Jenn is Turning Into Her Mom!

Wednesday, July 13th


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Starting 941. And just walking them all the east side electrocuted. My guy yesterday I just can't shoot holes. In. One of the things yeah it makes me angry that I understand nation gang. Is illnesses out of season. I'm I do hate Nazis and I little kids Petri dishes of germs go. Now it gets sick you know through twelve months here 52 weeks a year related. Yeah bite I feel very seasonal seasonal. Illnesses and when I get coal. Sinus infection in humans. Since you can't get it yet so so when you're telling me that you have. Sinus infection in its 95. Degrees outside I got mad story. I'm no fool us because I thought I had that thought he would like some occult and our right to really should be. Sickened when her right Judy wintertime and cold outside should they be able have soup. Cindy. Hundred degrees outside Brian in your car I do you feel I feel better basic enemy action you. I wanted to do wanna hear what Nancy would say yes well that's what would Nancy what would your mom Nancy. Say to a sick gen it's summer called. She chooses is always really denoting as far as like food market in human tummy troubles he did. An apple sauce and toast. Or wait what's called it's called brat diet that's if you tummy troubles those things you can eat him on Tony. And and I've never heard this before my time for bananas rice applesauce contends. He can have a few times that. And then you know she would always like soup or something for him culled there you know we get to stay home from school she cared much soap operas. No matter I. I have vivid memories of and the art barker in the prices price is right on TV area and that the only thing I've been IA. Was ever fan it's regardless of the tummy trouble. Sign is back and say whatever. He. It just a little bit of froth at the chicken and stars. Star nationals and those little tiny care of themselves. White what what was your epiphany that you are turning into that yes. We're on vacation family vacation at the lookout mountain in Chattanooga and a whole area. And there are a couple there was. I'll meet you the stories and the Gaza is or where it dawned on me OK so. First volley went to like there have an amusement park slash water park place and hadn't had a blast like was shown Lauren had a deep the water slides and we were I'm going to on the lazy river are doing all that kind of stuff love that which my mom always took us Lehman Brothers again dale. When we were kids my mom and dad loves this wanna park in Florida that we went to all the time. Then I. I was figuring out that popsicle sticks everything. So long Jennifer splinter. On vacation homes Lennar anger and explain to three world have to dig in there and get it now it's gonna hurt before it feels that her before it was very difficult content partners and we finally got her sit still one of us is like holding her down. And I was in the splinter output and right afterwards we are promising obstacles networks for just about everything makes everything about it right. A few. Obstacles. And the king of pop's ones that it all at. Dollars and and we wouldn't see you rock city where they had to fiddle player playing in dance there and Portland it means that she's only an attack. And clawed their thing it went in the middle. And be so afraid of like. You know making fool of myself and three world months tapped that it happened like that. And it's all things are very nine inch. But Don Don me when we were black Berry picking and on the net and on right there's. And teaching us when we look kids we always have to cash. Vacation there every summer and so. It was something as we get buckets go out and go for a long walks trails. And so in the middle I'm reaching Robert Thornton. And my hands and showing her daughter. You know pick blackberries and steam and whenever. And I'm telling you backside this turtle like. And maybe the size of quarters that the court. In his stick Hugh is. It was so cute with it and it was out of real life. Adamant about it that's exactly my mama nature and she just loves science she's. He was third teacher teachers that are real. It was not an argument that actual animal alive her. And we spotted at Los timeline I was so excited and so excited to find it and that. I have to and then I started going back through vacation normally the water park. I'm dancing to a player popsicle sticks everything. I'm black. Oh yeah. I. There's comfort in numbers really that sad rationale. So 40474194. That moment. Of enlighten you if any that you can win you realize you've become New York must. 40474194. We won here the exact moment you rank from child. I'm mama you're mom how many guys. She I'll still are.