Jenn Personal Story

Thursday, July 26th

We're all guilty of looking, but is this too far?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. I agenda we I mean what we're we're we need to hear from the schedule for a few minutes because you need to. Explain what you were just telling us off the air about your friend and I know you can't tell the whole story I. I death can username and tell the whole story. Yet but I was just on these guys in the studio that I have a friend who think she needs is changed churches because she's finding yourself physically attracted to her passer. It's so don't. She's so I make almighty god acts service says and she's. We know he's generally stronger base and you know but she's like I'm just finding myself physically attracted to him like he's obviously you know and for a front of everybody great speaker very you know motivational. And you know he's a man of god and so he's got all these great qualities but she's also physically attracted to him she thinks he's really cute you have to get an of that row home is gone early service mid days' time. And as a later days whereas she's gone no wind vane is actually not she's not going more often she's going regularly but she's like. I find myself dressing up a lot more I'm wearing how. Nicer heal all that might. Really carefully here raiding my outfit before I get there. And she said that was enough not engaged to Wear to church where I won't actually go to HE double hockey state. Well definitely gay may be a drop some communion down there and have to fish it out homo. Kirkwood city was I'm not thinking about the right thing during service. You know what I mean and I was like who really cannot and seems like you know what I'm thinking about fill in the blank now is like really what are you gonna do and she doesn't really know and so I can I was sound these guys off the air. What I don't ask her today if I can tell more of the story like let's move more involved and but what denomination. Is the church because if he owns all I want she's saying though oh no she's not single out she's married unhappily married well. Totally happily married with two kids and they belong to this church for awhile and it's that's why she thinks she's a changed churches is because her mind is going somewhere. She does not want it to know but she can't. Well that's a great person I'd great opening lying that jiji news like. If you get some personal time MG relay any other how many commandments you gonna break this weekend. What do you not yeah I mean father back. Never mind going in the wrong direction she does not want any being it. To actually ever happened with the Ernie dishes like I just can't help it I'm physically attracted to him and that's what I'm thinking about current church and so I got to change church it's. And that's that's about as. As far as I think it is right now when you talk easily either she's happily married like they it's like family life is great she's just being an I'll let you know she's. You know her prayers might be dear lord. Don't let me be edge I didn't professor anymore. So when you chargers and can you ask her is she doing this because it's telling that. That these are for you can't have. You know I mean that's as email for forbidden fruit yet that's I'm saying may be that's where you gas there has obviously she's married so she can't have this can't do that I know that song why do that Ryan but it's also he's a breeze so it's kind this letter early untouchable thing you can't vote. Said that and that sounds weird around. Tiny you know what I mean so I could just be that feeling of that that attraction to this urban fridge. Is that a rosary in your back getting. At home mom and she's like I have didn't leaflet I can no longer go to church anymore so. Well out there today and asked her. And what her plans are is that we want these days are well. I have so many questions. But I wanted to know if she doesn't leave I'm assuming she goes to church for their whole family oh yeah so she's gonna have to tell depending on hold our children. And her husband why there are now driving thirty minutes to a charge when there's a perfectly good 14 blocks away or whatever right. Fans I think they're pretty much. Happy at this church is that they heard Isaac church if only they know lots of other feelings there there's like a lot of good things going on like it is how long is this the church really got married and. I don't know I have to ask because of it is that means that that priest rather went on her honeymoon even if you isn't there of you know. Yeah. Yeah. I don't like that wedding video review online do you found there. I have not even that I did today I'll bring you have again dissents Mara if I can. If I can get some questions answered you think she tries to make taking communion taxing our Alicia and Siemens and challenges. He's gonna need a break right now we're in need to get dragged. And diet. I can't feel like I have ever had. They're lacking it. Martin I ain't what I got on base but they keep it. It be radiation that remark at 7 AM and I eat and I and it. Go to work afterward and I a lot like you that at bat cracked me out and act on it that they think it. And I think you know I'm a big smile on your trees. House I actually I like Britney and you've got you you've got back a at our at again. Little League is it I know I don't let that I pay and the situation and ever pulled a Little League. It back. Looking back it with Mary you know it I'm all by now married with a kid and have a quick but not. Like we're like an athlete not the right at our it department. What Bo wins he wins he was he would have a priest guide proficient person. You put pressure edit an actor Eric Eric church had passer. So now than I am seeing him and everybody you're being great live there and into play how well okay AR. I'm every like you know and yet even Barry White trash is a network or getting at a very wary. Yeah he the idea. He's passionate for Jesus okay. Like honey and they're now. So much and demand isn't strong his basin so eloquent about it I bats attractive hey you're like well. Aetna and make you feel that much more right you're dead you leave it at the right from my. The -- land and take these thoughts out of my hat I had a list while his there's there's a guy hired friendly member let's ami gave you to help out with this so we're gonna hopefully Jens gonna talk to our friend today. And we're gonna follow up with a story tomorrow I won't we've got two choices for the person's name because we're gonna let her use of fake name you get depend Alyssa OK so here your future races Mary were eve. Thanks. Yeah I bet what I thought how are are out. 08. EA yeah. And then I'll I'll set you mentioned going to radiation every day I just went did not want until it passed by without saying good luck with that we're beaten we're gonna be cheering for you Braintree okay thank you I appreciate. Called feel better and guys keep listening in and calls anytime they are you'd sue and I for making us less. It's just its OnStar not before want to.