Jenn Interviews Jeff about His Letter

Tuesday, March 29th


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Jeff just read a letter to himself he's in a review over the next year and use it as motivation. And ice and yell at Najaf who wrote athletic enough right now so fascinated by this UB icing my friend Jaffe. Here's. Here's that Clinton is just a paragraph this is like point number four that I mean no matter it's. We've slowed decision making it's what bothers you the most about you and you can change it so easily. Trust your god made that call stick with it. Your paranoia about not being liked is holding you back professionally more than anything else games. Your qualifying you're experienced you're Smart in your well liked you are not anyone else you are you you are awesome. May get have been without hesitation. Pretty much to be frank Underwood but less evil. Yes that's one of the ones I've got a question about it. I mean we break this down our several days to constantly everybody but I had with when the yeah the paranoia about not being like right. Weird does that conference. I just. There are a lot of people Amy Amy. Our industry. Right who. Are successful at what they need to buy it aren't. They're respected for their talents but not for their people skills that make sense. Okay I'm right ally throw anybody under the bus to that is small industry but. There are there people who are really. Our broad really really very talented but it don't Foster good work environment so I'm trying to balance the I want. I really wanted to create late morning show kind of family that I'm so excited we do in this review and have it be that a namely. Nurturing were all in this together. To Alter yeah offer 11 for all attack and make everybody feel inclusive and and I eat. So I think that leads me to or not. Make hard hard decisions the color make demands are learning demands again airing on the side of being nice. Ands. The court generally a bad thing especially as we're getting everything going to hang out and started I think it's okay. Do want to be like since want to created different environments but it's out with the word paranoid yeah. Was what kind triggered in there I think every single day about. Creating a fresh and important and that's why use humor paranoid because it's something that I think about. Every single its top of mind yes OK but I think that's a good thing that I think you can also make decisions and be as strong leader. And asked a lot of people all yet I think you can do in a way where you're still like why don't we the best bosses in the best managers you and I have ever had. We always talk about. So I may go through the years and they raised that they hold bar high a level of expectation is very high but they're also really. Wonderful what do you. Do that the box things and I'll do yeah. Talk about how happy are you just thank everybody for Beers and out I was fighting guys realize that I now we've had not yet been UB UB you're OK next question Dario and and we're gonna come back to that frank underwear thing OK okay good but the next question is why are you insulting yourself in this little use some really harsh words especially when it comes to food. And your diets. That are really really hearted yourself what we're sat at what words they use when you when you are saying. Like when he says said something about you called yourself I don't wanna say at Ford. How I was negative joke about eating all the chips and she's. And let. Everybody goes there messy and ask that right and you get the appetizer. See at the chips and thousands of and she's chips and block or sometimes Alfred Anderson there's three out and you mindlessly shovel those Nan and then you're not hungry anymore but you already ordered an entree that's covered in sauce and she's in everything you Gotti part of and then use it now and I'm. Big champion she's eating monster. OK so. It's the way that men talked to themselves or talked to in other vs the way women do but it was way to partners. Oh yeah like you're being seniors. But I came because I'm me guys can give themselves trapped and I'm a guy says tournaments of crap. But I don't really like I'm not. And never have been a person who's obsessed over weight but I do. 12 and and have started losing weight because I don't wanna be a big deed gain but my PNC's relief that I. And she's working out Maine yet spin class freaking idea always it's been class and she's doing the right thing like I know what she's doing and she's cut and Ali healthy food in the evening in the parades and so when I have to expect it again which he says he's trying to encourage you to eat healthier and she's working her ass off doing it so I need to do when Manny didn't work out photos via FedEx this letter's going to be motivating it's not gonna make you feel so now how okay is it can't vote if you re an -- stand dot com and some stand up comedy. Can. Can take that like more harsh tone because it's funny what we've talked about a whole life of me yourself now I think that's just it never did I would never call you fatty news. It's OK I have a three year old who does that I'm excited about that. Yeah that honesty. OK and we expect that frank under a thing yes first of all I didn't really get that reference I mean I know it's the character. In your favorite show house of cards during president under what is I have a white house of cards Kevin Spacey is in town he could be listening in I. Kevin Spacey no disrespect to house of cards I would love to have the time to Benoit binge watch it but. I think it'll be like five years Mankins hurled right price and time to watch something fun on Netflix frank Underwood came from the tiny little town of Gaffney South Carolina. You know where they have the peach water tower. That's his town and he worked his way out. To Washington DC where he became the whip OK and it was my job to bring everybody together. In EU's his network and his connections to eventually become president. He said he was only gonna serve one term at any decided to run for two in so he has frank Underwood he makes stuff. Happen and when he makes his decisions he makes them and he bangs his ring and is that's twice it's the site say here's your life goals. To be like a fictional here I am. And I am not ashamed by pet if you watch house of cards you'll realize frank Underwood when he makes a decision. He sticks and and I realize I recognize there traits. In real and fictional. Characters that part of the like I think to take me to the next level I have to be more mail forward is make a bowler. I don't at noncommittal as a wired them may become middle is a word that you want to be decisive. Decisive Edward I'm confident in his decision yes that's once the decision is made. Just get to go away.