Jenn Needs Help with Technology

Wednesday, August 10th


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They championship and show. So off. I cannot be the only parents struggling. With this. Issue with technology and I use your help. If you're either really Smart on your phone or your iPad or if your parent and have already figured this out because it's gonna just be apparent things and because. I'm pretty Smart with the gadgetry yes and when you brought this up. I try to solve it and you put it I didn't even try because it's not an issue for me right and I don't have an immediate answer I know almost every. Well let's aging on the one of your brilliant. Yeah ads on. So I know is there a trip to letting your child use a touch screen device because is. Our oldest is three almost three and a half so she figured out by now. If you she's figured out YouTube basically. So if you're looking at a device but our line. We needed to play some videos for Wii I told you all that last week we were in and out of the highest violent waiting rooms and doctors in an emergency room and choose get picked and poked for IVs and stuff like that so to keep her mind off that I was trying to play baby Einstein videos as they're singing I mean it. They're cool little babies. She typically doesn't get to watch any television just doesn't get any devices yet she's taken Einstein that warned that this owners are watching. Now. As a wannabe millennial he should know. I don't know we use them for actual babies and not with. So I was play them for reits which of course as they want to reach out and grabbed. The device whether it's a matter and I phone. And every time she would grab it she would touch it and press pause are we end up some. Down some weird YouTube rabbit hole of ads or use org and scroll the last four videos you watch and all of a sudden she's. I'm watching a recipe for chicken and yeah you and it'll frustrate her even more so their whole point of that was playing this for her to Concord pound. But then when she would mess up the video or touch it accidentally and I could not figure out to continue to play the video and engage the lock screen at the same time. So that the hack you're looking for at parenting hack is how to kid proof. Your touch screen device while they are using it said yeah you can hand her your phone. And she can watch a video. Not in erupt her video I accidentally touching and Ernie thank yes an awesome not accidentally. Make a phone call with some rain and company country it's gonna come after me right. Or delete things on your phone because it very easily you know I have an eye on me the will they start wiggling. And then all of a sudden you've got fifteen things gone nearly. There except of violence arrangements. And we edited in the numbers for 0474194. So will get the answer no more experience than parents than me have have. To have disfigured. I will tell you this is a generational thing in all of a quick funny story. My parents our visiting where that line and that are found it on an iPad. But they did something cause the wiggle. And panic. And I'm like. Because there might get the apps that they need in the exact order in line up and so I can tell them. But we have different pictures on huge news and yes not bad habit. I've actually taken pictures of her sight of them waited a year ago in the settings page three quarter okay. So off. That wiggle. The elderly and toddlers very similar when it comes to technology in my and I just needed that it's a big deal meanwhile I'm about. And I. Out. Of the way. Accolades from it. Had no idea what items. They Aaron while and now you have a solution. I mean yes. My daughter had the same problem here is they kind of what stall. It's called they would he and it looks kind of like not to let me get slide the iPad or iPhone into it. They can hold on you wait and see it that they can't text screen. Okay I did not lock if there's no capability to you know actually lock the phone and place they still couldn't touch it through the plush doll. And now I don't know Anderson and what I don't know any tricks about you guys are under the iPad itself but I never had that little and it it each year in the hole on cue they can hold it themselves. And you don't act. Acted in their whole bit at the right angle or any that I can tell you you don't wanna be hold your wood in front. I. You like it a little. It let the dot dot let and it hurts expert or a little aged now hold on. Hey Aaron I'm gonna need to dispel will be form trip with a. I hit it on the yeah. I would do it on. It on in the Amazon Ledee got it I think yeah I would Google search that word and someone else you fifty cents. I'm like I am sure I wanna search for a boogie doll looks at him and tell me about is an ice and to name. A two mile incoming woody after Jan. Did the crowd it. Do you. Think you'd look. Out. Yet snacks and yeah. I'm. Sure you control. You can look Larry eight touched on it. And you just gonna get coached and out. She is from trial. It's awesome really this is really may have to call you later to name her that she'd walk me through this case and guided access settings. And is that you can you temper rarely does that that your only that always asked. Oh yeah and again I was deadly and I mean Maryland and Atlanta he had a parenting pact army. Yet keeps you can't you can edit that for your child eight limit you can lock that we're making. Our that they can click on their own videos. That you set up within a partly eight slam. Oh that's that's for the searches and take it is and terrified about my kids on Nazi. And what about those weird videos where they showed children how to play with toys. It's set out weirdest phenomenon Jeff it's adults. Playing with children's toys and giving them animated voice is like. Prince. So it. First and then they play with it creeps me out the kids go down that worm hole. Really shot up rarely. Yet immediately millions of views millions of them why are we making one it's ridiculously. Creepy hit home yet I'm may equine. I'm telling you are right. Let's may corn Janet tickets millions of views that's advertising dollar K I'm telling you it's gonna get millions of views let's do it it's so creep in let's do it let's hear your voice for the will be. Key. Needs and so are. You think you guys are the parent and you. You limited access to back. You know. Dawn ready for a one.