Jenn Tries Her Evil Laugh

Wednesday, July 19th

Jenn's back in-studio, so obviously we had to make her try an evil laugh too!


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So are in 941. Before we move out of the shares agent we need you to do something yeah we called we are then that's okay there's a video they came out of 100 Americans trying to. I do their best evil laugh attempts OK I am and when you think of evil laugh we think of the movie. Evil laugh like I. Yeah. Or Ursula from Little Mermaid yeah. I've Chucky member though Chucky doll through. They movies we now. So we need you don't regret saying yeah we need to sit in the to do your. Best evil laughter you have the option though of doing it's either before you hear everybody else on the show do there's a tank or after you hear me and a charity donors I. I now what do you think this little matter of. A lot IE. I'll just do my first OK then don't be influenced at. Yesterday its channel doing something awful yeah. Her. Thought. I had a good rest and we'll. That I would rank that up to I think I did a brag on myself I think it did a pretty good one and. Maybe bigger that I. Mad scientist evil jade he had a solid aren't. And act and. J&J b.'s dad actually was in and he is a may have the microphone good. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Aides mr. Allen and not can it on the U the last fate as far as women doing you the last and reviewed doing well but you're in rare company. Oh really. And can tell achieves this. And it's kind of and I agree chef yeah. It gets better again. Intern Maggie. So he he he he he he dizzying. Think cardinal on the smarts. Intern Robin. Yeah. I. Since sounds like she could mean she. Yeah. I'm not. And finally me singing and yeah a million. Think you've seen now. Yeah threads. Tell Iran and Janine and Maggie in the same evil lair yeah something terrible happens okay sounds like that's. Again it's another we've gotten yours we never have to play those again OK there. Okay yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.