Jenn Hates Bouncy Houses

Friday, July 22nd


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That's for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before wanhatten. Shape or action. I wish we are recording what you do is say and is it would require a lot of teams. Collegiate player back. Jana has herself a four year old writes for. Breaking story. You've got a case. Who's going to a birthday party over the weekend and what will be present at the bird. I've. So you don't bouncy house and he knows that created those just. Then how I act I act. Ellen tires aren't an accident waiting to happen is about germs or something in the Baltic. Kind of a bit of germs into. Its expansive and tapped out all the way out of about a million poked by this ranges man. Of the place of them fairly clean and and the theory BP's a peek at the bottom dirty Pope ever OK it's fine. Those things the umpire. Bouncy houses that I've got an issue. Really issue with RT party. An accident waiting to have somebody is gonna again nobody gets hurt. Everybody nobody every single time get in there somebody's snack at somebody cry. Somebody will break something somebody come out with an injury needs stich is going to the hospital Pakistan. Are being dramatic I'm not it's obnoxious when is the last time. Somebody that you went to a bouncy house party or somebody left in an. Well I'm not going to that many bouncy house parties yeah I'm approaching bouncy house territory because of their ages and they get older and all of the bouncy house eight. First of all Winslet and each is blew away in a storm all the off and power lines and crap like I can imagine Mike it inside. And like. I'm not had one they had one at their school or some school possible party something that she went to look at heat got ripped out. He had averaged eighteen is like because of I. Show EDT how old was she in the bouncy house somewhere in elementary school and they want her baby seat she had to get all on dental search. I hit it to instantly there is not real. Is that basketball and racial people that they know I'm just saying it's more likely stupid bouncy house here's an. Important part of the county. I mean divert the attention to train. Everything else cool that's gone and went bouncy house comes up I'm offering chocolate and another area that you want chocolate you want can damage that it. Are awake and paying bounce yet this stuff you I don't spend my weekend special so you're playing so much and I am stupid bouncy. So your plan is tonight the overnight select the settings to lower if cable or whatever and then when somebody makes an announcement has indicated. In the and bounce yes you're going to be it. Governing air there's that. I did cupcakes. Route yet. Because my suite at. Age don't on the bouncy house and he came and he. Pay Cynthia welcome to the sham. Jason we have please ease Jana obvious fears about unrealistic fears about about. You know actually haven't lately I expect my daughter let it out there compliment about it like in the church and that one I'm. And she flipped over a lie and landed on. Mistake that was holding it into the grass. And injured her hand bad that her pinky on her left hand. Can only get you up high short track because they're sneaky and permanently there. And Cynthia thank you. You problem printing houses Ers do. Yeah it will never go to one oral. Ignorant statements you right. Now. I am having more fun and child if you bouncing around let's say advisor lyzard plane is in the room and everybody's out and say. I had their house Buford this morning. Convent NetApp. Greatly and uterine and for a well my I'm second birth day or was that cat hair only had a great time the ball all night at eight in the Balkans they were a baby. And I got phone calls about it later a villain look at the virus they caught in the Balkans. And that's all I care and they said they don't bring the ball and the ball. I out. This program. To hire someone in on the app if you write yeah. I don't know who's here. Thank you thanks Heather thank you. Eight Evans and you know without. Hey hey. Hey I'm Mac. Any I. Art. And we. Are at it. I did it hard earned her a I am I eaters and yeah and heard. I adding that it can't. Like R&R. The items I don't believe you. Account and I think it's. There's always some crime. All of its sweating and crying exacting time and some parent. As you jump into the bouncy out there and pull somebody out and rescued. I just enjoy and share what's out. Paying my name and I work in the ER and I'm. It would probably barely moved quite a few people we are things that often in the. Yeah. Not. God. It was dead when she certainly is an hour. Are there yeah our main we don't need it I. Come and he be here then it's 40474. Line at 9400. And we will take your calls reassured Jane. Or scare her away from the party altogether. Outed birthday party danger. We're affords them Borland and sort of make it this way it's just a change bonds are not before one.