Jenn Wants Glasses

Friday, June 24th


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Line. I have always wanted to Wear something that most people never want to where. I really really heavily flying glass. I now know why I need your help to do it because. We had about a couple weeks ago randomly Jeff and I were just chatting about his glasses you xmas time the sometimes you come in rock and it's cool passes always gel. It. You show. Nobody really seems kind of silly if you Wear them and they're not they don't have any prescription. Do you wanna Wear them for fashion reasons you think they'll meet you too. Seems smarter what's the yes. Well I think. For some reason I just think people in glass desert cool glasses pat resurgence right. It's hipster to Wear glasses and I think glasses on women make you really Smart. Think you're Smart category even more but I feel I have to. Wrote doctors test or something to look at that insofar as to making employment going today at 1230 eyes checked just hoping. It's bad vision for a while. On the road that test. We did not have a headache all the time while dad say don't rove attack ads but if you if you pass that test with flying colors in the any glasses. You can still get glasses yeah you just don't ever tell anybody you asked it acts but he awesome can't neverland and the track. Yet people like you do that you liked seeing how line I am yet. Pretty David is that all the time because he's really super blind but he doesn't cool classic just now entered Geneva have classes and she looks really Smart and cool. And join the club so billion Nissen Holtz. So the airplane today is for you to get an idea I was gonna say I think you have crappy vision and then you wildness being read. It's pretty small I'd across pretty far away. They check your perform. That's what you're concerned about is my peripheral vision. Consents Jeff chance yet managed to. Edit and literally doing jumping. And you that your ignoring his foot putt at times heated army or. You can't see. I'm like my dad in the living room like he wants to pretend like he can't area he just actually seeking. Is that when he won theory you know he's attending really. So often you think. Then on yeah I'd so you go out there I got today and take the cast hopefully. This. I hope you've I hope you have for him when he when he. Our glass is a pain from somebody is always wanted them to not warned him. To some he is always one when did you get your glasses on my IE got my glasses. When I was probably ten or eleven years old and I remember coming home. From the doctor homage to Wheaton eyeglasses and putting them mind taking them off in the backseat of might. Harman car. And being able to read signs in reads and it was like changing. It's supposed to have their an iPhone video cameras back and he would have had a viral video of the bravest kids in here for the first full. You can see any because I was getting really bad headaches and staff and it and you podium exits. The first thing eighties and an actor so I never. And a person. By means. Glasses or contacts to be. Problem but I've never. An issue you don't think they're irritating annoying. Keep up with them because that now have to Wear them for light reading or whatever pay difference in glasses. When she absolutely have to read a menu and it's like really it's Agassi's. Farce. It's. A reason things but anyway shall implement for cars like. If wreck the residential peek at the menu and animal she told William Ayers. Those are some cool. I think you should try on classes at this store today and inane. We can vote late so we can put four. Year okay. You would know glasses cane and you would like three pairs of glasses that you like and from all time. The website that we vote and if you don't especially if you don't have to give. You think you should decide which went. Okay one more question. Hating going to be comfortable on your face long term as account when you try on issues and they feel fine in the story and you onion like how these are killing me. There's no real lenient as it this. Way. They can likes it on here knows the right way or not the right way because like with sunglasses and it takes a couple of days to figure out fairly comfortable. Yet to make a decision spot on in the store and you're gonna live with for a long time when it hit him in the eighth season. OK it's not like that surgically and it. Love them will put up for vote and it sounds like thinking more about glasses and reasonable thing about that and a boob. Right yeah I don't let it and started forever. When it. And Jen shall we go yeah.