Jenn Tricked Us

Thursday, July 27th

Jenn fed us breastmilk cupcakes AND DIDN'T TELL US. Listen as she calmly reveals what's going on. 

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. You guys know I loved cooking right America loved to cook bread baking and cooking to top wholly different thing now is a science behind making it hard. Actually it's much harder and much more precise so it was quite a jumbled yesterday with our four year old almost two year old in the kitchen with me. As I was trying to do some baking but I brought show and tell and I share making nice. You have to go oh yeah. It cupcakes here and just announced John we never three hours skin it's been a busy morning we hug of oh my gosh and you you can't see these aren't as a symposium on social media but yeah like. The bite sized country they have kegs and then I did many must yeah as a yummy as for kids it's like an easier. I little fight you know. Yummy. We like Panama and what kind of mountainous it. I'm out of my friends cupcake isn't a cupcake and cake little chocolate married and have converted parry international. Yeah I mean you know I mean milk and chocolate cake. No picnic you know I don't know. Hang on let me take on TV. There's a huge issue in this Jan. I mean I'm not gonna I'm I'm not faulting you are. Jack actually left the room to pass its way it was a fault with that town that's where she's thank you you're. Economy Trish and here okay. No I think right. Why are we what's the best part of a cupcake. I mean it's there you have it. I know I don't like them. Area that I had an issue that no issue that no frost and. Oh yeah I ran out of time sorry but he's too much going on it is a cupcake but it's it's and must inform adolescence where you now on the Maurice mess. Yes these girls are so worried about thank you for that it's okay. Well it does have a secret ingredient and it what is the secret ingredient that's my panic okay. As you I'm sure hasn't been an. They're allowed. Access. Yeah Kelly not your kind of music festival grand I don't know I'm. I'm feeding these sick kids to invest contests now for on Jeffrey. A couple of days ago. When you told us the story. About the only who's making some brownies. I don't know the story the president ansari. In mass armies and that's why just had a baby shot. You know I'm not paint and you give me a breast milk OK this about it's I think just adds an extra. Sir. Are you serious. It's a. He's their breath smoke cupcakes. Whose boobs. You estimate of friend before who years ago. It is her who why would you do that you need monster who killed them moist and end. Yeah I mean what do you think saying don't give. Did you like. It and it's. This is simply cookie muffin breast milk and that's update. On Lehman methods and journalist. There really think we had we got an extra ten. Mourning her just try ballet may not out of it and I was like I have a friend you just. I mean. Yeah. Except it is stuck in game out of another woman's urged. I mean NN news or. Get the pay extra for that kind of stuff. I mean I mean that doesn't talk about and yeah even. Adult consenting adult. I. I'm questioning everything I do the rest of the lane on the path. Am bass did you get gas is sold there is a just like a weird side effects it. I end. Jim I mean how are you asking. About the sodium kind and I'm a big guy that mean we human breast milk is insulted us as the funniest thing ever to have. A science. And science. Bangs again. The sweet news and about a two which is good kids. But you would tell what you think it's. Not Hugh Hardy said. There again and that guy kidding and I know why none around and ample rest is really really good for you kind nutrients it's got all those dead like this June builders and the fact he made the man. Are things John thanks Sandra. The advice. She's smarter than the fact that they're a mile away from me you are monster. Nobody would she's got many friends. But I think the fact that there are many mountains you should column the next. Employment. Everything I know to be good in the world is now batch. I'd shown Mendez against coming out of an amenity confess your crash coming up in a minute. But first we have to address the facts that Jen casually mentions that she tried to get her hands. At cupcakes from scratch. And after we all enjoy a wind. She informed says that it was her friends breast milk. All this to. Out as an experiment because you guys that you told us a story the other way it started out is how can I lose all of my friend and I want and a minimum and pray to god faith jetBlue story about a woman who was making brownies or her kids bake sale. And she can have an email in the trades and so she just used to milk and then she does Saddam based a complete work on not about it. Well I haven't have a friend who just had a baby and she's one of those mommies who makes plenty sat like extra reserves in bridge and I was like. Would you mind yes. And she was like. And sure it so I tested it out and wanted to see if they actually. Would turn out. And then I just find you guys it's time without knowing what was then come Jessica did for a baby. Just joining the show from Dallas Georgia this morning hi Jessica. Good morning Harry baggage disgusted. Nonsense. I wanna ensure applied and I would diet lacking in my car. Tires are on it I let her English speaking neither an eye on what she's aircraft. Think it back she didn't tell you guys first. Made it happen more malaria. Yeah. Yeah. I noted by our you don't need about why I'm. And drink that attract you that other. Sings I'm your own. And I ask me what can I am in need and I wish you mentioned your sodium content. That's probably what it solves. They don't like you each. And it's and is basically what you eat and when I tried my. Oh I love but I just tried it when I was resting it's really sweet. I didn't mean instead hello I. Am has its life it can take that home. I'll stop what white white white garbage. Is at. Where you're talking about the savory or sweet as your own breast mound. Your baby jazz you're maybe you didn't hear from Alan it's about this. I. Announced and it's showing me even ingredients that she use a cement mixers while I was begging them. Breasts now brown and spouse and love is nutritious LA dairy can you leading third one. Second credit to take a bite when you know I'm. You said they're gonna do. I want a wash like an episode chopped and then be like this secret news. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.