Jenn Needs to Meditate

Friday, July 29th


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It's. I have anger issues yes anger OK I've got to anger issues and I mean now. I go with one of my girlfriends we try out this new place called atmosphere. And you go there to exercise you can do cycle laying you can do yoga and you can do. Meditation. All right bred that dog the same time to think I'm media and different sessions so. It was like a sample of each of their things so my friend and I go intimate meditation and it guided meditation may but it's. Modern hipster management agency. The root is glowing with the blue eyes arc in re sitting on the pill and it that pollute. Light units like one Indian blue light. Everybody's wearing headphones like we went for radio. But they have glowing blue lights on the headphones. That makes a quiet noise canceling headphones. But the music and instructors senior year of thanking program noise you just look around everybody's needs like well we hey you crazy king glowing. And at the guided meditations that she's writing it's him. Would that be a grant plays in here with a friend who drinks too much passes it's taken me under that program that aids is data and the next day and it wake up they're like I did. It is interesting experience. So we're sitting there on the pillows and her you know guided meditation about. Let and it's this woman's voice and they're saying things like. You'd. And compassion. Wish. People in your position as you. Visual IC was it like. Usually it's when you Le visualize your best friend visualize this is as a stranger somebody just all these things and give them in the same words every time. Compassion. I'm. It's. Always and she says an onion great arm and an ample trying to isn't it can't. She says pictures someone you would imagine as yours and some who. Doesn't wish you someone who. You know it's not say nice things about she. Imagine that person in your mind to arrive you're trying to relax why would you do that I know well as she's trying to change energy giant change bad energy and dinners are like I certainly know she's doing a guy get some volatile on okay negative so I got some medium and K yeah. And I'm like. Okay she's like send him compassion. Can't. Send him of sin and gratitude. And well wishes and I'm like allied. You yelled out in the room. Is everybody at the same point in their headphones yeah everything seems agent in advance I'm sure other rest I am assuming loving compassionate than when they don't like and I'm just thinking of ways to prevent students. I. Does. It yet again. Yelled out Al. It opens amenity I would I would think really just in time and there's Jesse James shell. I'm.