Jenn is Nervous about Flight with Kids

Friday, May 13th


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He's a local call. Here and local Shia. What a concept RA zero point 7419. Yeah and down 841. And I apologize in advance for my friends Jenn hobby if she's a little salty or disconnected today it's because. She's waiting for the world to and mid afternoon. And if you have children you know. Oh its bid for the prospect of a flight with young kids is so John king and we have we won't fly out until 3 o'clock this afternoon I will be stressed until we land. You are taking both children right for the first time. Yes so our youngest is almost nine months it'll be her first flight. And our oldest is three and she's flown a lot and we've had some great flights and we've had more. Terrible consists of it just stressed today because you never wanna be that person that disturbs the flight for everyone else you never want to be but you can't help it sometimes you can do. As much as possible to prevent kids being crazy but. But you can't you can't control so I'm going to be stressed. Hey Shelly call in from Kennesaw hi you doing. Comfort in numbers today. Are you are are you good traveler with the children's. And I am now that they are adults but I like so they were younger. And well it my boys about you wouldn't buy it we were flying around the next two Miami yeah yeah and we did at midnight flight thinking it would be great to play safely. Our wanna I wanna pause right there because I am fascinated. By this angle of parenting and because I have a lot of friends with kids that age. And it will do things like I'll we're going to grandma's house we're gonna leave at 8 PM. In pulling the Gramm is it one because the kids normally have a 730 bad times of the week branched. It does make it a little easier. Diet we got on the plane and we got the boys all settled and they carried around their two big. Both sides that both. Which was probably dumb on our part and it's obviously been handicapping comes on the feds are being diverted to they get. It could get and they get a couple of others say yes we were told to get off the plane and change planes yeah. We had to wake up the way it. And immediately started screaming. Bloody murder yeah so yeah we are carrying the two boys both of their cars it's. We're running through the airport they are still screen roll fighter and explain they are still screaming. Yeah I buckled and they didn't actually stop screaming until the plane within the air. We finally made it to Miami get off the plane and one other bomb it's right there. I don't know hold that seat edge and don't you feel better. Thanks Michel a year while I thought there's going to be comfort in numbers now this is presenting all the additional possibility. You need to take about a crowd started June no lab for considered a former 047419400. There's not enough wipes that tennis. To make James feel better about her mission today if you have any great. Childhood to travel. Meltdown stories. Let's let's use those stories for good natured and feel better for 047419400. Love rejoices in the morning and. We appreciate that it's so starry night before one.