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Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making this wedge and adjusts it's our nation aren't I just love this interview with Matthew McConaughey Kate and People Magazine. Where they went through the eighties the rapid fire questions and passengers a whole bunch of different things about his life. And I just thought they were great interview questions even more so that I like his answers a gang because advancers for every one miss. All around all around her and. I'm hot does it matter what I say you're just gonna listen because I'm Matthew McConaughey. So I'm curious about what your answers would be all right see you wanna ask me. The match you make me questions from People Magazine. Aren't they about like his movies and stuff. It's just about him as a person but okay is way more fun I get so it one of the ones that I felt a school. Was and asked him. What's something that's overrated. Some thing over and yeah I am. What do you think is overrated you can't save his BK is that means there's a lot of people who think it's rated worthy of it in there and you say it out loud they hammer you. But I'll say it say it. I think beyoncé is overrated. I shot about half an hour now why. I mean it's hard to defend because she's selling out stadiums. She did one sold out show in Atlanta and she's coming back. Like she is yours is. Walk on water angelic. Can do no wrong human then. And I just I appreciate. But I just don't think she. Long and I just don't think it's that it's a me now okay it's amazing. Duncan on Twitter page half. And I know the behind going to be Manson maybe five she sneezes and the Internet freaks out there like all doesn't and she and I well. I now. Right now I'm just thing I'd I'd think that you asked me overrated. Now okay. Next question when have you felt the sexiest. That's difficult is Mayo isn't really an imaginative. Equities describe myself really. And answered any. I was nine years old and I'm. Honestly when I finished completed the first draft on ever did in 2012. There was a about a month month and a half period rate after that where I've felt like the east side. Yeah. I am man here we are right apple. And then yes I think that probably would be would be it. The smell you love the most. French. Baking. Bread. Rash Beijing varieties and I'm really what's the word for somebody who's really attracted to smells. A word for the high olfactory sense yapping like that but there's a lot of smells that bring you back to like certain. Points in places and stuff in my in my world I think everybody's like that because the smell part of your brain is closest to your memory artists a guy but yeah I think it fresh fresh speaking. Bread is probably he. Number one cocaine love that's how about the movie you have seen the most goodfellas. Yep I watched all through I've seen a gazillion times you love every minute that movie. This is it one of those that comes on TV and no matter when it's on your gonna finish watching it from whatever point it is whether it's the beginning and similarly and GAAP. I've only got I'm not a huge movie guys have really got like four movies like that goodfellas is one of from the godfather the first godfathers one of them. Shawshank redemption and dead poet's society. And all good choices and awakening. I'll really get anyone of those five movies mine I'm gone gear and I'm gone for the rest for the duration. I just kind of morbid but is is. What would be your last meal and who would you eat it. I would like yes I'm really perfectly cooked. Medium steak. Weird baked potato all the toppings. Now they eat it with doctor Sanjay duped sent a group who could save my life. From whatever is afflicted me that's gonna cause me perfect and last line is your greatest extravagance. I trample. Well if every now obviously I think it's wedding related staff. But I. Tempered back and that on account replenish and savings accounts and whatnot leaves me. But I love to travel and then. Cali and I have a beautiful place I'm in a lake in South Carolina that we try to go to as much as possible so. Certainly to have a place like that to retreat to use extra. Quote that and soft serve ice cream fro yo hit it yes rodeo. Prodi is pretty extravagant. I think they've had an extravagant cart and its extravagant. I can I skew the same exact questions at this time tomorrow perfectly. Are making the switch to this just shows a certain age girl and.