Jenn Grosses Jeff Out

Wednesday, July 20th


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Whole home alone the dossier on the world for. Seven cool and more underrated Geoff since you are sorry not before one. Gonna try to gross out Jeff franks now we'll see. This completely gross me out and I cannot understand it so first and tigers Africa anti things and then. You can't try to see if anybody. Can explain to me why you would ever want to yes all right so this isn't my age. I've. Dirty something for decades. Now. Look away. And yeah uneasy close your eyes just because I'm gonna put something in your hand it. And I wanna see. Should I come here for. And I would rather get your reaction on the likely here look at dampening and so I'm just gonna hold it until it's in my hand you detected at. I container. Of sorts I just critic container of sorts ingesting and I. Nominees you look at the container. OK it's Leo orange plastic. There's it tooth yeah I'm looking tied. On now whose teeth. Like can I just so growth. Oh my god whose gross to either those. Dogs. Extracted teeth why aren't you guys were giving. She remembered as you about them like. Right miners at the Internet to make a lot of money well that's a little extreme means he's strong. Game OK well. So our top line I mean she's about 78 and answer she's rescued those in get your teeth cleaned right and you know and have to put him under anesthesia I think there's a big check out process. So it's world and I go to pick the dog and check out process details about it and everything else that she goes. You know and while we were in their cleaning teeth and extracting them and the whole thing she does and here. I'm like what is that you panic your dog's take might. One trick. Do I need them with snipers tonight is there's only nine days and she goes. And I was like OK so why. Some people keep them as souvenirs. For one rights. The you just keep on them for. All these students for her about extracted and she's like. People keep elements they asked us for the adamant they don't wanna part with out of like. It through life so I'd eat a lot of people. Want to keep they're extracted rotten to hunt eat as soon Ayers and I was nuts for not to them. The day. If they as extract them because our dog's jaws like that with tea is just you know. Extract only they were bad they get infected or whatever you ask a Aso and not only are they dog's teeth but there are they really are rotten teeth there of. Rotten dog sees so I'm just wondering do people collect. Things like this like what are you having your house. That would hopefully grows out of their people because. I think if I went to a party at your house and Nina I piquant evils medicine medicine cabinets. And they were extracted teeth in. Your opinion about one of immigrants things that I have in my house and I do both of my kid's belly buttons. Make no huddle thing. Falls off. You don't have that you haven't had a baby yet so when you bring home your newborn they have like a little not be. And from where the umbilical cord eyes and after like a week or so after haven't and you want it falls box. I'm gone some some. Believe this this is the music and hearing you tell. You earning. I can I have kept their lows for summaries. And there and light levels while Aggies and that would be weird Sony canine house grounds county and keep him in the same old Bentley and we know they're labeled. Witness per child's diet and equipment where. We're in the past you keep something like that well it's. Races in the nursery commit human cost that. There in separate places. And the Toro at a I was isn't that big an issue closets for body parts. Oh. I think is in her eighty. I kept it like asked people in there yeah but it leaves a counter to what he just lit the match to push earth days. Just in my pocket. I don't than a pocket so I guess it should make as scrapbook for Carolina this and keeper brought into and there. Guess remember last week we heard from woman named Mary who was getting a promotion work. Never going to again. Amber heard one from him and things and that's. It's keeping all your toenails. It really is that what if somebody added jar of baby food there still don't wanna I wanna hear Packers innings I don't see it injury hero every. Could you please in geriatric. So. One. Jessie.