compelling way. To put a face to what is just typically news story. Exactly and that's exactly why I said yes ago participate in this conversation yesterday because by no means do I understand. The complexities of health care I mean. That issue for our country is so widespread and no matter which side of politics he said on if you're Republican or Democrat you. Can all agree everyone can agree that is so complex and that it needs fixing and so. This system we have in place definitely not perfect cut could use some fixing and a system that was up Favre. Definitely not perfect could use some fixing and I think everybody. Wants to make it better but what I wanted to do is humanize it a little bit and say hey this is about picking your team and cheering for your team to win it. It's about human beings in health care and you know my my baby now has a preexisting condition for her whole life is is gonna make it. Harder for her are easier for hurt to have good health care coverage will be able to afford it and with. A lot of people's health care coverage weighing in the balance yesterday it will they not be able to get covered now with this new course is still have to get passed in the senate. It is still a long way from being finished but let's just not pick teams and make like a college football game or rooting for a team. Let's remember that there are real human lives that are affected by these decisions that are going. So your purpose in being an HL and this morning or yesterday afternoon rather. Your person being an H on yesterday afternoon was to put a human touch on a very political issue very political and yes. Erica hill got a little confused about who is fairly quiet ones are. I I already nervous because I'm a big fan of hers I've watched her on television for some energy. Hardcore she's news news right. I guess is hard core news lots of politics experience and that's what her show is all about is pop politics as nervous already being married is not an expert on this issue. I concern all right you know and so. So anyway if there were two parents on the panel and the other parent is a mom out of Texas his daughter has downs injure around. And Hugh is going to happen who has to have a lot of continuing therapies and that mom. Is as self employed person so they their Stanley would literally not have health care anymore and not be able to take care of their daughter who has down's German also heart conditions so. She's an advocate rallying parents picketing outside senator's office I mean eight total ends on activists. We joke about how much money Michaels craft store has made this new administration is because of women like this right he made signs she soaks streams T shirts. She calls her teaching me macarena may be Jill I'm not sure but she was an activist so. Erica hill the host of the show gets a little bit confused on which parent as we age gap and comments fire anatomy with a question going. So yeah you're daughter as a preexisting condition and you are. Your seat senator tell us about that and I'm like old round parent yeah. She's come into the wrong parent like. Actually Erica I am diving into education designing to know more about this able advocate for my daughter and for other families they don't like the one that we now I mean I just. Political activists parent you know she just confused which parent on the panel was the one asked that question to back. But I'm calling her out your ally helping around your trying to scramble as I can ask a pebble and not like look like a total idiot on. Canceled it it is she's so Smart about everything she covers this other almost a Smart about it and I was like. Human faced and leg. All these cute babies need coverage no matter where it they follow on that economic Specter army you know no matter where they're employ their parents are employed by or not employed by Eileen we just have to remember that. As a real humans that are getting infected by all of these. All of these changes so. You know this may be good for politicians that you love this may be good for businesses that you but like is it good for humans and so. That's how I tried to steer the conversation that I was but in the hot seat it was like. Yeah. We're gonna try to get the have video from eight channel animal put that up and so you can see Jens point of view but more importantly see you can watch are struggling scramble. I went and try to claw her way out of an awkward situation. Is Evelyn and I totally admire her and we'll get our guys use we give them video will put it up my mind stern any for one Atlanta. Thanks for making this way it's just it's out on star not before one.