Jenn Had Skin Cancer Surgery

Friday, June 17th


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And gen John we go to the. Over the course of this week. Jenn hobby. Rapped about guacamole. Yet rapped about Papa John. Casually mentioned that she had cancer on the base hit winning this surgery. And now is back at work based cancer. And that that your data's alarmed I am. I mean there's really no choice like when they tell you have skin cancer on you know as you just go do what they say but and so I was trying to limit the enormity of dodge it by just move forward with life frankly what's what's the option. But there'll there's no I'm you know Amy I am but I like the fact that you kind of casually brought it up and judge. There you've you've got so many details but it wasn't like she found like a weird animals that look different yet. And a lot of those normative and normal person. This was an invisible thing like this is something you've got a IE 63 feet away from and I couldn't see it on her face. So you number one you couldn't see which is alarming to me. Maybe I got them to Ole country. Think it's still you had them hasn't had a nice to president I aggregate and for whatever reason that's more of an insult coming from him is he Selma. So. So that's the so the fact that it was the you couldn't see it RT and the fact that you suggested. Waiting a few weeks to get that procedure done in your dermatologist. Like I'm out now you can man in this afternoon and acts there. It had to be done really quickly and then the Doctor Who did it is say reconstructive. Surgeon just went on your face you want somebody you can. Do the delicate skin and do the right stitching so that you have minimal scarring of course and so that that doctor was gonna be on vacation for a couple weeks there like he definitely don't want to wait go ahead get it scheduled get an. So so Jim's been totally cool and casual whatever about it says so but so she went in yesterday in with the exception of having. A bandage that is bothering her so much more than it bothering it's opposite points. It's embarrassing it's humbling is what I was I sent a picture to my girlfriend yesterday without where it comes. The I mean isn't that from you down but other than that surgery went out all the cancers gone all cancers stomach got enough yeah. And where UAL's onscreen on yourself and put sunscreen on your kids okay and where you cable. To find. A doctor earners or some come talked. Yes so this is actually she's gonna help you chill out a little Jack is actually from my dermatologist not. And they. To make you feel about actually easier hey Ashley. More. All right listen. I am sitting here we've we've Jan who had her her no procedure thing that. We which we're all bearing that we're all very happy that everything out. However. I am a little alarm speakers is I understood it. You would go in and have procedures done win a freckles started to look like Abe Lincoln or something he he. Well any time anything new in something he'll. It's it's wrong it's scaly red shiny and it is simply to crack in the third. Things that we say every day. And as docile all words turn. And and then. And making breakfast cereal right now this isn't. K hello I think they have annual doctor to be its heyday yeah well. You know until biopsy and then often see exactly what it says. Yeah he's very cautious and and really really great all right so what Al's given at least they about it. Add a top five list of something or are. I mean there are ABCs of models. You know a century that it expected date either Mickey Mouse. Ears there. Border irregularity. In as it has like a kite hale. Color doesn't lack credibly. It has it has been dark spot in the middle of it. That's something that you know concerning and then diameter. You know it. Yeah that day I asked a couple of other questions for you do you give us your Sunday image from when your kids. I do at night it's mostly before like age eight or something right yeah that share. And thin. Public I have never before been happier than to have been raised in Syracuse, New York yeah well yeah. We have seventeen days of sunny here if you. Forty people get it now and lifetime and yacht meaning that we need to say daily containing bad I mean. Right hander great that you get it there are bad. And then I think he's still got to where SPF like even I get most of your sentiment as a kid if you're an adult he said I don't. Pressure I mean as yet thirty broad spectrum mediate could be and then. You know just sweating or swimming you need to re apply every two hours. An anything else our urgent that people should should should look for. I think we pretty much covered rock scaly red Chinese if if you have a question go to the dermatologist she can generally people should every year one year. You can stop saying Ross scale. I. Islanders their office listen team and engines and thank you so much and I mean you'd. Call. Ours. And in his words. I. Am currently in. Thank you look at. The small. And I did this out of ever open a seafood restaurant will be named Ross daily regiment. Our west so. We are descriptions of wade states made up thought within the. Of what same beard everybody's habits that you actually for them yet it's Haley Brody Casey and right back in the very case here. So don't don't let yours get away from me and you afterwards I'm based management. President anthem I'm trying to figure out which filter makes me look worse at least I'm so. Jen genre does.